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1/2" ClearFill Line Plenum Rated Air Dielectric Coaxial Cable for 50 Ohm In-Building Applications (1000 Feet)

  • Plenum Cable ICA12-50JPL RFS (1000 Feet Fire Rated Coaxial Cable).

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Plenum Cable ICA12-50JPL RFS (1000 Feet Fire Rated Coaxial Cable).
1/2" ClearFill Line Plenum Rated Air Dielectric Coaxial Cable for 50 Ohm In-Building Applications (1000 Feet)
CAD $3,500.00
CAD $3,749.99

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Product description of 1/2" ClearFill Line Plenum Rated Air Dielectric Coaxial Cable for 50 Ohm In-Building Applications (1000 Feet).

1/2 inch ClearFill Line Plenum Rated Air Dielectric Coaxial Cable is for 50 Ohm In-Building Application Systems. 1000 feet Ultra Low Loss Coax Plenum Fire Rated Cable is Fire Rated Top Quality Plenum Cable. This cable is 1000 ft. in length yet it is very durable and high safety cable thanks to its rugged characteristics. It may not bend as easily because the flexibilty is minimized due to the safety jacket insulation which protects it from external elements. However, its ruggedness and durability enables it to be used practically anywhere, indoors or outdoors because it meets maximum safety standard possible for cables.

These Plenum rated cables are completely insulated with low smoke and low flame characteristics. Almost all large buildings utilize the ceiling for returning air to the central AC unit, thereby making it a plenum ceiling. This means all cables running through the ceiling need to be plenum rated cables. Our 1000ft. cables for plenums are rated to meet or exceed industry standard requirements. Purchase the perfect RFS Omni Fit Type N Male Connector(s) you will want with this cable.

What exactly is Plenum? In building construction, the "plenum" is the compartmental space that is used for air circulation in heating and air conditioning systems. It is typically between the structural ceiling and the suspended ceiling or under a raised floor. What is the standard used for manufacturing these type cables? All materials intended for use on wire and cables to be placed in plenum spaces are designed to meet rigorous fire safety test standards in accordance with NFPA 262 and outlined in NFPA 90A.

NFPA 90A is the Standard used for Installation of Air-Conditioning and Ventilating Systems. This cable for plenum spaces meets or exceeds industry standards.

Radio Freqency Systems ClearFill Line 1/2 inch low loss air dielectric Plenum rated cable features:

  • Supports Multiple RF Signals.
  • Complete Shielding: The solid outer conductor of the ClearFill Line coaxial cable creates a continuous RFI/ EMI shield that minimizes system interference.
  • Wide Range of Applications. Typical areas of application are: Feedlines for plenum-space installations within occupied buildings or structures.
  • Outstanding Intermodulation Performance: RFS coaxial cable's solid inner and outer conductors virtually eliminate intermods. Intermodulation performance is also confirmed with state-of-the-art equipment at the RFS factory.

The RFS ICA12-50JPL 1/2 inch plenum-rated coax cable features an air dielectric. This 50 Ohms coax cable has a blue jacket. This air dielectric cable has an annular corrugated copper outer conductor and copper-clad aluminum inner conductor. Maximum frequency capacity is 6.0 GHz. This transmission line uses 1/2 inch standard connectors.

Specifications of 1000' Plenum cable:

Cable Thickness: 1/2"
RF Impedance: 50 Ohms
Fire Rating: Plenum
VOP: 91 %
Outer Conductor Material: Copper
Inner Conductor: Copper Clad Aluminum

Technical Features:




Plenum In-Building


Cable Type


Air-Dielectric, Corrugated




Inner Conductor

mm (in)

4.8 (0.19) Copper-Clad Aluminum Wire


mm (in)

11.8 (0.464) Extruded Polyethylene

Outer Conductor

mm (in)

13.8 (0.54) Corrugated Copper


mm (in)

15.93 (0.627) Plenum Rated / color blue




50 +/- 1

Maximum Frequency







pF/m (pF/ft)

76 (23.2)


μH/m (μH/ft)

0.19 (0.058)

Peak Power Rating



RF Peak Voltage



Jacket Spark

Volt RMS


Inner Conductor dc Resistance

m ft)

1.48 (0.45)

Outer Conductor dc Resistance

m ft)

1.9 (0.58)

Return Loss (VSWR) Performance


24.3 (1.13) @ 698-960 MHz 24.3 (1.13) @ 1700-2155 MHz 18 (1.29) @ 4400-5900 MHz

Maximum Return Loss


19 (1.25) in other specified bands

Temperature & Power


High Power Rating


Cable Weight

kg/m (lb/ft)

0.37 (0.25)

Minimum Bending Radius, Single Bend

mm (in)

125 (5)

Minimum Bending Radius, Repeated Bends

mm (in)

254 (10)

Bending Moment

Nm (lb*ft)

4.1 (3)

Tensile Strength

N (lb)

1112 (250)

Recommended / Maximum Clamp Spacing

m (ft)

0.5 / 0.9 (1.8 / 3)

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