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2 in 1 Portable Cell Phone Signal Booster Works For Cars and Home!

Posted by on Feb 07, 2016

At only $179.99, our 2 in 1 portable cell phone booster works both indoors and in cars!

2 in 1 Cell booster for building and car

There have been a number of surveys and studies that have shown that more than 70% of Americans experience some dropped calls at last three times a week or more. Dropped calls are a big problem for a lot of different people, even though there are towers being added by carriers everywhere and coverage areas are expanded. So why is this still a problem in cars, homes, condos, apartments, and what can be done about it?

The FCC finally approved the use of signal boosters for cell phone use. This helps to expand the different range of cell networks into areas that are currently not receiving good service. However, it is not practical to buy two boosters - One for home, and another for car. Our 2 in 1 cell phone signal booster solves that problem because the same unit can be used inside the home as well as inside the car!

What causes poor cell phone signal in home and cars?

There are two primary contributing factors to poor cell reception and service: Distance from the nearest cell tower, and obstructions that cause interference. Carriers currently provide cellular coverage through strategically placed cell towers. What is supposed to happen is that your cell phone is supposed to connect to the nearest cell tower. If you move, the service switches to the nearest tower in an area near you. If you are located on the edge of the coverage area, you can experience a much weaker signal which can cause your calls to drop.

Obstructions can also cause interference which can cause trouble with connectivity and service. Any object that is between you and your cell tower can create interference which causes your calls to drop. Elements in nature such as mountains, trees, and hills can cause significant signal issues. Metal siding, wire mesh, and concrete can also cause interference and dropped calls. Chances are if you live near a forest or mountains, you will have a difficult time finding a good cellular service.

Two In One Cell Phone Signal Booster Solution

Cell phone signal boosters, sometimes called cell phone repeaters, were created to address these two factors that cause poor reception. They are constructed to amplify the signal that has become weak and eliminate the obstructions that are causing poor reception. There is an interior and an exterior antenna which help in combination of an amplifier to overcome those obstructions to create better signal to your nearest cellular tower. Indoor kits as well as car kits are usually heavy duty and need to be installed in a permanent fashion because they are not portable. However our Two In One Cell Phone Signal Booster Solution has a convenient suction cup antenna to be mounted on the glass window from inside to draw signal from outside whether outside the car or outside the home. The drawback is that it provides only about six feet of boosted signal area inside homes but plenty for inside cars.


If you're tired of experiencing poor cell phone reception, then purchasing a cell phone signal booster may be a good option for you. If the two in one kit is suitable for you per explanation in above paragraph, it is a great value for only $179.99. You shouldn’t have to worry about signals, regardless if you are at home, work, school, or in your car. This portable booster can be very helpful.

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