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5 Ways Strong Cell Phone Signals Improve Public Safety.

Posted by on Mar 08, 2017

Consider these scenarios to fully realize the public safety risks you may be taking by not installing a cell phone signal booster in cell phone dead zones. We know effectiveness of communication lines is critical during emergencies. The response to a serious event such as a fire, vehicle accident or severe injury can be impacted highly by the quality of the cellular signal. A reliable signal means a better outcome.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters Improve Public Safety

An enhanced signal via a quality cell phone booster could be everything when it comes to seeking help to deal with major emergencies at a time when cell phones are overloading the networks. Connecting with the concerned authorities or loved ones is highly important at such a time. There're various services dealing with emergencies that definitely deserve a reliable and working cell phone signal such as mobile phone alerts, 911 Enhanced system and other Emergency services perhaps to request security response or medical attention.

WEA (Wireless Emergency Alerts)

WEA effectively distributes diverse alerts from AMBER alerts, notifications on active threats and weather alerts while relaying diverse communications from the government to cellular gadgets at alert locations. WEA system is highly critical and requires sufficient cellular phone signal. This has been seen in the recent past when WEA were used for catastrophic events like during Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey, New York 2016 bombings, and Boston Marathon bombing. Alerts are diverse and highly imperative. They have to be delivered fast and clearly to allow the concerned individuals and early responders enough time to prepare and evacuate within required period of time. Communicating clearly and without signal problems throughout the emergency is crucial to protect life & property. During terrorist attacks, public safety related communication in terms of warnings are important to tell the citizenry to keep off certain areas outdoors and avoid exposing themselves to surroundings deemed to be a high risk.

Right from the moment the call is made to emergency medical responders and other officers dealing with public safety, lives are saved. They communicate better across the board with one another, offering care and safety where it is needed most. This is why weBoost and WilsonPro provides cell phone signal amplifiers and reception booster to enhance the cellular network in law enforcement stations, emergency vehicles and even court houses to allow faster and accurate communication to be relayed and reacted to equally fast. The result is better public safety, safer response and many lives saved.

Cellular booster in a garage.

Apart from the fact that parking garages have the worst cell phone signal, they create a serious public safety issue as media reports have reported attacks in parking garages at night. In some of these scenarios the cellular device's connectivity is paramount. If a cell phone signal booster is not installed in such garages where reception is always practically zero, the risk of life & property skyrockets because even passer-by’s and good samaritans are left with no way to call for help. When a criminal event and health scare is in progress or an accident has just occurred the situation becomes a matter of life and death. Property managers or building owners can install cellular signal boosters in garages to boost public safety and ensure every tenant and customer leaving or entering the building has a chance to call for help and safety at all times. In fact, installing a single cellular phone signal booster in each parking garage per floor has been found to be more cost effective than going for a cost and labor-intensive active distributed antenna system (DAS).

Enhanced North America's 911.

Through E911 system across North America, operators working in public safety related call centers dispatch the proper emergency service where it is required in real-time. For the dispatch to be successful, the E911 system requires that the location of the emergency be pinpointed with precision from where the call has originated. If a building has an effective cell phone reception booster, whether in the remotest of North American terrain or a metropolitan region, the data showing the location is accurately displayed. If the cellular signal isn’t reliable and adequate, the caller might suffer damage or even a loss of life if not connected with the E911 service and location clearly deciphered.

Social media and independent apps.

Sometimes even after using 911 systems and other emergency public safety arrangements to seek help, putting a word out there to those always on social media can really help. Most people don’t get Amber Alerts and other notifications that could save their lives and those of their loved ones. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, SnapChat among other social networking sites and individual apps can help to relay these alerts and public safety threats to millions of people in a few seconds. However, you need a working cell phone signal for this to happen. Whether inside a car, building or boat there's a cell phone signal booster that commensurates with your location and can help you boost the signal. As such, you will enjoy enhanced internet browsing speeds allowing you to share emergency alerts from respective authorities and even share videos and images that can help in real-time.

Communication by all means .

One of the realities of an emergency is that communication must happen by all means possible. There shouldn't be over-reliance on a single method of communication. Two way radios remain an important method of relaying information for first emergency responders such as firefighters, medical emergency technicians and the police. However, in areas where two-way types of radio signals are unreliable and don’t work, there could be serious repercussions if another way of communication is not found fast. A good example is a case in Washington D.C., 2015, where first responders went inside a Metro tunnel to evacuate trapped passengers on a tunnel full of smoke inside a disabled train. Their two-way radios wouldn’t twork in such surroundings. There would have been serious consequences had cell phones not enabled them to communicate with one another and with rescue parties.

Metropolitans and thick terrains in North America have lots of dark spots (cell phone dead spots) that emergency responders from the police to fire fighters always find themselves in, due to thick building walls and basements. However, infrastructure and homes already with cellular phone signal boosters give first responders a boost by enhancing their communication and ensuring all logistics are well organized through cell phones and mobile devices.

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