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​How do Cell Phone Signal Amplifiers work?

Posted by on Oct 11, 2017

Cell phone signal amplifiers absorb existing signals outside, and send those signals to the booster that amplifies it many times and then broadcasts it indoors.

How do cell phone signal amplifiers work?

Most people experience dropped cell phone calls at least once a month, regardless of the network that they use, or the type of phone that they have. Fluctuations in the signal strength make this one of the most frustrating issues with phones, and the most damaging. Dropped calls can limit relations with potential clients, make emergency response services unavailable, slow or stop productivity, and damage relationships. Therefore, it is critical that those who have a cellphone maximize its potential by ensuring they have the strongest reception available. One such way to do this is through the use of an amplifier for your cell phone.

What does an amplifier do?

An amplifier is part of a cell phone signal booster. There're various amplifiers which offer various levels of boosting capabilities. For example, an ATV, RV, Marine, Vehicle, Residential, and commercial grade boosters all differ. The commonality between an amplifier kit is that they absorb existing signals outside and send those signals to the booster in order to "build" a new and stronger signal. Note, an amplifier does not create a new signal from scratch but uses what is already available, hence the name.

Is a repeater and an amplifier the same thing? What does it consist of?

Amplifiers are sometimes interchangeably called repeaters. The repeater or an amplifier kit is a combination of three components. These components are: An external directional antenna, input booster or repeater, and internal antenna. You also have a coax cable that connect antennas to booster or amplifier/repeater and the power source which powers the repeater/amplifier.

How does it work?

Think of an amplifier as a miniature cell phone signal tower. When the parts work together, there is a boost to the strength of the wireless connection between a cell tower and the phone. A good booster will be able to increase the signal strength up to 50dbs (decibel or dB is unit of measure for signal strenghth). Phones experience signal strength over a wide range between -50 (full bars) to -120 (deadzone). Anything outside of this range cannot be detected by a smartphone. By adding 50 dbs to the -120db would make the reading-70, not a perfect full bars score theoretically, but very useable connection.

Do you need an amplifier?

If you find that you have a weak signal on your phone, it could be that you need an amplifier to increase the signal strength which can be measured in decibels. This may or may not be the case. To determine if it is your phone, first check to see if the bars increase when you are outside or inside. Secondly, check to see if your phone has any updates available. If so, perform the updates needed. Finally, go to the settings on your phone and look at accurate signal strength in decibels versus signal bars which are not always accurate. Both apple and android based phones allow you to see the dbs on your phone if you follow these instructions. Do not use the bars as your indicator as this can be misleading. Should you find that you have low dbs or that there're fluctuations in the dbs inside to outside a building, an amplifier is recommended.

Commercial vs. Residential.

While there are many amplifiers, it really comes down to the commercial vs. the residential amplifier system. Residential amplifiers are intended for indoor use and can be installed by the purchaser. Such an amplifier kit is generally used by those who wish to increase their signal due to construction materials within the home blocking the signal strength. Power to the unit is typically connected via a wall outlet.

Commercial grade amplifiers are intended for spaces exceeding 10k square feet and are intended for the use with a high number of multiple devices. FCC regulations mandate that a licensed professional install a commercial amplifier kit containing antennas, and other components. As this is a professional grade product, and rather large, with components mounted on the external part of the building and roof, a system design is recommended prior to installation for best results.

Should you have any questions, or if you would like to speak to a professional about acquiring a cell phone signal booster, either commercial or residential, please contact us.

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