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12 Ways to Fix Weak Cell Phone Signal Strength or "No Service".

Posted by on Jan 31, 2018

Let us examine all practical options available to fix weak cell phone signal strength or "No Service" message on your cellular device, today! Scroll down to 1-12 to skip introduction.

12 Ways to Fix Weak Cell Phone Signal Strength or No Service.

One of the worst experiences is a cell phone signal problem just when you want to browse the Internet in 4G LTE top speeds, give a call to someone special, receive a business call or go through the torture of unsent texts. Cell phone signal issues are real and diminish the quality of life.

Cell phone signal issues occur for many reasons. Heavy traffic and crowded festivals leave people bored and on their Smartphones. Everyone wants to browse, call and text. Once all the signals are connected to a specific tower, the reception weakens. Calls transferred on a cell tower overcrowded by many users will take forever to connect or get dropped.

Building materials also interfere with cellular signals. If you're in your home and notice that walking around indoors or standing close to the door or window enhances the cell phone signal, then building materials are blocking the reception. These include metal frames and sidings, metal roofing, concrete, wooden roofs and walls, fiberglass and glass among others.

Cosmic displays millions of miles from us can also cause cell phone signal problems. These include eruptions on the sun's surface throwing clouds of burning gas, solar flares, into space disrupting satellite communication and cell phone communications.

Battery power can bring cellular phone signal issues. Enough energy is required to hold a quality signal sufficient for receiving or sending radio waves. A low battery is incapable of maintaining reliable signal strength from the tower.

How's the weather out there? The cell phone works by relaying and receiving radio waves. These waves are easily interfered with by elements such as ice and snow, thunder and lightning, humidity, rain and thick cloud cover.

How's the geography around you? Natural wonders such as high scenic mountains, hills, valleys and thick forests all have an effect on cell phone signal. Connection between the phone and cell tower is affected by a hill or mountain in between them.

Electronics in the house can also interfere with cell waves affecting cell phone connectivity in your building, car or commercial complex. Man-made constructions such as utility towers, metallic bridges and highway overpasses can obstruct the cellular signal causing major connection issues.

Fixing cell phone signal issues.

You can actually do a number of things to fix cell phone signal complications to avoid dropped calls, sluggish web connection, poor call quality, stuck emails and texts.

  1. No signal on your phone.

    Those with typical cell phones or Smartphones can suffer lack of signal. Sometimes not even a single bar on a device. Turn off the cell phone and reboot or turn it on. Regular restarting of your phone helps the device to reconnect to a network, particularly after moving from one cell tower to another.

  2. Remove obstructions.

    Cell phone signals are easily affected by diverse obstructions lowering their quality. You can actually improve the reception by moving close to the door, outside or around a window to improve the connection. Making calls close to tall structures or standing under them can worsen cell phone reception. Interior clutter, such as electronics strewn around could be the reason your web browsing speeds are very low. You can move them to another room or get rid of them.

    Living or working in the basement or lower floors? Move up a higher floor and the reception will get better somewhat. Note thunderstorms, heavy rain or snow could also be causing cellular signal interference. Waiting until the elements have subsided can help.

  3. Closest tower.

    Do you know where the closest cell phone tower is? Most people have no clue. To fix your cell phone reception problems, it helps to know the location of the closest tower. The signal strength improves exponentially the closer the cell phone is to the cell tower. Use websites such as Antenna Search, Open Signal, Cell Reception and iOS or Android apps such as OpenSignal and RootMetrics to find the location of the closes cell tower and signal quality.

    Under the Settings Menu on your phone, you can also manually check the signal strength in dB (decibels). One bar on AT&T could be 2 on Sprint or 3 on Verizon and vice versa. Move around the room or building and check the signal strength, where the closer you're to -50 dB, the better the reception. This way you will find the best place to use your cell phone in your house.

  4. Re-enabling 4G LTE speeds.

    4G LTE high speeds are lavishly addictive. Reverting to lower speeds, such as 3G due to various cell phone issues drains you. The difference is just too much. Getting back your high data speed is more like a duty.

    Cell tower issues and network complications make the browsing slow. Sometimes it feels like there's no cell signal. To return to 4G LTE speeds, ensure your cell device is upgraded and updated with quality firmware and software to avoid hitches conflicting with the reliability of the cell network.

    Another swift strategy is disabling data from the settings of your device and re-enabling it almost instantly. Re-enabling data connection allows the device to check for available signals afresh. 4G speeds will be found.

  5. Enabling phone hot spot.

    Tethering your cell phone and configuring it to provide Wi-Fi hot spot around your living space doesn't work always. Smartphones and Tablets come with a tethering feature and some internet carriers actually charge extra fees or block its function. If tethering isn't working and your cell carrier actually allows it, simply restart the device. Try re-tethering again.

  6. Check battery power often.

    The typical cell phone is a technological wonder requiring lots of features and other little things to work. Connecting to the closest cell tower requires lots of power. A battery running low cannot sustain a reliable cell phone reception. If you move around often and cell phone signal issues always crop up to preserve the battery power.

