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50 Ohm Home/ Building Antenna Expansion Kits

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This section consists of indoor ceiling and wall antennas for cell phone signal boosters/ repeaters/ amplifiers. Typically, a cell phone signal booster kit includes one inside antenna (Panel antenna for walls/ ceilings or Dome antenna for ceilings). Sometimes, that single dome/ panel antenna does not help penetrate the cell phone signal to those deep interior spaces far from your installed interior antenna due to thick walls of apartments, homes, offices, etc. With our super indoor antenna expansion kits shown below, you can now expand indoor cellular booster coverage deeper into more rooms or office spaces.

These cellular coverage expansion packs for indoor use are very easy to install because they contain all needed parts - Extra add-on indoor antenna(s), cable(s), and splitter to connect additional inside building antenna(s) to your cell phone signal booster kit. Such a complete antenna kit with all required parts can help you to easily expand indoor coverage further and help you to make the most of your cellular signal amplifier kit.

If you have arrived from one of our signal booster kit pages at this website, the following are correct ones to purchase for that signal booster kit on that page. Antenna impedance of 50 Ohms or 75 Ohms must match your amplifier’s impedance. The following kits are for 50 Ohm booster systems. We carry 75 Ohm antenna expansion kits as well, if you have a 75 Ohm booster kit. Scroll down below listings if you wish to read advantages of Dome versus Panel inside-building antennas.

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