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7 things that will give you a bad signal on your smartphone

Posted by on Mar 20, 2016

No matter how advanced the technology of a smartphone, you’re still going to experience poor signal quality at some point. It is frustrating, and we tell ourselves it shouldn’t happen. Here are 7 things to watch out for, that will give you a bad signal on your smartphone.

1. Operating system

Both Android and the iPhone have to continually update their operating systems. Fixing bugs, making changes to apps, the list seems endless. If you don’t update, then you run the risk of some apps and services not working. The problem is that updating to the new system could actually make your phone worse. Consider if the update is worth it in the long run.

2. Free apps

We all love a free app, mainly games which pass the time with entertainment. The problem with the free apps is they’re littered with adverts popping up time and time again. When they do they eat into your bandwidth, it can lead to a poor signal. If there is a free app you really need, it might be worth going for the paid version to eradicate the ads.

3. Traffic congestion

This is probably one of the main causes of poor signal quality for your phone. With everyone battling the traffic the phone towers have to serve more users which in turn means everybody’s signal quality will suffer. If you commute to work by train for example, then moving at high speed and inside an object made from metal it’s harder for the towers to pick up a signal no matter how many times you move about the carriage. If your Carrier owns a premium brand offering slightly higher cost, it may be worth it because they would give priority to their premium clients over the customers on their thrift branded plans. An example of a premium brand would be Bell in Canada, and its thrift brand would be Virgin Mobile Canada.

4. Service provider/carrier

No network out there can say they are the best. You choose your network based on your location, coverage and when and where you use your smartphone. The next time you experience a drop in signal quality have a look at your phone. If your carrier is not delivering good signal quality then it might be time for a change. Or a cell phone signal booster can solve the problem.

5. The wrong handset

All smartphones have certain specifications and requirements to meet before they can be sold to the public. However, each brand of phone will be manufactured differently which means some might work better in areas with poor coverage than others. If you’re looking to upgrade your smartphone, don’t judge it based on looks alone. Do some research on the technical aspects of which phone handles coverage the best.

6. Where you live

Unless you’re prepared to move house, you might be stuck with a poor smartphone signal. Cell towers can cover many locations but not all of them. The terrain is certainly a major reason you’ll get a poor signal on your smartphone. These areas are also known as "black spots", "dead zones", or "black holes", so before you throw your handset out of the window look at your geographical location.

7. The weather

This one goes beyond your control, but again can be dependant on location. When bad weather strikes in the form of thunder, lightning and high humidity for example, each can detract the signal away from where it’s supposed to go. Like a radio the phone is trying to connect to the cell tower, so if the tower is fine then so should the signal.

If you’re struggling with poor signal quality then why not invest in a cell phone signal booster. You can shop by carrier for your peace of mind so you know you will select the right one.

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