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Best Antenna Location for Home Cell Booster Installations.

Posted by on Mar 23, 2017

What is the best place for your installing your external and internal antennae to give you the best signal and broadcast area indoors? Watch this video for tips to help you install your cell phone signal booster system perfectly, for best possible reception improvement indoors.

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Today, we're going to talk about how to place your external antenna in the best signal location. We will also talk about where to place your internal antenna to receive the best broadcast area. Proper antenna installation is important so we can maximize your booster's capability to boost reception indoors. This will give you the most broadcast area inside your home or building.

The best signal location for external antenna.

Go around with a pen and a piece of paper. Note the signal readings on each side of your home. You can look at the bars on your phone but these are fairly inaccurate. We recommend you put your phone into a field test mode. You can then see a most accurate numerical reading of your signal outside, in decibels - the unit of signal strength measurement.

Install the external antenna.

If it is possible, install the external antenna on the roof. This is usually recommended because there are less obstructions from the cell phone tower to the home. It is also helpful to find the location of your nearest cell phone tower. Determine the direction of your cell phone tower. Then, take your directional external antenna. Mount it on a pole if possible. Face it in the best location or towards the tower. If you're unable to access the roof, place your external antenna on an external wall facing towards the nearest cell phone tower. In some instances, like in high-rises you're not able to access outside. Therefore, put the external antenna on a window facing towards your nearest cell phone tower.

Install the internal antenna.

Place this where you need the most coverage. Depending on the booster you're installing, it will come with either of two different type antennas: Desktop antenna or Panel antenna. The small black desktop antenna is meant for a desktop area to one room. You can put your device near this antenna. The Panel antenna is meant for a larger area. Therefore, place it down into your home or on a wall facing into your home.

Antenna Separation Reminder.

When installing your antennas, you will want to keep antenna separation in mind. Without antenna separation, oscillation could occur which can greatly reduce indoor cellular signal coverage. If you don't know what cellular signal oscillation is, and how to prevent it, please read our blog post on how to prevent oscillation by placing enough distance between interior and exterior antennas.


Follow these steps and your booster will be able to provide you with the best coverage. Hopefully, these tips help you to get the most out of your mobile signal booster system. If you need more explanation, see the video for more information to help answer your questions, or contact us.

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