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Are weBoost Wilson Cell Phone Boosters Carrier Specific?

Posted by on Feb 13, 2016

Are cell phone boosters carrier specific?

First of all, why has this question been so commonly asked? Well, since cell phones and cell phone boosters have become more frequently used, we have in a way become trained to think about our cellular devices in terms of their service providers and their respective networks. This question is also quite a reasonable and good question to be asking, and in this article, we will be going through the specifics of whether or not Wilson cell signal boosters will work with your carrier.

Any cell phone, tablet, or other mobile hand held device that you purchase in the United States is affiliated with a mobile carrier. The thing is, your device is connected to that mobile carrier and that one only. While it may work with other carriers’ networks on roaming mode, its connection with other carriers’ networks for other uses is limited.

Over time, the situation has become better and more flexible as it has become easier for people to switch carriers and use their same devices with different carriers. For instance, having phones unlocked allows people to switch carriers after contracts have ended. However, we often still think about cell phones or other mobile devices as being specific to their carrier. That is why many people ask the question, “Will Wilson cell phone booster kit work with my service provider?”

In short, if you’re in the U.S. or Canada and you use an American or Canadian carrier for your mobile device, the answer is a resounding, "Yes, our Wilson cell phone boosters will work with your cellular carrier in USA and Canada". All weBoost cell phone signal boosters shown at the bottom of the hyperlinked page, will work on all carrier networks that are based in the U.S. and Canada.

Therefore, it really does not matter whether you use American carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon or Canadian carriers such as Telus, Bell, or Rogers. As long as these carriers are based in the United States or Canada, any of our weBoost cell phone boosters will work for you. For a more detailed explanation why this is so, keep reading.

Previously, we have explained in this blog that mobile phone signals, including voice and data signals, are carried by radio frequency (RF) waves. Just as a radio is tuned to a specific frequency so that you can properly listen to your favorite audio program, a mobile phone is similarly tuned to specific frequencies in order to provide you with quality voice and data services. This all makes sense, and the way weBoost boosters function should also be easy to understand.

The frequency ranges, or frequency bands, of cellular services can be pretty complicated. Mobile service providers also share some of these frequency bands, and in other cases, the bands are assigned to a specific carrier. It is in these differences that weBoost cell phone boosters are extremely useful and beneficial.

Nowadays, most cell boosters will boost signals on multiple frequency bands, which is what allows them to work for more than one service provider, a more concrete answer to the answer posed by the title of this blog post. There are a few exceptions to this and those are if it works on only one frequency band or for a single mobile carrier. Because there are only two main exceptions, Wilson cell phone boosters are able to cater to a variety of different services. With so much accessibility, you probably will be able to use a weBoost cell phone booster kit for your own phone to benefit the quality of your current service.

Besides personal use, Wilson cell phone boosters are also very beneficial to group environments where multiple people can use them. Because weBoost cell phone boosters cater to a wide variety of carriers, they are extremely useful in work environments. Especially with growing numbers of business conducting some part of their work through the internet, it is crucial to have great wireless and cellular connections in order to facilitate business transactions, tasks, or even meetings. With the use of weBoost cell boosters in these situations, the possibility for connection errors due to lag time is mediated.

The weBoost 4G cell signal boosters work on the 700 MHz band, as well as 850 MHZ, 1900 MHz and the AWS band, which uses a combination of 1700 MHZ and 2100 MHZ frequencies. All of these bands cover the frequencies used by North American cell service providers that cover 2G, 3G, and/or 4G cellular networks. Since most North American cell phones use these cellular networks, the weBoost 4G cell signal booster is apt to benefit any phone in North America.

On other hand, the weBoost 3G cell phone boosters work on the 850 MHZ and 1900 MHz bands, which are used by all U.S. and Canada cell carriers for 2G and 3G service. It makes sense here since the 3G cell phone boosters cover ranges up to 3G service whereas the 4G cell signal booster covered networks up to 4G since it had a much wider range by comparison. The 4G signal booster offers more flexibility than the 3G signal booster because it covers a wider range. The range of the bands that the signal booster covers is important to you if you're deciding on which signal booster you would like to use. In the case that you don’t know of your carrier yet, it is best to purchase a 4G signal booster as that will allow you to use any carrier service and cellular network that you would like, without having to worry that you might have gotten a signal booster that did not work.

Because Wilson cell phone boosters are tuned to these various frequency bands similar to how radio frequencies are tuned, they can easily work with any North American service providers. If you would like to know exactly which frequencies your mobile carrier’s network functions with, check the user manual that came with your phone or tablet when you first purchased it. If you can’t find the original user manual or don’t find it anymore, visit our frequency range blog or just open up a web browser to search for your carrier’s specific frequencies. No matter what service provider you use, you’re bound to find the answer to your question and find out your particular frequency bands. Nevertheless, know that if you buy any of the weBoost cell phone boosters we carry with "4G" in their name, you need not worry about this because it WILL cover your carrier's frequency band for sure:)

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