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7 Easy Ways to Improve Cell Phone Signal Reception.

Posted by on Mar 18, 2017

How to increase cell phone signal bars? Wouldn’t you love to see those antenna signal bars increase from one to five? Well, there’s a good chance they will, if you try these simple tips! Here're 7 Easy Ways to Improve Cell Phone Signal Reception. No, please don't go by the funny video preview image shown below. It is just a funny teaser and does not come close to the powerful 7 tips and tricks we're about to share with you. Watch either the video or the blog post below. Both show incredible seven tips and tricks so you can either watch the video or read the blog post below it. Let us begin!

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We have all dropped a call and it is always annoying. How then do you get better cell coverage? Here're some tips on what you can do to improve life with a cell phone.

Test mode.

The bars on your phone are not very accurate. You can have four bars on one phone. Two bars on another. And they are getting the same signal. To actually know what you're really getting, put your phone into test mode. This will help you greatly to quickly find the best spot to stand inside your home, office, or building and make that call effortlessly using the strong cell signal at that spot!

Make a signal map of your house, office, or building.

Building upon the previous tip, make a map of where the strong signal spots exist within your house, office, or building. With your phone in test mode, walk around your house. Make a map of the signal strength in all the different rooms. This way you're going to know where you have got the strongest signal in your house. You can quickly go to that area whenever you need to place a call without interruptions due to weak signal. You will have a nice clear connection and you won't risk dropping the call.

Reset your signal.

Sometimes your phone will log onto a cell tower and stay connected to that tower, even though there's one closer to you as you move around your house or office. Cell towers are usually very far apart (miles away from each other!). For example, if you're at work and it connects to a cell tower. Then you go home and it stays connected to that same tower! Even though there may be a better option available from opposite direction. It is easy to reset your signal. Just turn your Airplane mode on for a few seconds and then turn it back off. Turning airplane mode on/off is a much quicker option than turning your phone power on and off which also would do the same thing. Both options will achieve the same result.

Charging your phone.

When the battery is low, cell phones conserve power in every possible manner including reduction in signal search capability. Check your battery. If your phone is running low on juice, it will conserve power by pinging the tower less often. That means your text will come through less often and you might miss them. That is probably what happened when you picked up your phone and turned it on. Then a whole bunch of texts come flooding through! The solution is simple. Plug your phone in and charge it back up.

Open a window.

This may be hard to believe because glass is transparent, but energy efficient low emission windows and double or triple pane widows block 33% of cell phone signals. You might not think about this but the materials in windows to make them energy efficient can greatly block a cell phone signal. This also goes for vehicle windows and those in your home, apartment/ condo, and office building. If you still don't believe it, do a little test. Take a signal reading inside and outside of the same window. There will be a noticeable improvement in signal reception when measured accurately in decibels using the "test mode" function in your phone. Remember, signal will range from -55dB (maximum signal) to -110 dB (no signal) - The closer the number to zero, the better the signal. All you have to do is roll the window down - If signal change is considerable enough, your signal bars may jump up too, within one minute. Please be patience because signal change can take up to 1 minute to update in your smart phone. It is smart, but not quite fast when it comes to signal measurement.

Wi-Fi calling.

If you're in an area with Wi-Fi, a lot of phones have the option to call over Wi-Fi instead of using the cellular network. WiFi Calling doesn’t work with all phones on all carriers. Double check that to make sure it is going to work for you. Keep in mind this is going to use your minutes. It will also slow down your internet at the same time. So it may not be the best option but it is a great option, nonetheless.

Solving the problem.

If none of above tips do the trick, the space where you're located is a dead zone meaning no cellular signal is able to penetrate the structure you're in, to get to your phone. Do you want to solve this issue and improve your cell signal forever - Once and for all at a single one-time fixed cost? If yes, then a cell phone signal booster is the way to go. We have cell phone boosters for nearly every application. Checkout the product selector tool below to help you find the perfect signal amplifier kit to help solve your cell connection problem. Contact us if you need any assistance, we would be glad to help!

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