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4G Signal Booster

Why you should use a 4G booster?

Get the best signal booster for the fourth generation of wireless mobile telecom technology today from our great selection of Wilson and weBoost Signal Boosters. These boosters are the top brands and manufacturers of 4g cell phone signal booster devices according to customer reviews. This article will explain why you should consider a 4G booster over any option on the market.

4G will be here for a while.

While there has been the announcement of a 5G network, it is an unrealistic assessment to believe that the 4G network will diminish. For one, the 4G network has been entwined within the automotive industry. 2017 models have 4G LTE functionality. Combined with the fact that there are so many individuals with 4G cellular devices, it is folly to believe that there will be a quick transition of the dominant 4G network.

You can generally go down but not up in network speeds.

If you look at the compatibility of devices, the general method of compatibility is that lower devices such as a 2G or a 3G phone can utilize the functions in part of a 4G cell phone signal booster. The 4G phone cannot fully utilize a 2G network. While the individual may be able to have access to voice and some data, it will be at a second generation speed, not at fourth generation speeds. In order to maximize the phones which are compatible with your cellular signal booster, it is recommended that you choose a fourth generation wireless mobile technology booster.

4G networks provide both voice and data coverage for 4G devices. 3G devices can get the same, but at a lower speed. In most instances the 2G phone will be able to access voice data when using a 4G cell phone signal booster. To find the specifics about the generational compatibility of a cell phone signal booster, please see the product description page.

More towers are built for 4G.

The 4G phones are the more popular selection of mobile devices amongst consumers. As such, it is not surprising that the cellular networks cater to the product which is in demand. While a person may be able to get some signal reception for other towers, it is always the best practice to have the phone coupled with the tower for which it is designed. Additionally, it is more beneficial to the cell phone user to have a booster which conforms to the towers. As most towers are 4G, having a 4G cell phone signal booster is ideal.

It can be predicted that as the preparation for a 5G network start to come into play, that the 2G and the 3G towers will become obsolete. Cities do have a level of regulation as to the amount of frequencies and interferences which a cellular network can have. It is predictable that the networks will phase out the older generation towers, primarily due to the fact that the market of consumers with such products is thinning quite substantially.

Lower generation boosters tend to have limited support.

While there are support options available, such as the support team of CellPhoneSignalBooster.us, the amount of support given to 2G and 3G networks is slimming. Manufacturers, though they do offer a warranty on the products, tend to urge customers to the 4G phones rather than fix the older generation models. On the reverse side, 4G networks have a ton of support and customer service options available. It is very easy to find trouble shooting advice, optimization options, and cell phone signal boosters for the devices.

Why have a cell phone booster at all?

A cell phone signal booster is intended to take a weak signal which is typically unnoticed by a cellular device as well as a stronger signal from outside and then combine those signals in order to strengthen the decibel output on your phone which may be indoors or in a vehicle. By increasing the dbs on the phone, a person can have fewer dropped calls, greater clarity when talking on the phone, minimized upload and download times, and can optimize the device so that the power does not surge to connect to the network, thus giving the cell phone user the ability to increase battery life up to 2 hours depending upon the 4G cell phone signal booster chosen.

Learn More.

Check out our 4G signal booster selector to find the perfect 4G signal booster for your car or truck and indoor home or office/ apartment building needs. Should you wish to learn more about 4G cell phone signal boosters, please see the various 4G products available at this website. Offering both residential as well as commercial, ATV, RV, and marine boosters for cellular devices, you are quite likely to find an option to meet your needs. Should you have any questions regarding the benefits of using a fourth generation wireless mobile telecom technology device, or if you have questions regarding a specific cell phone signal booster, please contact us. Thank you.

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