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Are connectors/ adapters for aircards available for purchase?

Posted by on Jul 14, 2015

Yes, adaptors for aircards are available for purchase. Wilson 771103 Adapter Cross Reference Card is no longer available, but you can find the adapter that is right for your aircard by searching our website using the term, "adapter". Or call our customer support line for direct service in helping you find the adapter that you need. We will let you know if we have the right adapter for your aircard and help you find it so that you can make your purchase. If we do not have that adapter for your specific aircard, our customer support will explain other options.

In previous articles, we have explained that an aircard is a device that you connect to your computer to get Internet access through your cell phone data. It is a convenient device because it allows you to connect to the Web without having to find a WiFi hotspot. That is very helpful if you’re a working professional and need to have access to Internet when you travel. There are also aircards which you can purchase and set beside your laptop or desktop without directly connecting them, if that is what you prefer. (For more information about the Aircard, see https://cellphonesignalbooster.us/blog/can-weboost-cell-phone-signal-boosters-and-antennas-be-used-with-a-wireless-aircard/.)

So then, what is an adaptor and why should you get one for your aircard?

Adapters for Aircards.

For the purpose of this type of adapter, an adapter is defined as being able to connect two devices that would not normally be able to connect. To get a clearer image of how this works, look at an image below of the Wilson Air Card Adapter for Sierra Wireless Aircards.

aircard adapter

Adapters for aircards are cables with special connectors on both ends. One end fits into the connector or opening on an aircard, and other end fits into the connector on end of a cable from an external antenna. For example, look at the Wilson Magnet-Mount antenna below (https://cellphonesignalbooster.us/wilson-301703-magnet-mount-antenna/).

antenna and cable

As you can see, an antenna cable has a connector on its end. To connect antenna to your adapter, all you have to do is connect the two connector ends together. Then you will have your antenna connected to your aircard.

An antenna that you connect to an aircard is an external antenna (which acts like an inside antenna). By connecting antenna with adapter, you’re able to turn off the aircard’s weaker built-in antenna. This process gets rid of any interference from the weaker antenna and gives you a stronger antenna to amplify the data rate of your aircard.

However, this process will only work if you’re able to receive cellphone data to your aircard. An antenna cannot work if you are in an area with a weak or distant signal because it does not have the ability to pick up those kinds of signals. Therefore, if you’re in an area (driving or traveling) while your aircard is connected and you just need a stronger signal, then using your adapter to connect an antenna to your aircard should solve your problem.

However, if you’re in an area with a weak or distant signal, you will need an exterior antenna to collect the signal and a cable to connect to your aircard. It is also important to know that this will only let you collect and strengthen the signal a little bit. An outside antenna will bring the weakened signal to your aircard and an inside antenna connected to an adapter will strengthen it a little bit more. Depending on how weak your signal is, this increase may be enough. But if the increase is not enough, your best choice is to get a signal booster.

Using a Signal Booster.

The signal booster will highly boost the weakened signal and send it to your inside antenna. This action will then boost the data rate of your aircard so that its performance is excellent! The only downside to this is that it will cost more to purchase the signal booster than to just have the antennas by themselves. However, a signal booster is highly beneficial for you if you have a significant problem with a weak signal and really want great connectivity and fast data speeds. The signal booster also comes with a very reliable 60-day money back guarantee and 2-year warranty. The money-back guarantee enables you to be fully refunded if there are any performance issues with your signal booster. And the warranty allows you to return the signal booster if it in need of repair or needs to be replaced. (For more specific information about the warranty for the signal booster and other items in the signal booster kit (antennas and cables), see https://cellphonesignalbooster.us/blog/faqs-about-weboost-signal-booster-warranty-program/.)

Choosing an Adapter and External Antenna for Your Aircard

When you decide that you’re going to get an adapter for your Aircard, remember that you will also be purchasing an external antenna. However, choosing an adapter and external antenna for your aircard can be a confusing process on your own. If you think you can figure it out on your own, you can view adapters at https://cellphonesignalbooster.us/antenna-adapters-1/. However, we strongly suggest you call customer support. This way you can more easily find out if we have an adapter you need for your aircard. You can also quickly find out what kind of external antenna will be able to connect to that adapter.

Important Information About Adapters and Antennas.

Compared to other options for boosting signals, an adapter and external antenna combination can cost you less. Several adapters are priced anywhere between $6.50–$26.94, with a higher chance of being able to get a lower-priced adapter for your aircard. And most magnet-mount external antennas prices range between $13.50–$26.00. Adapters and external antennas also come with a low-price guarantee. This guarantee means that we will price-match any retailer in the United States or Canada that offer the same adapter or antenna. This statement means that you will get the best low price available for your adapter and antenna.

Adapters and antennas also come with a guarantee to work and a 60-day refund policy, making them reliable products you can count on.

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