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3 simple methods to boost cell phone reception

Posted by on May 11, 2015

Boost cell phone reception

The deeper we get into the information age, the more inseparable we get to our wireless Internet devices. It only gets fascinating, fun and cool to carry such devices around whether big or small. We started with big phones in the beginning (Motorola Bag Phones). Smaller became more fashionable so the Motorola bag phones changed to Motorola Brick Phones (not actual model name but they were called that because they were as big as bricks!). Then carrying ultra small phones became the new trend with tiny Motorola Vader flip phones that fit easily in the top pockets of men's shirts. Now the newest trend is back to bigger phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note series or Apple 6 Plus phones. However, without a good reception, none of these are any good to us because they would not work!

We are spending an average of 15 rock-solid hours on our mobile phones - From office to the grocery store, to the fast food place and back to work, and on our way home… We are always on phone either making calls or surfing on Internet.

If you are like me, I spend time streaming music and videos too; I am also on social media uploading various documents and chatting and commenting in blog posts (like this one). Life can be fun, but it is more fun when you have your wireless signal at optimum!

For an average user of Smartphone to a heavy user, what everyone needs for a smooth and seamless cell phone experience is a good quality service reception. You are lucky if you have it, and if you don’t, hmmm, then you may have to consider boosting your cell phone signal.

This post is about reasons you may need to boost your cell phone signal and to show you 3 simple ways to do that, so follow my words below.

1. Handling vital work assignment

If you are like me, I am connected to clients, friends, and family spread out all over the world. Therefore, I need to keep in touch with family and friends, send and receive large volumes of documents to my clients to complete my assignments. For this reason, I need my phone reception to function at optimum so I could carry on my work without hindrance.

2. Socializing with friends and family

For me, networking is very important. If you must succeed at what you do, you need to constantly network and be in touch with family members; and at times, they need you as well. So a couple of pictures and saying, "Hi" with emoticons once in a while would help keep me going for the day. As you can see, this is another reason why our telephone service must the up and functioning at all time.

3. Special project

If you are involved in community or humanitarian project, chances are that your colleagues would be at different locations and you have to communicate always via the Web or telephone.

Maybe its even a school project that will compete with your academics; You need to crunch high volume of data daily to get things done. Sending vital photographs, streaming for webinar or podcasting can be a serious headache if your cell phone signal isn't at full reception.

In a recent survey, 72% of Americans experience some form of dropped calls, and 32% experience dropped calls at least a few times per week or more. Dropped calls are a major problem for telephone users, even as more towers continue to be added by the service providers. It is sad to add that these problems aren’t going away anytime soon.

So why do calls drop?

The reason calls drop is due to weak signal which results in poor quality of service. Weak signals are caused by a number of factors and I list a few below:

1. You are too far from the radio mast.

2. Your location is being blocked by some taller objects, hills, or down in a basement flat

3. If you live in rural areas and your network has not extended 3G or 4G service to you

As you can see, most of what has been listed above is out of your control, so what can you do to get better reception and you don't get lost in a strange world?

Good news is that this problem is already getting attention from different people responsible for better call service. One such responsible authority is the FCC (Federal communication commission) which approved use of  cell phone signal boosters to help solve problems of weak signals.

So if you have weak signal where you live, here are a few things to do to solve the problem by elimination.

Disable 3G

It may sound strange, but turning off 3G can actually boost your cell phone signal. Although this would rob off on your data service, but at least you would be able to make calls, send and receive text messages and do limited internet browsing.

Another advantage of using 2G only at times, is that your battery would last longer.

So just turn off your 3G and see considerable improvement in your signal.

Re-start your phone

It takes several minutes for cell phones to detect signal after arriving from an area of no reception to an area with cell phone reception. If you notice "no service" warning on your phone, it is possible you have arrived to an area of good reception but the phone is taking its sweet time to detect that signal. To force it to detect the signal sooner, simply re-start your phone and it will be forced to detect signal. After restarting, it may then show the signal bars if there is reception.

Use a Signal Booster

A cell phone signal booster guarantees an improved cell phone reception. Don't worry, its not a bulky thing that would add extra burden to your troubled shoulder; its a small device to be installed within your home environment to increase your signal strength.

There are other ways to help you strengthen your cell phone signals, but I have discussed the three most effective methods. To learn more, checkout some of our other blog posts on cell phone signal boosting. Have a nice day!

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