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Bad cell phone reception? Top 5 signal boosters for home, reviewed.

Posted by on Apr 18, 2016

No need to put up with poor cell phone reception at home. Read reviews of the top 5 cell phone signal boosters for home today, to help you make your decision. You may be pleasantly surprised to see which ones made it to this list, which is based on popularity.

Top 5 cell phone boosters for home

If you struggle to get a clear cell phone signal in the home it might have something to do with your location. It could also be that you have an obstruction which is blocking the signal. Thankfully help is at hand, in the shape of the cell phone signal booster. So below we’ve listed our 5 top booster kits in the order of their popularity.

1. Large area signal booster

This cell phone signal booster is the largest and most powerful consumer grade 4G booster allowed by the Federal Communication Commission. It combats bad cell phone reception in home and office buildings. The coverage you get from it is second to none. Specifically designed for large areas including the home or office, the signal booster comes with everything needed to install it correctly. Not only will it extend the life of your cell phone battery but it is one of the strongest signal boosters on the market.

2. weBoost Canada & USA Signal Booster, EQO.

This small and compact plug and play cell phone signal booster will enhance the signal for a small workspace or home up to 1200 square feet. Reasonably priced at only $349.99, it is ideal for the home office as it minimizes bad cellphone reception in home thereby reducing dropped calls and increasing data speeds. It allows for multiple users and cellular devices including tablets and Kindles. This 2G, 3G, 4G LTE booster kit works for all carriers in USA and Canada. It doesn’t require a physical connection to either your cell phone or data card, nor does it require installation of an outside antenna.

3. Wilson weBoost Home 3G 473105 Home Amplifier Kit

If you're mainly concerned about the voice and 3G data reception because bad cellular reception in home is prevalent in a small area, this cell phone signal booster is a real standout and well worth the low $269 price, which not only makes it affordable but powerful as well. It has the ability to amplify the signal both to and from the cell towers. One of its major benefits is that it can extend the range of the signal giving clearer voice calls and faster streaming to up to 1000 square feet of your indoor space.

4. weBoost 3G Flex

The weBoost 3G Flex is a great little cell phone signal booster if you have bad phone reception in home. It is the only booster kit that is portable enough to be used inside the home or even in the car. The wireless coverage can support multiple cell phones and mobile data devices simultaneously, making it a very sort after product. It’s also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. At only $179.99, it is a bargain if you need better voice and 3G reception through your cell phone in a very small area such as a desktop and yours is a wireless-only household with no landline phone.

5. weBoost Connect 3G 472105 Omni Antenna Booster Kit

No more poor cell phone reception in home with this latest version of the older DB Pro Omni 462105 booster kit. It is a brilliant upgrade which offers plenty for your budget. Offering up to 2,500 sq. ft. of boosted reception, boosting is affordable at its low cost of only $399.99. Using an omni-directional antenna it’s able to get a signal from multiple carrier towers in all directions. This means it doesn’t need to be pointed in a certain direction. If you’re looking for a reliable cell phone signal booster then this one will make lost calls and poor reception a thing of the past.

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