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Wilson Cell Booster Installation in Upstate New York Home.

Posted by on May 21, 2017

Wilson cell phone signal booster installation transforms upstate New York home. It provides the house with strong cellular signals to make and receive wireless voice calls perfectly, despite pine trees all around the house.

Wilson Cell Booster Installation in Upstate New York Home.

A Case Study.

Wilson signal booster, the Wilson SignalBoost DT (SignalBoost Desktop model 801247) introduced in an upstate New York intensely wooded rural region provides full coverage and strong signal capable of streaming video and supporting multiple carriers.

Customer Details.

An upstart New York resident living six miles away from the nearest cell tower had bought a Smartphone against better judgment. Inside the house the phone only managed two bars and 1-3 fluctuating bars outside. Data streaming and transfer was unheard of. Even replacement of the phone and calling the cell service carrier's support did not offer any solution to the signal issues.

Major Concern.

Find a signal booster capable of improving the cellular signal reception inside the home. It needed to be capable of supporting all carriers simultaneously to full bars and data transfer capable levels.

Proposed Solution.

Against advice that there was no cellular signal booster capable of working in such a wooded terrain with thick pine trees, the home owner bought a Wilson Electronics SignalBoost Desktop Model 801247 (Wilson DT signal booster) locally. Installation took only half an hour and the signal booster was placed in his home office in the basement. That was also the place the cell phone showed zero bars.

About the Upstate New York Wooded Area.

The home is located at the heart of a densely wooded forest with 100 feet white and red pine trees all around. The obstacles of having a consistent cellular signal were real and a powerful solution was highly needed.

About Wilson Electronics.

Wilson Electronics is one of the global leaders in signal boosting business. It provides home and vehicle cellular improvement products under weBoost vehicle and residential booster brand and WilsonPro commercial booster brand. Wilson cell phone signal boosters help overcome the scathing issue of low data, dropped calls and limited range for PC, cell phones and other mobile devices in low cellular signal areas. The signal boosters are highly used in homes, businesses, marine vessels and vehicles.

Post Installation Results.

  • Immediately after installation, cell phone showed full bars - 3 bars outside and 5 bars inside.
  • Ability to boost different cellular carriers simultaneously.
  • YouTube video streaming became possible.


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