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Astonishing 5 new ways Americans stay connected in 2016

Posted by on Apr 15, 2016

It is so easy for us to be able to swipe a screen or touch a keypad connecting us to friends, products and news. With the world at our fingertips how are Americans staying connected in 2016? Below are just a few of the methods used.

USA Communication Device Marketshare

USA Communication Device Marketshare: 5 ways Americans stay connected to the digital world:

1. Smartphone

The smartphone is the go to device for many Americans, with 66% of all adults owning one. It’s small, compact and gives us the power to complete day to day tasks as well as keep us in touch with friends and family. With constant upgrades and the development of new apps, smartphone technology shows no signs of slowing down. This makes our need to use them that much greater.

2. Tablet

The tablet is a major companion for most people and for 45% of Americans it’s their go to device. Productivity wise having a tablet in the workplace is ideal for taking to meetings or managing busy schedules.

Most will use them to sync with their desktop computers, setting the tablet up next to their screen which will alert them of incoming emails. They’re also handy for students who may have a need to carry a large number of textbooks about with them.

3. Mobile internet

With almost every home connected to the internet, most Americans, 33% in fact, will use their cell phone for browsing rather than their desktop PC. More searches are made on mobile devices than on desktop computers so it’s easy to see why such devices are growing in popularity.

4. Standard cell phone

There are some people out there, 29% to be precise, who only have a cell phone which allows them to make voice calls and send text messages. Technology moves fast and for some of us that might be too fast. Modern day cell phones can be complicated to understand, what with the latests apps and continuous updates. So it’s refreshing to know there are still people who enjoy the simpler things in life.

5. Reading

If you love to read then chances are you probably own a Kindle or some type of eReader. The digital book hasn’t quite replaced its printed cousin and chances are it won’t. But when it comes to reading on the go having a device such as a Kindle is perfect, as you’ll be able to download more and more books. You’ll also save space in your bag that a book would normally take up.

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