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Cell Phone Signal Booster provides top quality cell phone signal boosters designed and engineered in USA plus quick installations by certified expert installers to install them at an affordable price.

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Houston weBoost Retail Store
Designed and Engineered in USA
Houston Wilson Electronics Retail Store BBB Accredited Business with A+ Rating Certified Wilson Cell Phone Signal Booster Installer

5 Star Amazon Seller

5 Star Seller at Amazon: AFC-LLC Amazon Profile

Website, Company Name, DBA's:

Cell Phone Signal Booster
Accessory Fulfillment Center, LLC.
AFC-Houston / AFC-LLC.

Retail Store Address: Houston, TX

Phone/Fax: Toll Free 877-786-1105; Local 713-789-5877; Fax 713-789-5898.

Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30am to 5:30pm ; Sat 12:00pm to 4:00pm.

Submit an email contact form for a prompt and immediate response during business hours. Se habla español.

Shopper Award HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved

Cell Phone Signal Booster is a venture owned and operated by Accessory Fulfillment Center, LLC., located in Houston, Texas, USA. Being one of the top weBoost retailers, our warehousing and retail operations exist in a large retail store / warehouse. If you are too far to purchase safely from our physical location, we value your privacy and therefore our "site-wide" secure HTTPS pages (and the secure checkout) use high encryption secure socket layer technology to encrypt not only your personally identifiable information to prevent disclosure to third parties, but it protects your browsing habits at our website from third parties. We can assure total satisfaction because not only do we carry signal boosting products to sell to our US & Canadian retail and online customers, but we stock them ourselves in our warehouse. Therefore, we know we can give you what we offer, whereas others that don't stock themselves may not be able to deliver. We sell our products at other marketplaces such as Amazon USA (as AFC-Houston) & Amazon Canada (as AFC-Canada) and have stellar customer satisfaction ratings and reviews (Amazon Seller Profile: AFC LLC).

Furthermore, if you need help installing a signal booster system for very large spaces, we offer those services as well for an additional fee (submit information for installation quote). Regardless of the location where you need the certified installer to install signal booster, we have certified cell phone signal booster installers that provide cell phone signal booster installation services nationwide within USA and Canada. Our installers possess vast site surveying, custom booster system kitting/ designing, and installing experience/ capability. Therefore, we can guarantee complete satisfaction with our custom installed signal booster systems for very large homes and commercial business applications that require large swaths of excellent indoor cellular coverage.

Cell Phone Signal Booster website specializes in offering a full range of weBoost signal boosters for home, office, or machine to machine applications. When we say full range, we mean all types of signal boosters as well as cell phone reception accessories and parts such as amplifiers, antennas, cables, connectors, and much more. If our selection overwhelms you, try our easy cell phone signal booster selector to quickly and easily find a cell phone signal booster kit that is most suitable for your needs. We are an authorized retailer and distributor of weBoost (formerly known as Wilson Electronics), so all products supplied are very high quality and tested to work efficiently. Combining our customer satisfaction-oriented retail values with the excellent quality products of weBoost, we are able to deliver the best, high quality cell phone reception products of value to you.

Our primary Cell Phone Signal Booster customers are leading carriers as well as their affiliated service providers, resellers, agents, and other retail channels. We cater to a wide variety of government agencies including the police force and the military with the powerful brands of products that we carry. The brands we carry (weBoost & WilsonPro) have received outstanding cell phone signal booster reviews and testimonials. We serve all types of clients in United States and Canada with individual and specific attention. We carry certified factory refurbished signal boosters too, with deep discounts. Looking for a weBoost retail store location? We carry weBoost signal boosting products and Wilson amplifiers in-store. Our regular local clients include customers from Sugar Land, Stafford, Missouri City, Galveston, Pasadena, Pearland, and The Woodlands. Some customers even drive here to Houston from major cities in Texas such as Fort Worth / Dallas area, San Antonio, Austin, and El Paso. Thanks to the word of mouth from our satisfied existing customers and with (downloads report in PDF file format) fewer bars in more places within USA, we have been seeing a flood of people come to us from all around our vicinity, looking for signal boosters that work. Looking for a weBoost retail store? Come visit us because we have established a high-end performance service infrastructure, that is unparalleled in the entire wireless industry.

Why buy signal boosters from us?

Cell Phone Signal Booster offers industry-leading 60 days refund policy on all weBoost products - Customers may return items within 60 days of delivery for a full refund (excluding shipping charges). With our A+ rating at the local Better Business Bureau (A+ Rating at BBB), you know we will follow through on our promise. In addition to the 5 star rating at Amazon and 5 star reviews at Site Jabber, we have also received top ratings at Houzz, a community about architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement. Lastly, all products come with an industry-leading 2 years manufacturers warranty.

