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7 ways cell phones make our lives simpler

Posted by on Apr 02, 2016

Cell phones have made a real impact in our lives over the last few years. We depend on them everyday to help us complete a multitude of tasks. Below are 7 ways your cell phone can make your life simpler. Are you sure you know all the seven ways your cell phone makes your life simpler and easier? Let us check to find out:

7 ways cell phones make our lives simpler

1. Keeping you safe

When it comes to travel, your cell phone is your most important companion. With inbuilt GPS tracking it is much easier for people to locate where you are. Whether that is a good or bad thing is open for debate, but apps such as Watch Over Me have made going somewhere new, taking a cab or even going for a run much safer. If anything should happen, then via the GPS and the alerts you set up, friends and family can be notified immediately.

2. Mobile doctor

Self diagnosing ourselves on the internet isn’t uncommon. Even the slightest sign of a cough and we’re reaching for our cell phone to see if we have contracted a debilitating disease. However, with the health and wellbeing of people a major concern for medical practitioners, helping to catch a potential illness early is vital. Android app Doctor On Demand for example, can bring a visit by a physician straight to your home, making it more convenient.

3. Communication

People tend to forget that before mobile browsing or the selfie, the main job of a cell phone was to make calls and send messages. It still is, even with all of its other features, the cell phone has made communicating with friends and family so much easier.

Video calls and voice messages can connect us over long distances instantaneously. Even with poor phone coverage, our cell phones have the ability to connect in most instances to a cell phone signal booster which will help to make the connection much clearer.

4. Utilities

The amount of cell phone utilities you have at your fingertips is amazing. There is enough to get you out of the most trickiest of situations, whether it is the need for a flashlight or to calculate the tip amount at the end of a meal. Access to these features in such a short amount of time makes our lives hassle free.

5. Time savers

There is no question that cell phones are time saving devices. Checking emails on the move, scheduling reminders and of course, shopping all save us time each month. With the cell phone market flooded with more and more apps, it is no wonder it is the first thing in our bags before we leave home in the morning.

6. Navigation

Travelling from point A to point B has become pain-free thanks to the cell phone. Navigation apps like Google Maps have taken over the need for the more traditional in-car satellite navigation systems. These apps will update on a regular basis and can also provide the latest traffic updates so you will know which route is going to the be the quickest, as well as how to avoid being stuck in that dreaded rush hour.

7. Finance

There will come a time in the not too distant future when you will no longer have a need for your wallet at all. With the introduction of Apple Pay you simply use your phone as a digital wallet to pay for goods and services. Of course having one device for everything is a risky prospect, but does the convenience outweigh the risk? On top of that, mobile banking allows you to transfer and make payments on the go making life that much simpler.

Another way to make your life simpler is with a cell phone signal booster. If you’re experiencing call dropouts or poor coverage then we have a range of products to suit you and your location.

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