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Cell phone signal booster STOPS dropped calls, IMPROVES voice clarity, SPEEDS internet!

ALL of our boosters work with ALL phones and ALL service carriers.

Boost reception on all service carrier networks

Since 1999, over 1.5 million weBoost cell phone boosters by Wilson Electronics have been sold. This proves that they truly work!

weBoost Eqo Signal Booster

  • Easy 60 sec. plug and play set-up.
  • For ALL phones with ALL carriers!
  • Clear calls, fast 3G & 4G LTE data.
  • Boost signal for up to 1,200 sq. ft.
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Cell Phone Signal Booster Reviews

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Companies that have used our cell phone reception amplifying products

Since 1999, over 1.5 million cell phone signal boosters can't be wrong. Government agencies and major corporations use them. This proves weBoost Wilson cellular boosters work very well.

Our boosters work with all cellular phone service carriers in USA and Canada. Stop dropped calls and improve voice quality with a weBoost/ Wilson cell phone signal booster! Boost reception up to thirty two times. Boost it in homes, offices, or vehicles with a Wilson phone booster. Stay connected with weBoost boosters while driving. Stay connected when inside your home. American-made phone booster for your house, or your office, will solve your phone reception problems!

Buy a Wilson Electronics cell phone signal booster that is guaranteed to work.

Welcome to the best source for top quality boosters that are 4G LTE signal boosters. They are made in USA. They are sold by us in USA. Why is it that we claim that we are your best source? We provide products that work. We sell them at the most competitive prices. We ship them for free. What happens if our products do not exceed your expectations? We offer a money back guarantee. Wilson Electronics phone amplifiers and antennas are made with precision craftsmanship. We boost signal with their new brand name weBoost phone booster. "We Boost" boosts wireless reception. Any weBoost booster works great for practically all phones, made by all manufacturers. It is supported by all carriers. We have you covered if you have an Apple iPhone 6s Plus or Apple SE. You're covered if you have Samsung Note 6 or S7 Edge. It works great for HTC One M9/ M10 or LG G4/ G5. If you wish, you may shop by manufacturer. We have you covered whether your provider is AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint in USA. We have you covered whether your service provider is Bell, Telus and Rogers in Canada. If you wish, you may shop by carrier. Come visit us, to see why most of our customers say that we are the best cell phone booster store in Texas! CellPhoneSignalBooster.us carries great products. We provide good service. Get free shipping anywhere within United States and Canada.

Great cell phone signal booster reviews received!

Many of our low cost phone boosters have received great reviews by our customers. Those that have purchased weBoost signal boosters, have told us that they have been thrilled to receive fantastic reception. They have received four to five bars in places where they never received more than one to two bars. This difference is significant. It also means fewer dropped calls. They experience less static. They encounter less interference. They face fewer disturbances during calls. With automatic gain control feature, they work great in coverage boundary areas. That is typically where network reception is weak. They even expand coverage within areas with obstructions. They also work great in enclosed spaces by expanding coverage within such areas. Closed spaces include buildings and basements. Cellular transmission is also weak in coverage areas such as the downtown of major cities. Downtowns have concrete buildings that block connection to cellular towers. These cellular expanders are also ideal for use while traveling across the state boundaries. These places are typically at the fringes of all major carriers' coverage areas. This is due to the population density being low in such areas with sparse population. This also tends to affect the coverage in these areas. Try our Wilson antenna boosting products to see lots of improvement. They truly work!

Advantages of our powerful signal boosters

A heavy duty cell phone signal booster for business use makes complete sense because businesses cannot afford downtime. The basic way phone boosters work is by using the mobile reception that is outside of your home or business. They amplify it indoors. This amplified signal is then used to provide strong cellular boost. Wilson Electronics products thus expand coverage to an area that would have little or no cellphone reception. Using a cellular range extender kit will minimize dead spots in your home or office. An antenna boosting kit setup is fairly simple. It consists of an amplifier and antennae. They work together to extend coverage. Cables are used to connect all of these parts together electrically. An installation such as this boosts wireless connection in enclosed areas. Such areas include interiors of houses and warehouses.

In some car models, internal and external antennas are combined into one. In most instances, a weBoost phone booster will have an external and an internal antenna that extends coverage. Now let us take a closer look at the details of the components, that make up a cellphone booster kit. We will also find out what each of them will do for you, to improve your reception.

Boosting Capabilities

The purpose of reception enhancers is to boost cellular waves. It boosts coverage to areas with little cellphone coverage. It boosts even more to areas with some cellular coverage. It is important to know that your reception enhancer does not produce reception on its own. It strengthens an existing one. It will not work if you do not put an external antenna in a location with an existing stable reception.

