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Benefits of weBoost 471104 Signal Booster

Posted by on Mar 18, 2015

Gone are the days when we used mail and tape recordings to send messages to our loved ones. Although the traditional ways seems to be thoughtful, using these methods in times of emergency won't work. With the advent of modern technology, life is a lot easier today in terms of communication. Then we moved up from bulky phones with large antennas up to the recently featured lightweight and trendy feature-packed mobile phones. Widespread use of technological development has therefore brought about substantial development in the field of mobile communication. Human life has become easier with use of cellular phones as it enables people to stay connected with loved ones across the world, anytime. It has practically reduced the distance between people. However, there are places or areas where people tend to experience lower signals or no signals on cellular phones. Signals tend to become weak in closed rooms, country borders and so forth. Isn't it extremely irritating when you are in the middle of an important call and poor quality signal interferes with all your social and business interactions? Having low signal strength can be a complete menace for any cell phone user and can prevent you from conveying your message when you need to do so the most! One of the most effective devices used to solve weak signal issues is the weboost signal booster.

This weboost signal booster, known with its part number  weboost 471104 is the latest innovative product from the original company Wilson Electronics, which will significantly improve the signal of a cell phone. weBoost Connect 4G-X Signal Booster replaces Wilson Electronics AG Pro 4G Directional 461104 and is perfect for homes and small offices. It is basically a small device which increases the strength of the signals that are received and sent by cellular phones. The package of this device includes the parts that are incorporated together to improve the signal of any cell phone. This package include weBoost Connect 4G-X 70dB amplifier, outdoor directional antenna with U-bolt pole mounting bracket, indoor panel antenna with wall mount bracket, one 60 feet Wilson 400 Cable, one 75 feet Wilson 400 cable used to connect outdoor antenna, as well as indoor antenna to the amplifier.


Weboost Signal booster is the perfect solution for low signal strength and it comes with other benefits as well. Here are some benefits of weboost signal booster if you are planning to purchase one.

Improve the signal strength

The most common complaint regarding cell phones is getting a poor signal. No matter the type or model of your cell phone, there are always ways to improve it. Whether you live in an area that doesn't have great coverage or areas blocked by multi-story buildings, you will always want a better signal. If you have an iPhone for example, you will want to be able to use all of its featured without being hampered by a poor signal. When you purchase your iPhone, you certainly want to enjoy all available services that iPhone offers, without the fear of losing your signal. There's nothing more upsetting than suddenly losing service while surfing the Internet or checking email or speaking to someone on your iPhone. Sometimes due to the bad network, you are not able to talk to your boss or any other person. That time, you curse your network and think that your cell has got some problem. This is actually not true; it is your network that is responsible for this. For example: If you are talking to your boss and finalizing important documents with him/her and suddenly due to the bad signal and the low networking with nearest tower, your conversation just cuts off in the middle. This occurs due to barriers between phone and the cell tower. Therefore, to prevail over this problem, you should try to have weboost signal booster for your cell phones. One of the main functions of weboost signal booster is to provide better signal over a large area. Trust me; it is very convenient to use it with your mobile phone. Using weboost signal booster with your iPhone greatly improves your signal since the signal is being amplified by an antenna that sits outside of your house. In fact, this antenna is powerful enough that you could have a house full of cell phone users and each one would see an improved signal. This device instantly improves the signal strength. The user gets a stronger signal and a better phone service with such a booster and is able to have a clear conversation thereby reducing the number of dropped calls no matter which part of the house or area. By using this device, users will not only get good signal bars, but also it will provide good sound clarity while you are on the call.

Stay in Touch: Fewer dropped calls and lost connections

Frequently, dropped cell phone service occurs while making calls within a large home, office or multi-story building. However, with weboost 471104, that will become rare because the signal to your cell will be amplified by an antenna mounted on exterior of the house or office. Since the antenna is so powerful, you could have a house full of people using cell phones and they would all benefit from increased cell service. Then there's almost none of those dropped calls and none of those annoying moments when using your cell phone. Having fewer dropped calls together with all other advantages of using weboost signal booster, makes buying a weboost 471104 worth the price. Thus, Weboost signal booster not only allows you to get rid of dropped calls, but also allows you to move throughout your house while you use the cell phone.