    Carry out firmware updates, keep push notifications turned off, ensure device is never close to high temperatures, all background working and unnecessary apps are closed, screen brightness is decreased and hardware like NFC and Bluetooth turned off.

    Even with these power saving tricks, the battery power can still decrease significantly. Find portable power banks if you won't have time to charge the phone in your car, office or home.

  7. Toggling Airplane Mode.

    Fixing cell phone signal issues quickly helps. Toggling the airplane mode on your Smartphone can actually do the trick. Find the airplane mode on your device. Turn on the icon once. Let the airplane mode remain activated for about 5 seconds. Turn off the airplane mode. Turning off the airplane mode allows the device to immediately search available network anew.

  8. Automatic network search.

    Sometimes a new mobile network can help fix the cellular reception problem. Lots of Smartphone users, especially Android users can fix the issue with the "search network automatically" feature. Go to the device's settings, more networks, mobile networks and network operations. Choose automatic search. The cell phone will carry an automatic network search and connect to the best identified mobile network.

  9. Calls via Wi-Fi.

    Wi-Fi might be available in your business premises or home. When cellular data or network doesn't work or seems to have signal problems, you can actually maximize on available Wi-Fi connection. It saves money and an alternative way of making calls and connecting to the Internet.

    Submit and receive texts and calls via Wi-Fi using normal apps such as WhatsApp, iMessage, Google Hangouts and Skype, among others. You don't need a working cellular signal to do this if using a calling application like "What's App?" (Coined name similar to, "What's Up?"). Some phones actually have a Wi-Fi Calling feature. Use it when the cell phone signal is low or absent and there's a working Wi-Fi network.

  10. Femtocells.

    With a femtocell you can actually rebroadcast a reliable cell phone signal inside your home. It plugs onto a router to use the internet connection connecting the cell phone to the servers of your carrier. Femtocells work with a minimum download speed of 1.5 Mbps and upload of 256 Kbps on landline broadband.

    Carriers have their own femtocell brand names such as Spring Airave, AT&T Microcell, T-Mobile’s Personal CellSpot and Verizon's Network Extender. Femtocells work perfectly in areas with poor cell reception or none at all, such as rural locations and multistory apartments. However, femtocells hardly work as required with satellite internet.

    They are also carrier specific and buying one at anything between $100 and $400 works but just for that specific carrier.

    Other people on the same network can also access your cellular signal whether it is your neighbor walking around the neighborhood or a stranger along the road. Femtocell is a good way of forfeiting better internet speeds at home to enhance cellular signal.

  11. Factory Settings reset.

    An issue can be your cell phone, especially if all the solutions have not worked. Resetting to the factory settings can deal with the problem right away. Resetting takes the device's software to the level it was when you first bought the phone. Entire cell phone data will be deleted, including every app downloaded.

    Avoid losing critical data by doing a backup. Check the phone's menu for the backup option or use Apple iCloud or Google Drive apps. Select back up and reset option allowing the phone to reset to factory settings once the backup is over. Where both options aren't available, simply complete the backup and select reset or erase internal storage. After the reset is complete, the cell phone will restart automatically. Check whether cell phone signal issues have been fixed.

  12. Cell phone signal booster.

    As other people around you enjoy quality, reliable 4G LTE high speeds, you could be still be struggling with low 2G and 3G speeds intermittently. If above suggestions do not fix the cell phone signal issues, a surefire way is to use a cell phone signal booster if there's some signal outside where an anenna can be placed. That antenna would have a cable which would be brought inside the house, office, or apartment where signal will be boosted by an amplifier module. A signal amplifier system allows you to enjoy the fastest data speeds available, quality crystal clear calls and rapidly delivered texts.

    While other similar solutions are carrier-specific or work for one carrier cell phones, cell phone signal boosters will amplify the poor signal in the house rebroadcasting it as 3G and 4G LTE network for multiple users and multiple carriers simultaneously.

    Cellular signal amplifiers work with all carriers in Canada and United States and certified by FCC and Industry Canada. The weak signal is boosted up to 32 times. Amplifiers are one-time single purchase solutions with no recurring monthly or weekly fees.

Signal booster options.

On the road often on your motor home, RV, truck, boat or car? Vehicle 4G LTE cell phone boosters are a wonderful solution. For homes of all sizes, large business and commercial buildings 4G LTE cellular signal booster solutions for every type of space in square feet exist. Powerful signal boosters for Machine to Machine or M2M and IoT applications are also available for use in vending machines, ATMs and other cellular connected devices.

Having cell phone signal issues in your home, building, vehicle or M2M to IoT devices? See the various highly powerful 4G LTE cellular signal boosters of all types and uses, how to install them, what is required, when a qualified integrator is essential and best practices to help you maximize on your cell phone signal amplifier’s performance.

Questions? Call us for a FREE product recommendation or try our automated Cell Phone Signal Booster Selector Tool. Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. Submit location details for cell phone signal booster system design & installation quote to have your amplifier kit installed by professionals.

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