Boosting Strength Details

It only takes a small amount of stable cellular strength, for your connection enhancer to work its magic. However, the strength of outside reception is very important. This is because it will be directly proportional to how much interior area will be covered.

If the reception outside is strong, that is ideal. A strong outside wireless reception will result in best coverage inside. On other hand, a weak connection from the source, will lead to your coverage area being less than advertised. This decrease of reception inside will be proportional to the weaker reception outside. It is important that you understand this. Do not just assume the published square footage coverage is what you will necessarily experience. The published coverage stated is for ideal conditions (i.e. optimal outside reception).

This begs the question: How can you determine the strength of reception outside of your establishment?

Enter, "Field test mode guide" in search field above. It will help you to put your iPhone, Android, or Windows operating system phone into the field test mode. Checking that will help you determine accurate signal strength.

Coverage Area

When shopping for a Wilson cellular booster product, let us examine few facts. You will notice they are generally priced in proportion to the square footage of coverage they provide. The published coverage of an RF booster will be under ideal conditions. Having a very strong reception at your external antenna would be ideal.

However, most locations would not be ideal. This is why it is better to err on the side of caution. Get a mobile amplifier that is at least a level above your perceived needs, in terms of coverage. If you have questions regarding the right Wilson Electronics amplifier kit for your needs, please contact us. We will help you to make sure that you get the solution which is right for you.

Wilson Electronics cellular amplifiers with top quality parts

External Antennas

There are two different types of external antennas you are likely to come across. One is called an omni-directional antenna. Another is called a Yagi antenna.

Let us look at the features of each of these antennas. As their name implies, omni-directional antennas are designed so that they can receive cellular waves from all directions. This allows them to reach multiple wireless towers. Omni-directional ones are great when there's a moderate to strong reception outside. They can receive mobile communication from all directions.

Yagi's are directional. They are designed to receive signals from a specific direction. They attract waves from a greater distance than omni-directional ones. However, they must be pointed in the general direction of the source transmission in order to pick it up. Yagi antennas are better suited for areas where it is deemed to have weak reception. They are preferred where there is only one mobile service provider. In other words, Yagi antennas help you do more with less, in terms of mobile source strength.

Both omni and yagi antennae basically channel wireless frequency waves from outside the structures such as houses and condominiums or office buildings. They channel them inside towards the cellphone signal booster located inside such premises.

Internal Antennae

As far as internal antennas are concerned, you have two options. You have the choice of a dome antenna. Another choice is a panel antenna. Let us quickly look at the differences between these two options.

Panel antennas receive waves from one direction. As such, they are best suited for long rectangular areas where the coverage must span a large distance in one direction. They can be mounted on the wall facing in the direction of your external antenna. If you need radio waves to travel between multiple floors of a building, you can mount your panel antenna on ceiling to face downward.

Dome antennas are designed to cover a smaller area of coverage. However, they can transmit waves in all directions. Dome antennas are great for large square areas. They can better cover such areas by transmitting waves in all directions. Dome antennas should not be used for multiple floors of coverage.

Both panel and dome antennae basically channel wireless frequency waves from a cellphone signal amplifier located inside homes, home offices or apartment buildings. They distribute those radio waves to surrounding indoor spaces.


All the pieces of your Wilson Electronics repeater setup are essential. However, an amplifier is where the magic happens. An amplifier is what takes external signal, and boosts its strength. This boosted strength can then be broadcast through your internal antenna to all of your areas of need. Amplifiers are rated in decibels gained. The greater the rating is, the higher the signal boost it will provide. Getting a range extender with a high decibel rating is best. This compensates for weak reception outside. This would ensure that your reception needs are met. There're many companies that manufacture cellular amplifiers. weBoost and WilsonPro are the brands of wireless amplifiers we sell at this website. They are both owned by the same parent company, Wilson Electronics.

Connector Cables

The cables that come with your cellphone service booster kit are used to connect your amplifier, to your external and internal antennas. They are the conduit through which the current travels from point A (external antenna), to point B (internal antenna).

Mobile Phone Coverage Extending Guide

The latest amplifier kits for use in car, truck, boat, or bus are: (To locate its listing, enter the respective name in search field above)

weBoost Amplifiers:

Cell phone signal booster for single user in a vehicle or marine vessel like a yacht or ship: weBoost Drive 4G-S 470107.

For multi-users in vehicles or marine vessels like yachts or ships:

weBoost Drive 4G-M 470108 (Powerful) and weBoost Drive 4G-X 470510 (Very Powerful).

The latest amplifier kit for use in a house, apartment, condo room or two, of approximately 1,000 square feet is:

weBoost Home 4G 470101.

The latest amplifier kit for use in medium sized homes or apartments of approximately 2,300 square feet is:

weBoost Connect 4G 470103.

