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WilsonPro 1000c - Industry’s First Cloud-Connected Phone Booster

Posted on Dec 30, 2018

On October 15th, 2018, WilsonPro Electronics announced the industry’s first ever cloud-connected phone booster with remote monitoring and other enhanced capabilities.

The WilsonPro 1000c (USA) and WilsonPro 1000c (Canada) are for the cloud-connected era. It can boost voice, 3G, and 4G LTE signals for large commercial spaces and large homes up to 35,000 sq. ft. Cloud-based remote monitoring and maintenance are its flagship features. Booster integrators can remotely monitor and manage the booster from any device that runs a web browser: a laptop, a tablet, and even the phone.

Cloud-Based Monitoring and Maintenance.

The WilsonPro 1000c facilitates cloud-based monitoring and management of cellular amplifiers. All the data related to an installed DAS is stored in the WilsonPro Cloud database. The device can be connected to the WilsonPro Cloud database over the end user's standard internet connection. However, WilsonPro also offers a pre-established LTE connection to its cloud via an LTE modem on the donor antenna. This option provides end-users with the freedom to not connect their amplifiers to their home internet network if they don’t wish to. This connection also comes with an annual subscription for WilsonPro Cloud at no additional cost for the first year (add'l years would be $129.99 annually). Many customers do not consider connecting an external device such as a booster monitoring system to their personal network a safe choice because of security reasons. Hence, WilsonPro’s pre-established connection to the cloud comes as an additional advantage in the package.

The WilsonPro 1000c sends updates every five minutes to the WilsonPro Cloud. Hence, the cloud database is updated with the latest information. In case any irregular behavior or interruptions are observed in the amplifier (such as oscillations, weak signals, or amplifier downtime), the device notifies the integrator, installer, or the end-user (based on the configurations) about the behavior change. Users are also notified if a change in the outside signal strengths is observed so that they can promptly arrange for adjustments in the outside donor antenna or add extra antennas if the need may be. These notifications are customizable, based on the urgency levels of the alerts (low, medium, high – because every alert demands each stakeholder’s attention on various levels). The integrators can be notified via a text message or even an email. Even if the device itself doesn’t update the cloud due to loss of power, the cloud identifies this as irregular behavior and sends an alert to the integrator with the notification that there is a problem with the device.

These notifications enable the integrator to remotely troubleshoot phone booster problems. Costly and unnecessary visits to the sites are saved. Even if the integrator has to visit the site physically for the direst issues, they will already be equipped with some knowledge regarding the type of repair or service needed by the booster, due to the information from the cloud. The cell phone booster health is thus continually monitored 24 x 7. For the end users, cloud-capabilities bring high reliability and minimal downtime. For the integrators, it enables them to do their job more efficiently by providing better booster health support even remotely.

Apart from this, remote-monitoring capabilities allow the integrator to do certain amazing things to the phone amplifier, without being physically present at the site. The Pro 1000c comes with a remote tuning tool for the donor antenna. At the time of installation, the antenna tuning tool in the device helps the integrator decide the best location for the outdoor antenna and the optimal direction in which it should be pointed to receive the strongest outdoor signal. Integrators can remotely reset the amplifier unit. They can turn on/off certain cellular frequency bands selectively. They can even generate historical reports, complete with statistical graphs to determine performance and signal level histories and perform a wide range of necessary diagnostics on the booster device. In case of multiple customers, they can classify and organize reports based on user accounts for various customers in their WilsonPro Cloud account. They can also organize the reports based on locations. The integrators can also configure alerts based on their priority levels and assign recipients to them.

Even if an integrator or any other IT professional presses any buttons on the unit, updates are sent to the cloud and the users and integrator are notified.

Other Features.

Apart from the revolutionary cloud-monitoring capabilities, WilsonPro 1000c also boasts some other top-notch features.

It offers up to 35,000 sq. ft. of voice, 3G, and 4G LTE boosting for all major carriers in North America. This makes it ideal for large commercial and domestic spaces such as hotels, hospitals, warehouses, and offices. It has an increased downlink power up to +15 dB which results in greater indoor coverage with stronger outside signals. The device itself comes with a color-display with an accurate indication of the gain and power levels of each frequency bands.

XDR or Extended Dynamic Range is one of WilsonPro 1000c’s most prominent feature. Even with a very strong outside signal, the device ensures continuous operation and doesn’t shut down.

What is in the kit?

The WilsonPro 1000c kit comes with the WilsonPro 1000c amplifier, a wideband directional antenna + 75’ Wilson 400 cable, a dome antenna + 100’ Wilson 400 cable, a 2’ Wilson 400 and a lightning surge protector.

FCC Approved.

Like all industry-grade boosters, the WilsonPro 1000c is an FCC tested and approved device. It does require professional system design and installation by a certified installer. Contact us to schedule an appointment, today.

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