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Posted by on Mar 26, 2017

A new blog post will be posted here on Tuesday, March 28th, 2017. Please check back then. Thank you.

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Active or Passive DAS, Signal Booster App, Network Extender, or Wi-Fi?

Find out details about each indoor wireless signal boosting solution to decide which would be most suitable to meet all your in-building reception improvement needs? In today's hyper-connected world, the use of cellular technology allows people to work remotely and stay connected to customers, colleagues and families while on the go. When this [...]

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5 Ways Strong Cell Phone Signals Improve Public Safety.

Consider these scenarios to fully realize the public safety risks you may be taking by not installing a cell phone signal booster in cell phone dead zones. We know effectiveness of communication lines is critical during emergencies. The response to a serious event such as a fire, vehicle accident or severe injury can be impacted [...]

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Signal Booster Installations & Regulations: Things You Need To Know!

Did you know that you don't need a pre-approval prior to installation of commercial cell phone signal boosters, but you do need approval prior to installation for installing a DAS (Distributed Antenna System)? One of the things that disturb most business owners and decision makers who consider installing passive DAS (Distributed Antenna System) [...]

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Tips on how to reduce cell phone data charges!

If you go over your monthly cellular data allotment, some cell phone service providers charge you a reasonable fee for additional 1GB of data for maybe $10. However, some charge exorbitant fees for each 1MB used. Trying tips provided below will definitely reduce your cell phone data usage thereby saving you data [...]

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​Poor Cell Phone Signal? Here're Things Blocking it.

Know what causes your cell phone to show NO SERVICE message. See whether the reception blockage can be corrected or avoided easily. In a world where cell phones and mobile data devices are highly critical and required, cell phone signal reliability is everything. However, the reality is such that just when you're using [...]

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Find Cell Service Provider With Strongest Signal Strength.

You can now check using an RF signal meter, which cell phone service provider signals are strongest in your home, office, business, or workplace. In the sample chart below, T-Mobile shows the strongest cell phone signal because "-65" is closest to "-50" decibels, which is the reference point for peak signal strength. "-65 decibels" is [...]

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​Simple Tweaks to Get a Quality Cell Phone Signal

Chances are that you have noticed the cell phone signal regularly fails just when you have an important call or download to make. Getting a quality cell signal even in the heart of a metropolitan isn't always easy. With a poor signal you can be sure your Smartphone won't be able to [...]

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​Best Connectivity Improving Methods for Long-Haul Truckers

Read an equally entertaining and enlightening blog post regarding wireless connectivity of long-haul journey and over-the-road (OTR) truck drivers. One of the best memories of the 70s was the trucking/CB Radio craze in the United States. Songs and films followed, such as the Chip Davis and C.W. McCall novelty song known as “Convoy”, which was adapted [...]

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5 Ways of Improving Mobile Calls & Browsing on the Road.

It is a sure bet that your Android or iOS mobile device is more than just an instrument of communication. Chances are that you no longer carry a gigantic camera, extensive map, guidebooks, compasses among other travel books and artifacts. A quality Smartphone with the right apps easily makes you forget all these. However, [...]

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