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​5 easy ways to improve your cell phone signal

Posted by on Mar 19, 2016

There’s nothing worse than a cell phone struggling to get a signal. In the modern world we expect the best, especially when we’re paying high amounts for handsets and phone bills. All is not lost however, and there are a few things you can do. Below we have chosen 5 ways to improve your cell phone signal.

1. Obstructions

Ever been on a call and started to move to an open window or shout loudly in the hope the person on the other end will hear you? When people do this they are normally looking to find a clear path between their cell phone and the tower. When there’s an obstruction between the two, the signal will be poor. Moving outside away from walls or insulated areas is a good start. If you live high up in an apartment block you will be getting a better signal than those below due to limited obstructions.

2. Fully charged

We rely on our cell phones every day, from surfing the web to making calls and sending text messages. What we don’t realize is that connecting to a cell tower takes a constant supply of power. Chances are, if the battery is low - The signal will not be great. Conserve your battery life by turning off push notifications, lowering the brightness on your screen, and avoid using hardware options like bluetooth. Doing these will prolong the battery life and increase the chances of a better signal.

3. Less populated

If you’re attending a major sporting event or concert everybody will be on their cell phones taking pictures and posting to their social media profiles. All this congestion will certainly cause a drop in signal. If you need to make a call or send a text message, find a less populated area. It might mean moving outside the stadium or arena but you will have a better chance of getting a clearer signal.

4. Wi-Fi network

You may not realize this, but you can make calls by using your wi-fi network. Some carriers, as of this year which is 2016, are now supporting wi-fi calling including T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon. It is a great way to make a call without having to worry about getting caught in a signal blackspot. Make sure you check with your carrier to see if they support wi-fi calling.

5. Change carrier

When you have exhausted every possible option and you're still not getting that perfect signal it might be time to change your carrier. With so many competing for new customers you will have the pick of those looking to offer you a great deal. One way to make the decision is to use a heat map of your location to see which carrier is providing the best coverage in your area.

Lastly, here’s the top tip

As a last resort, there is one more way to get a better cell phone signal. In some cases cell phones don’t always connect to the nearest tower, instead they find one further away. By resetting your phone to the cell towers you might be able to connect to one closer. Just put your phone into flight mode or restart it.

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