The latest amplifier kit for use in large sized homes or buildings of approximately 7,500 square feet is:

weBoost Connect 4G-X 471104.

Wilson Amplifiers:

Cell phone signal booster for commercial uber large buildings of up to 25,000 square feet is:

Wilson Pro 70 465134 (50 Ohm) or 463134 (75 Ohm).

A commercial grade kit for use in even larger buildings of up to 50,000 square feet is:

Wilson Pro 70 Plus 463127 (50 Ohm) or 460127 (75 Ohm).

The newest powerful commercial kit has adjustable gain control. It is for use in big buildings, industrial plants, and warehouses of up to 50,000 square feet:

Wilson Pro 70 Plus Select 462127 (50 Ohm).

To find the difference between 50 and 75 Ohm WilsonPro booster kits, search for "50 Ohm versus 75 Ohm" in search field. Wilson Pro signal boosters offer this option to choose between both types of systems. We recommend 50 Ohm ones for its peak performance. However, you may opt for 75 Ohm ones if the wiring in your large establishment is pre-wired with 75 Ohm cables. The latter makes it a breeze to install and provides almost close to same performance. Both above Wilson booster kits as well as weBoost cellular boosting kits that state "4G" in their names are 4G LTE signal boosters. They boost high speed mobile data transfers. They not only improve 4G and LTE Plus or Advanced data speeds, but they also improve 2G text and voice reception. This is because they are backward compatible! Wilson phone boosters enhance performance of any smartphone. Many other advantages of WilsonPro boosters make them the best choice for large businesses and their commercial applications.

Every weBoost cellular booster works with all carriers in US & Canada!

Regardless of which cellular service provider you have your wireless phone service through, all of our boosters will work. They improve voice calls and 3G data speeds. If yours is a 4G LTE smart phone, choose from the ones with, "4G" in their name. Hopefully, this guide has made clear exactly what a booster is, and how it works. We have also attempted to show how to select the right one for your needs and application. We carry every weBoost amplifier, antenna, cable and connector or adapter that is available in the market. Please call us if you do not find anything related to weBoost amplifiers, antennas, cables and connectors.

Frequencies of Carriers.

We have not talked much about original source of the transmission. This is what the cellphone amplifier receives. A cell phone signal booster amplifies those RF waves to meet cellular reception needs. Phones communicate with towers to transmit data. This data travels on specific frequencies. Those frequencies are specific to the carrier who owns and operates its tower. Bands of frequencies are grouped together to represent various platforms such as GSM, CDMA, etc.

This means that other company cellular connection enhancers do not usually come in a one-size-fits-all solution. However, most of our boosting products work on all Carriers in Canada and USA. If not purchased from us, you will need to make sure that you get one that is designed to operate on the specific radio frequency you need. Does your phone and your carrier's network support 4G, 4G LTE, 4G LTE Plus or Advanced data transfer speeds? If yes, we recommend purchasing 4G Wilson cell phone booster kits. The reason is that they are capable of boosting 4G LTE wireless transmissions. For simplicity sake, they contain the term, "4G" in their name.

If you don't, you won't be able to have the fast data transfer speeds that your smartphone and that the Carrier's network is capable of producing for your benefit. That is why it is important that you know what frequencies your phone uses. This will help you get a weBoost cellular booster that matches it (3G or 4G). Most major carriers use one of two frequency bands for their 2G and 3G networks. These two frequencies of 850 MHz (cellular) and 1900 MHz (PCs) are very common. Because of this, all of our amplifiers have at least dual-band capability. They are fully capable of boosting signals from either of these two frequencies.

To help you select the right unit for your needs, here's a quick reference of the frequencies used by some of today's major carriers:


AT&T's 2G, 3G, and HSPA+ 4G networks all operate on the standard dual-band frequencies referenced above. Any dual-band amplifier will work.


T-Mobile's 2G service operates on the standard dual-band frequencies, so any dual-band range extender will work. Their 3G and 4G HSPA+ service currently runs on the AWS frequencies (1700/2100 MHz). It requires an AWS booster. Most of our newer amplifiers have full capability for this.


Sprint's 4G service is a mix of WiMax and LTE, which uses different frequencies. Sprint's 2G and 3G services operate on the standard dual-band frequencies. Therefore, any dual-band amplifier will work.


Verizon's 2G and 3G networks all operate on the dual-band frequencies. Any dual-band amplifier will work. Verizon's 4G LTE network operates on the 700 MHZ frequency on Band 13. Do you need Verizon LTE data support? If yes, look for any 4G booster which is the LTE specific Wilson cellular signal booster.

How do weBoost booster kits improve signal strength?

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After reading through this guide, do you still have any questions before purchasing a Wilson Electronics repeater? If yes, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you. Let us find the most appropriate cellular reception solution for your car or your home. Thank you.

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