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Best Road Trip / Air Travel Apps for 2017

Posted by on Jan 05, 2017

Best Road Trip Apps For Cell Phones

Planning a road trip or air travel? Maybe a business trip to 2017 CES Show, or a much-needed vacation? Checkout the best road trip apps that will help you on your business travel to CES 2017 in Las Vegas, or a vacation to Florida, or wherever you're traveling! Learn what is out there that is cool and a must-have for your road trip or air travel. We continue where we left off with the blog Road Trip Tech. Let us have a quick look at the best apps for your road trip or airline travels. Here're the best travel apps for 2017 that we researched and found for you to seriously consider for their tremendous benefits.


Waze is a navigation app that is updated all the time by wazers (the users of the app) to ensure that you always have access to the best routes available. Waze sends you alerts on speed traps, accidents, traffic jams, and more, and gives you alternative routes around the problem. Also, if you were to witness an accident or other event could potentially have an impact on the traffic, you can easily update map with the information so that other wazers are not affected.

Waze is free for iOS and Android users.

Gas Guru.

This app is really easy to use. Gas Guru locates the lowest gas price whether you’re cruising down the freeway or tooling around town. On launch, Gas Guru instantly displays a map showing all nearby gas stations complete with their prices - the lowest priced stations will be highlighted in green.

The default view on Gas Guru produces a list of gas stations nearby, all ranked by price: when you tap on a specific result you’ll be provided with directions for driving to that station, the prices for all grades of gas, and the gas station’s contact information. Not only can you filter by fuel grade, with Gas Guru you can search almost any town or city so you’ll know in advance where to save on gas when arriving at your next destination.

Gas Guru is free for iOS and Android users.


Roadtrippers is a very handy little app: It is basically a trip planning app that helps you locate good food, great attractions, and much more on your road trip. Start by choosing your beginning and end points, and the app will plot a map of your route. Now you can add specific points of interest along the route, such as campgrounds, accommodation, food, or more unusual attractions like breweries, wineries, interesting shops, and perhaps even a ghost town. If you swipe up on a point of interest, Roadtrippers brings up reviews, user's photos, a star rating, contact information, price, and hours of operation.

Roadtrippers is free for iOS and Android users.

Dark Sky.

Dark Sky is a great app that helps you plan your activities for the rest of the day. Dark Sky is a hyperlocal weather app which uses your GPS location to provide up-to-date weather information. Dark Sky is capable of forecasting weather conditions for the next hour, day, or even the next week.

It has a clean interface which clearly and quickly displays all the weather information you need, such as the temperature, humidity, wind, chance of precipitation, and UV index. Swipe right to get a display of the coming week’s forecast, and swipe left to see an animated world view of storms. The added bonus with Dark Sky is that you can search almost any location to source weather information before you get there.

Dark Sky costs $3.99 for iOS and Android users.


Findery is a crowd-sourced app which acts as a local guide to wherever you happen to be. You can look for the best food in town, the best bar, or the best place to catch a live bluegrass, reggae or any musical performance of your liking. It helps you plan an upcoming trip, or simply search your current location.

Just swipe down on a specific location to add it to your bucket list; then after you have visited a place, you can mark it as "visited" and leave a review on the destination. In addition, you can upload your own road trip experiences for other trippers to enjoy. Tap on the location to access more information on it. Look for maps, check out photos, and read reviews and stories from other travelers.

Findery is free for both iOS and Android users.

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