There are many before-use and after-use instructions that often are necessary to be followed when it comes to cell phone signal boosters. Therefore, our website provides easy to understand instructional videos and instruction manuals. Furthermore, our friendly, expert, and knowledgeable representatives will guide you through the entire process. We do not leave our clients until they are thoroughly enjoying a great cell phone signal booster experience. To know more about cell phone signal boosters in general, or those that we sell by weBoost, you can always visit us during business hours, contact us using live chat, or send us a message during after hours for a prompt response just soon as we open our doors the next business day!

Enjoy Specifically Tailored Solutions for Your Cell Phone Reception Needs.

Being a company focussed on cell phone reception solutions, we do not simply offer you products but also create valuable solutions that are specifically tailored to meet all your wireless cell phone requirements. Signal boosters are great efficient devices that hold ability to significantly improve wireless coverage. They come in handy in areas where signal levels are poor and disrupting your wireless networking needs. These signal boosters can be used anywhere - In your home, car, taken with you when you go traveling in public transportation, anywhere! Wherever you are, you can enjoy high quality reception signals. We are dedicated to helping you enjoy a smooth and amazing wireless network experience. From various types of signal boosters to related parts and accessories, we are equipped with everything to give you the right cell phone signal boosting solution.

Today, we know that devices vary and so do networks, therefore, we do not just give you a standard signal booster. Learn about differences between various signal boosters to determine which one would be most suitable for your needs. We understand that all of our clients have their own wireless signal challenges, and they are sometimes very complex. Therefore, we work on every client's needs individually to resolve them in a timely manner. Whatever challenges you may be facing regarding reception, we are here to service you with our knowledge and resources. We have friendly representatives at work that assist you as soon as you arrive and provide you with the right answers, solutions, and products.

Approved and Certified for use by FCC & IC.

FCC & IC have determined that signal boosters work and are effective if they pass all requirements and are certified. Read Signal Booster FAQ's at the FCC website. Furthermore, they are endorsed by CTIA, the Cellular Telephone Industry Association.


To serve all clients with the best of cell phone signal booster solutions and products, related parts, and accessories. Offering you high quality products exclusively by weBoost all the while maintaining the best of retail values. Our aim is to become known as the name that is reliable for all your cell phone reception needs. 

Retail Values

We are confident that Cell Phone Signal Booster is a name you can rely on. Ever since we were established, we have aimed for values that benefit our customers. For example, along with the best Canadian dollar exchange rate for US dollars, we have negotiated an excellent value for fast express shipping to Canada for only a $29.95 flat fee. We do offer free standard shipping to Canada for orders over $200 and free shipping within USA without any minimum order requirement. While you are here, register to win a free cell phone signal booster - No purchase necessary.

Highest Quality Products and Services: We specialize in cell phone reception needs and assist you with any or all problems that you may have by offering just the right cell phone reception products supplied by weBoost. Download a PDF product brochure to give you a general idea of the high quality products we have carried since many years, including cell phone repeaters. Our name has acquired great ratings at sites like Reseller Ratings (resellerratings.com) and Business Rating Site (bizrate.com) for our past sales and services and we aim to keep it that way!

Competitive Rates: Our aim is to create value for you. That would be hardly possible without giving you the best benefit of all: competitive rates. Therefore, Cell Phone Signal Booster offers products that are priced better than others in the market or offering bonus products, all the while maintaining the value of high quality.

Easy Transaction: A difficult transaction takes the value out of the deal so we have made it as easy as possible for you to purchase our products. To add to it, we have also set up a secure system for your orders so you can purchase anything without any hesitance.  Therefore place your order online, or call us to place an order over the phone, or stop by our retail store and make your purchase in person.

Friendly and Knowledgeable Representatives: We do not just guide you with the signal boosting process and solution, but also ensure you are getting treated in the best manner possible by promising friendly and knowledgeable representatives. We do not just move boxes or sell them - We do our work happily and passionately, and do not believe in "half-hearted" work or service at all. You can always ask any question and expect the best, most friendly and educated answer. 

Full Support and Service: We are more than happy to assist you before, and after your purchase of our products. We guide you through the process and solution, provide full consultation, and also offer after-sale service to ensure your solution is up and working for you. We want you to have a seamless and good experience with Cell Phone Signal Booster, without any stress or hassles. We're dedicated to meet all of your reception enhancing needs and we would be more than glad to assist you with any questions, concerns, or issues you may have. Simply call our customer support team at 713-789-5877, or stop by at our retail store to experience our excellent customer service.

Read all about cell phone signal boosters to help you understand the core products we carry and how they can help you in various circumstances related to your cellular reception needs.

weBoost Wilson Pro

Since 1999, over 1.5 million weBoost/ Wilson boosters have been sold. Companies using them include:

Companies that use our cell phone signal booster

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Questions? Call us for a FREE product recommendation or try our automated Cell Phone Signal Booster Selector Tool. Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. Submit location details for cell phone signal booster system design & installation quote to have your amplifier kit installed by professionals.

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