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Boost AT&T Cell Phone Signal with These 7 Effective Tips.

Posted by on Feb 20, 2017

Get 7 quick and easy, yet very effective tips on how to boost your AT&T cell phone signal. Watch video demonstration or read the tips below the video.

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AT&T has a fairly good cell phone coverage but despite that, there're times when you will find yourself with weak cell phone coverage or none at all. The seven tips below will help you improve the cell phone coverage with AT&T. Let us start off with easiest tips first to help you out with your poor cell phone signal, right away!

The simplest solution to try first.

It can be as simple as rolling down the window in the car or being in the right spot at home. Materials, buildings and vehicles are made out of metal, concrete. Even window tint can reduce the amount of cellular signal passing through. These seemingly insignificant blocks can sometimes even block signal completely if outside signal is already weak because the cell tower may be quite far away. Rolling down or opening a window removes one more obstruction blocking the signal from reaching your cell-phone!

Turn off that 4G LTE which you may think is helping you.

There're times when 4G & LTE may actually hurt the capability of your phone to make or receive a phone call. If reception is bad, try turning off LTE for better calls - We show you how below and in the video above. LTE signal for data and 3G signal for calls and texts are on different frequencies. You may find that at a given location, you're getting good 3G signal but your LTE isn't so great. If calling over LTE is turned on, your phone will try and use LTE instead of 3G signal and you will be stuck. Turning off LTE will allow you to use your "3G service" instead from a closer 3G cell tower and make the call. It is easy to check the signal levels of LTE and 3G to see which one is stronger at your location.

Signal bars are not very accurate way to gauge signal level. Therefore, put your phone in test mode to read accurate signal strength reading. This may vary slightly based on your phone, but try going to, "Cellular" > "Cellular Data Options" > "Enable LTE" > Choose, "Off". You will see a negative number in the top left corner along with the term, "3G". That is the signal strength your phone is receiving using the 3G network. Allow up to 1 minute to update. The closer that number is to zero, the better the signal strength! For example, -60 dBm is perfect signal equivalent to 5 bars whereas -90 dBm is a weak signal with barely 1 or 2 bars.

Be smart, make a signal map as soon as you have some time.

If you're at home, make a signal map of your house. Walk around your home and write down the signal level in each room. This way, you will know which areas of the house get an acceptable cell signal level and you can go to that spot to make a call. You can do this with the bars on your phone but they are not very reliable. Instead put your phone into test mode as stated earlier. This will show you a much more precise numerical reading of your signal. This is available on Android or iOS devices and it is easy to do.

A tip when checking the signal level at your home is to be patient. Your phone will usually take a while to update the signal level, sometimes up to a minute. Therefore, make sure that you stay at each location for long enough to make sure that the signal has updated. Once you know which areas of the house gets better mobile service, you can leave the phone in that area of your house so you no longer miss cell phone calls. If you're setting up a signal booster, this is also very useful information to know so you can direct your antenna towards the tower.

Try AT&T Wi-Fi calling.

If you want to fix the problem and improve the cell signal that you're getting instead of just doing work arounds, then you have got a number of options. Why not try Wi-Fi calling? In a nutshell, Wi-Fi calling offloads your calls to the internet through your wireless router instead of using a cell tower. If you live in an area with a weak cellular signal or the building you live in is blocking the mobile signal from getting inside, then Wi-Fi calling is for you. Wi-Fi calling from AT&T also does not use your minutes! If you’re running low one month or you need to save up some minutes, just turn on AT&T WiFi calling and you can place all the calls you want from your home. WiFi calling is very easy to set up, and it works with most cell phones.

Use AT&T Microcell.

Another great option for your home is AT&T MicroCell. An AT&T Micro-Cell creates a small area of cell signal within your home using Internet. You plug the AT&T Micro Cell into your router and it will create an area of cellular signal about 40 feet from the base station. Up to 4 people can use their devices at the same time while in this coverage area. There're no monthly fees for using an AT&T Microcell. It will just use your allotted minutes like any normal call. One thing to note is that microcell only works for AT&T customers. Any other carrier within its broadcast range won't be able to connect or use the microcell. If you live in an area with no cell service or you just can't get cell service within your building but you have got internet access, then an ATT Microcell might just be the perfect fit.

Cell phone signal booster.

Another great option for staying connected with AT&T is an AT&T cell phone signal booster. These come in models for buildings or vehicles so you can stay connected while at home or on the road. A cell phone signal booster works with any smartphone and any wireless carrier. You can have as many users as you like using it simultaneously without a problem. A signal amplifier works by taking weak cell signal, boosting it, and then sending the strong signal to your phone and back to the cell tower. There're a number of booster models available to fit any home or vehicle so you're sure to be covered no matter your situation and you won't need an internet connection to make it work.

View the video provided above for more information and illustration on the tips provided to improve AT&T Cell Phone Signal Reception.

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