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5 Ways of Improving Mobile Calls & Browsing on the Road.

Posted by on Jan 07, 2017

It is a sure bet that your Android or iOS mobile device is more than just an instrument of communication. Chances are that you no longer carry a gigantic camera, extensive map, guidebooks, compasses among other travel books and artifacts. A quality Smartphone with the right apps easily makes you forget all these. However, when you decide to hit the road for a countywide or nationwide road trip, you must be well aware of intermittent cell phone connectivity along the way. How to Increase Cell Phone Signal Bars?

Improve mobile call reception signal

From entertaining kids in the car during the trip, taking calls, downloading videos and uploading photos and videos on various social media sites to sending texts and accessing various apps, a quality cell phone signal is very important. Before you hit the road to embark on a long road trip that will take you to iconic places in our continent, here are five ways of improving your mobile calls and browsing while on the road.

5. Elevate the mobile device.

If you find yourself in a rural region with very little human activity, getting good reception can be really hard. But, elevating a mobile phone can actually help increase a bar or two, allowing you to make a call or send a text. It mightn’t be comfortable, convenient or work superbly as you desire; you might have to climb a tree, on top of your RV or go upstairs or on top of a mast in a barn just to access a strong reliable signal. The clearer line of sight actually reduces interference to boost reception considerably!

4. Place yourself as close as you can to the cellular or broadband wi-fi signal.

One of the best traits of WiFi is its ability to work through structures like doors and walks. In most cases, the access point is perhaps inside a secure section or utility area. By using a wireless signal sniffer in the form of either an app or a wireless card that has sniffing software, finding the wireless signal in the hotel or area you are resting or staying for the night will be very easy. It means investing in signal finders, though.

Note that the promise by the hotel you’re staying or restaurant you’re dining in of a free WiFi doesn't mean it’s strong enough to be accessed from anywhere. If you were intending to work from your bed you might be disappointed if you don't walk around and find the best section of the room with the best connectivity. Dialing *3001#12345#* if on an iPhone has been found to help know the real strength of the signal around.

3. Boost car's WiFi.

Get yourself the Drive 4G-S before you leave. It is great for any vehicle and boosts the signal perfectly while holding the hotspot device firmly. The Drive 4G-X wireless car booster from weBoost on the other hand is superb if you would like to boost the signal for all cell phones in the vehicle, including the hotspot. As a result, the 4G-X will send a cellular amplified signal to all the mobile devices in the car.

Passengers in the vehicle with a Tablet, laptop or Smartphone even in the back seat will remain entertained as they enjoy top data download and upload speeds. Your WiFi hotspot will then serve you better more than you can imagine in your entire trip, whether in the thick of forested America or the heart of tall manmade structures in popular cities like New York city, that interfere with cell phone signals.

2. Check the best WiFi spots before you leave.

There’re lots of apps and websites out there you can use to find all the WiFi hotspots in any city or region across the face of the earth. For instance, JiWire is one and allows you to check the locations of WiFi in all the locations you will be passing through or visiting in your trip. You will find that by preparing before hand you will actually save a lot of money, heartaches and the horror of losing your way just because Google Maps and other travel app guides on your device were inaccessible offline. If you're criss-crossing the country in dozens of airports, hotels and public parks you will be able to know where the top quality free WiFi internet is to be found.

1. Get a cell phone booster with an antenna mount.

When you're about four people within a car or van and driving across the most rugged and remotest of North America, a cell phone booster will be a superb device to carry. Due to better technology and engineering you can now have a signal booster for Smartphones for the remotest areas with the poorest internet connection. A good example is either an inexpensive Drive 3G-X or the Drive 4G-X by weBoost (Wilson Electronics). The difference is that one boosts voice and 3G networks (3G-X) while the other boosts voice, 3G and 4G (4G-X). Both will boost the network 60 percent farther, making them the best traveling companion if there’re a number of you in a car, truck or van and driving across rural areas.

They include a strong magnetic tall or stubby antenna placed on top of the vehicle. If you're traveling in a recreational vehicle with very wide indoor spaces and passing through remote rural areas, RV 4G from weBoost is perhaps the best cell phone booster to buy before hand; it has an assurance of 4G LTE advanced network, including 3G and voice networks.

Any time you hit a dead zone or a section of North America with poor signal, the loss can be devastating. If you were hoping to find your way via Google Maps on your iPhone low reception can leave you utterly confused and lost.

Road trips are wonderful! You probably should aim to hit the road once or twice a year whenever you can. In case this is your new year's resolution, the worst thing you can do is leave your home ill prepared. You need to have the right itinerary in place. While most will have their survival gear, water and other paraphernalia well catered for, and safely tucked inside their car, the issue of cell phone connectivity and poor signals is usually the last thing on their minds if it is remembered at all.

If you thought North America, particularly United States and Canada, where technology arrived and found a home, have cell towers spread across the prairies, valleys, mountains, deserts and lush green grass we surely adore then you're up for as serious shock. A lot of areas are without proper working cellular signals due to environmental or structural reasons, such as high mountains, trees, rocks and tall buildings. Try our 5 sure fire ways of improving mobile calls and browsing on the road, to have the most fun on your trip!

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