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2 reasons why cell phone booster coverage area varies.

Posted by on Feb 14, 2017

Find out the basic reasons that can cause the cell phone signal booster coverage space to vary in your home or in your vehicle. Why does coverage area vary so much? We get this question quite a bit so we want to demonstrate the reasons to help you understand why coverage area varies. There're two main factors that will affect the coverage area your cellular booster will provide. Those are: The signal strength outside, and obstructions inside. Watch the following video for demonstration.

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The importance of signal strength outside.

The biggest factor in determining how much coverage area you will get is the mobile signal strength outside. The more cell phone signal strength you have to work with outside of the building or your vehicle, the more you can amplify the signal and the more covered you will get inside. This principle applies equally to buildings and mobile applications.

What coverage would you get with a poor signal outside?

For example, if you have got the Connect 4G installed in your home and have a decent signal of -70 on the roof, you can expect to fill your home with boosted cell signal. However, if that signal is only - 95 on the roof, there simply isn't enough signal there to provide the entire home with boosted wireless signal coverage. With a signal level that weak outside, you would be looking at only up to one room of coverage.

A signal booster does not create a cellular signal out of nothing.

They need something to work with to boost. Therefore, the more signal you could start with outside of the building, the better your results will be, inside. However, for many that have suffered from no signal in their homes and offices, one or two rooms of boosted signal is better than no signal at all.

How obstructions within your home or office can affect the signal.

The second factor that can affect the signal in your housing or building is obstructions within it. Therefore, this applies mostly to building applications. This would be things like walls and furniture within your office or home. Cellular signal is weakened as it passes through things like walls. The material your walls and floors are made out of affects the signal to different degrees. Standard drywall doesn't affect or weaken the signal much at all while concrete, brick and metal all weaken it greatly or can completely block it from passing through.

What gives you a weaker signal?

If you have got a strong signal coming out of inside antenna but that signal has to pass through a floor or two made out of concrete, the signal is going to be much weaker in the basement than it is on the top floor if you get any signal there at all. Similarly, if you decide to cover your wall with license plates, which are metal, essentially you're creating a signal shield and you cannot expect much signal to pass through into the next room.

When estimating how much coverage area to expect from your booster, factor-in these two elements and that should give you a very good idea. If your current cell phone signal amplifier is not getting the job done to boost cell phone signal indoors, try our most powerful consumer grade indoor cell phone booster. If you need commercial grade boosters which are even more powerful, consider Wilson Pro signal boosters. Professional installation by certified cell phone booster installers is available. View the video provided above for more information on the tips provided on the reasons why cell phone signal booster coverage varies within different homes, buildings and your vehicle. Contact us if you need any help in selecting the correct cell phone booster kit that will meet your specific needs. Thank you!

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