No more short battery life

The amount of power that your cell phone transmits is directly proportional to its proximity to a cell signal site. Weboost signal booster can be of great help with phones that have a short battery life because the cell phone uses less power looking or searching for a home network with this device. The phone no longer has to work hard and is able to preserve its battery life. Thus, battery life is maintained for a longer period. This saves the hassle of charging the phone's battery after short intervals and one can use the device for hours without charging it.

Faster 4G Internet speeds

Weboost Connect 4G can also help improve broadband reception and allow you to access e-mails and other data at a faster speed. One can download important files and documents quickly and get official work done on time without delay.

There's reduced level of radiation emitted by your mobile phone

Poor signal is proportional to increased need of radiation emission to be able to connect to the network. Apart from providing good signal coverage, the Weboost signal booster also has many other health benefits. Several researches were conducted in order to determine the harmful effects of cell phone usage. Some of the alarming effects include brain tumors, cancer and high level of stress. It is therefore imperative for people to be equipped with how to effectively protect themselves from harmful effects of technology. One must know that every time you use a cell phone for either listening to music, texting, surfing the web or calling, a specific amount of radiation is emitted to your body; especially of concern is emission to the brain.

Due to the continuous exposure to radiation, permeability of brain barrier is at risk plus the stress protein synthesis shows significant increase. When you talk on the phone, the radiation that is coming out from the device will be absorbed by the human brain. In simple terms, high amount of radiation produced by excessive cell phone usage puts humans at risk for many forms of illnesses. According to some inconclusive studies conducted, it has shown that there is a connection between the mobile phone usage and brain tumors. Therefore, theoretically, Weboost Connect 4G-X 70dB will not only help you to get rid of the reception problem, but also could help you in reducing the risk of cancer and other health problems. It includes an antenna and amplifiers that will stop sending the dangerous electromagnetic waves and send you the required network signals to operate your phones.

Easy installation

Weboost Connect 4G-X 70dB is straight forward and easy to install as installation can be done with minimal tools. For outdoor installation, point antenna towards the service provider's tower. For indoor installation, allow antenna to point toward the area you want to cover. Mount the base unit to the wall or alternatively, place it on stationery furniture and attach the power supply to the base unit. Plug in the power supply. Installation is a one-time process and you don't have to repeat it again. Attach the coaxial cable to the signal antenna and run it to the base unit.

Multiple cell phone users can use it at the same time

One of the best advantages of this device is that there is an option to connect multiple cell phones with it. A single Weboost signal booster is capable of providing service to multiple cell phone users. With a boost in the mobile phone signal, you could now replace the landline of your house with a mobile phone for less expenses and more mobility. Weboost signal booster can be used to support any phone model and uncommon cell phone brands from different manufacturers. The Weboost signal booster operates on dual band meaning it is compatible and works with all major all U.S cellular network providers such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Alltel, Cricket, etc. (with an exception to Clearwire) as well as Canadian carriers Rogers, Telus, Bell, Koodo, Virgin Mobile, Chatr, Fido, Mobilicity and Wind mobile. It can amplify 4G on all 4G enabled devices like Apple iPhone and data cards. Everyone in the family and work can benefit with the high cellular reception that Weboost signal booster can generate.

Although they are widely hailed and acclaimed for their portability and convenience, when it comes to cell phone's inability of maintaining a strong signal, complaints lodged against cell phones and their service providers becomes very temperamental. It seems that nearly all of us have been in the midst of an important phone call, only for the battery to die on us, or the transmitter shorting out and the two most dreaded words any cell phone user sees on their phone is, "limited signal." If the issue of a weak signal for your phone is an issue that is restricted simply to your office or home, it is very important to buy Weboost signal booster for your phone. It consists of an antenna that you can mount on the roof of your house, so as to help improve the signal without you having to resort to the drastic measure of walking half way up the street. It also consists of an amplifier which helps the phone to boost the signal and in the same manner. It will also help you to stop sending the dangerous electromagnetic waves excessively. With the use of this product, you may theoretically be able to get rid of some health problems. This is all I can write about this cell phone booster today. I hope after reading this article, you will seriously consider purchasing Weboost Connect 4G if you are experiencing reception problems at home or office. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get rid of the poor cell phone network by using Weboost signal booster. Purchase yours today and see how clearer your connections can be!

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