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7 reasons we're too dependent on cell phone technology

Posted by on Apr 06, 2016

It seems difficult to undertake any task these days without the use of a mobile device or gadget. The mere thought of being without our cell phone or tablet-like devices sends us into bouts of anxiety. Here are seven reasons why we're too dependent on technology.

Reasons we are too dependent on technology

1. No work today.

When you discover Internet has gone down for the day we’re almost skipping out of the office. This downtime is certainly not good for production for any business but it may actually be good for you! Face facts, if the internet or email becomes disrupted it might seem like an early day off but you’re only going to have more to do when you’re back in the next day - With vigor:)

2. Careful purchase.

I’m sure we have all been there. You purchase something online only to realize that it is either the wrong shape, size or color. Online shopping is wonderfully convenient, however, it can be a regrettable pain when we have to return something back to where we bought it. If you can’t return it, then you’re left with a very expensive mistake. Going back to the days when we could physically walk into a store seems a distant memory. It was much more convenient to walk down the street or quickly drive to the store to perform an exchange, nice and quick!

3. Making a connection.

Nothing is worse than not getting a cell phone signal. Given that we spend a lot of our time on our cell phones, it is important we’re connected to the digital world. If we’re not, then frustration sets in. We simply stare at a blank screen for hours until something happens, wasting time when we could be doing something productive.

If the need for a signal or connection becomes too great then investing in an indoor cell phone signal booster will make sure that you’re never too far from a perfect reception.

4. What is your number?

I don’t know about you but I’m not very good when it comes to remembering names, addresses and cell phone numbers. I needn’t worry though, as I have my cell phone at hand ready to scroll through the address book. The realization is, if you did lose your cell phone chances are you wouldn't be able to remember a single number. Let alone anyone of importance.

5. Social killer.

Technology today is a social killer. Okay, so the likes of Facebook and Twitter keep us in touch with what our friends are doing and what is happening in the world. When the time comes to actually speaking to a person face to face we can’t hold a conversation long enough before we’re checking our cell phones again(!)

6. Lost without your phone.

Using your cell phone constantly is an addiction, just like anything else. It might not be as harmful as alcohol or drugs but it is a worrying addiction nonetheless and it can leave you stressed and anxious. Leave alone the long term effects our eyes are going to feel from all that non-stop artificial light radiation from computer, phone, and tablet screens within one foot of our eyes.

Cell phones are the biggest distraction and are responsible for fateful events such as car accidents. Even getting a work life balance is difficult when we’re checking emails all of the time. The thing to do is to appreciate it, but at the same time know when to cut ourselves away from it, or at least take a break. This is the most important habit we need to teach our young ones for their own physical and mental health decades into the future.

7. Online shopping.

This is probably one for the high street stores and malls. The number of people who shop online continues to increase while many stores end up closing down. It is sad when we no longer have the desire to venture outside or interact with others, which is why many companies use in-store sales to increase the footfall to their business.

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