2015 Cell Phone Signal Booster Cyber Monday Sale Clearance!

Posted by on November 30, 2015

Get 10% OFF everything in store, plus get FREE shipping and a FREE gift of 12 volts car cigarette lighter plug-in power splitter, too! With different payment methods available which include PayPal Credit that allows you more time to pay without interest, this 2015 cell phone signal booster Cyber Monday sale promises to be an easy, convenient, and an amazing shopping experience for all!

Wilson Signal Boosters

Is that all? No, that is not all - Get a Wilson signal booster for car and a Wilson signal booster for home at Cyber Monday Clearance Sale price! One of the most annoying things is when your cell phone is out of network, and you cannot receive phone calls as you have no bars on your phone! While technology has improved in the last few years, there are several problems that obstruct cell phone signals. One of the ways to improve your reception is by getting a weBoost signal booster. What weBoost or Wilson signal boosters do, is function as a big antenna for your cell phone and provide better network wherever you are located - inside home, or inside car. These weBoost cell phone signal boosters are not only well-liked by traveling entrepreneurs, people residing in isolated areas as well as individuals working inside buildings with poor signal, it is also recommended for average cell phone owner who encounters phone network issues occasionally.

Perhaps you have been searching online for a very cheap phone signal booster in order to boost or increase your cell phone signal strength. Why not utilize this Wilson cell phone signal booster 2015 cyber Monday sale, to purchase a reliable signal booster at a very discount price? The Monday after the thanksgiving holiday in United States, is the day in which you get to participate in the greatest shopping experience and it is referred to, as cyber Monday. It has become so popular with Canadians as well so Canadian retailers have joined the bandwagon too, to prevent losing sales when Canadians cross the border (essentially, a virtual border by buying online from US companies) for this huge event.

Cyber Monday is a means to encourage people to shop online and also a day whereby hundreds of retailers and brands selling in e-commerce online marketplace choose to appreciate their customers with incredible discounts on their products. Today, with its ever growing popularity, it has become one of the biggest online shopping days of the year! Consequently, should you miss the cell phone signal booster black Friday sale, this is another opportunity for you to get the phone signal booster for cars or the phone signal booster for homes at a whopping discount price.

As a way of appreciating our potential customers, we are offering 10% discount automatically off everything in store – no coupon code is required, discount is automatically applied at checkout. In addition, there is free shipping of every weBoost/ Wilson product purchased and shipped to anywhere in USA and Canada. With our Cell Phone Signal Booster Cyber Monday 2015 Sale, you can purchase either a cellular signal booster for home, or a cellular signal booster for car at amazing discount prices.

Furthermore, we have really made it possible for you to enjoy the very best of cell phone signal booster cyber Monday sale by offering two (2) signal booster products discounted prices: Wilson 460106 Sleek Dual-Band Booster Kit and Wilson 463105 desktop dual band booster kit that are currently on sale for $74.99 and $199.99 respectively. Each of these is a Wilson cell phone signal booster for sale. This means that you receive top quality product that works! It is made in USA. It is approved for use in United States by FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and approved for use in Canada by IC (Industry Canada).

Wilson 460106 Sleek Dual-Band Signal Booster Kit is specifically designed to increase cellular 2G Voice plus 3G data in a vehicle such as truck, car, RV, Van and boat, with up to 26 dB gain for a single user. For it to function properly, your cell phone will have to be placed in the convenient cradle that is provided. It can be used hands free with a Bluetooth or headset device. While Wilson 463105 DT dual band signal booster kit on the other hand, is designed to increase mobile 2G voice plus 3G data speeds in a small area such as a desktop, or modest workspace at home, dorm, small office etc. providing up to 60 dB gain. It allows for multiple users with no physical connection to your cell phone or data card.

If you have been frustrated with missed voicemails, dropped calls or static during calls, stuck text messages, etc., what are you still waiting for? Why not take advantage of this yearly cell phone signal booster cyber Monday sale opportunity, to acquire that phone signal booster for car and the phone signal booster for home? You know that would make your life a little easier:)

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