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​Boost signal on your long drive, with a car cell phone booster!

Posted by on Apr 09, 2015

Boost signal of your Samsung S7 cell phone for your long drive with our weBoost Drive 4G Booster!

Get the best accessory money can buy for your brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - The WEBOOST 470108 DRIVE 4G-M mobile cell phone signal booster boosts the Voice, 3G and 4G LTE networks from virtually all the carriers in US and Canada. It gives you fewer dropped calls and increase in the clarity of calls. It offers the fastest 4G download speed possible. It connects with your phone wirelessly and does not need a direct connection. Since it is wireless, it supports multiple phones and data devices at the same time. If you are going on a road trip or a long drive this is a simple and effective solution to maintain connectivity and continuous communication from your Smartphones, tablets, etc. Its inside coverage area will depend on the outside existing strength. In areas where you get moderate existing signal outside, it will cover the normal vehicle with boosted coverage. As the outside signal gets weaker you can access the booster and take advantage of the boosted signal. It improves your cell phone coverage no matter what service you render. DRIVE 4G-M will amplify the cellular signal providing the coverage for essential voice and 4G connections. For added durability, the DRIVE 4G-M comes in an aluminium case, giving it added protection while placed under your seat or in trunk inside your vehicle. It comes with a WE BOOST 470108 DRIVE 4G-M amplifier, a DC Power adapter, a WEBOOST mini magnet mount antennae with SMA-Male connector and 10’ coax cable. It also has an inside low profile antenna, cigarette lighter power supply and installation guide. You must be wondering why you should use this:

  • Better cellular signal
  • Greatly reduces or eliminates the call drops ,static and poor quality calls
  • It increases your data speed for better internet connectivity
  • Stay productive on the road
  • It supports better coverage wirelessly for up to 4 phones and data devices simultaneously.
  • It extends the phone batter life as the phone is not continuously being used to communicate with the cell provider.
  • There is a very simple DIY installation and since it is not permanent it can be transferred to another vehicle as needed

Its greatest feature is that it not only boosts the 2G or 3G network provider but also the 4G provider network which is a boon as you can download wireless data much faster!

We Boost 4G-M multi user vehicle unit instantly gives you more bars and it boosts the 4G and 3G signals inside your vehicle. It enhances picture and video messaging and is compatible with all phones and all carriers while you are on the road, especially around or on top of the mountain area where you would normally experience low signal. It is the most popular 4G cell phone signal booster. It enhances cell signals for phones, tablets, kindles and solves all those frustrating call drops in weak signal areas. No more do you have to face dropped calls, lost connections and slow Internet. So put your mind at ease when you are on the go, for now you can easily be in touch with your loved ones and they will not have to worry about your whereabouts and safety while you are on a road trip.

Cell signal amplifiers are not mini cell towers that can create signals anywhere. They work by searching and amplifying for an existing signal emitted from a cell phone tower. The WEBOOST 4G-M multi user vehicle allows you to get a 3G, 4G, or 4G LTE frequency on your new Samsung S6 Edge smartphone and get maximum coverage and range possible. It takes just minutes to install it and boosts the signal for all US and Canadian cellular phone carriers. Installation is very easy as everything comes in one packet only. The Kit includes amplifier booster, mini magnet antenna DC/DC vehicle power adapter 6V/2A, slim low profile antenna with a 12.5 feet cable and a mounting bracket.

The WEBOOST 4G-M multi user is compatible with most cellular carriers, and devices with 4G connectivity. It enhances the cellular signal strength is your vehicle which ensuring rapid download speeds. It prevents call drops and lost connections while you are on the road. You can connect multiple devices so that everyone can use it and benefit from it and the set up is so quick and easy that you will wonder why you did not do it earlier. Now your commuting does not have to be filled with inconsistent cell coverage which normally drains your cell phone battery and result in poor call quality. Now just turn on the booster and get five bars and better receptivity. Keep a constant connection and be on the go with your loved ones. If you have lost your way, turn on the Google maps or Apple maps feature and search for your location because with the booster connected, you will have better access to Internet and GPS signals on the go. Get over the hurdles of no connectivity and move along your drive.

WEBOOST DRIVE 4G-M WEBOOST wireless booster kit with magnet antenna is for people on the run and who cannot afford call drops or poor connectivity. You need to send out your messages and make calls but due to low data speeds you would not be able to do so - This is where you need the wireless booster with magnet antenna. With this signal booster you can get better talk and text at a good speed instead of getting stuck as though you are drowning in an ocean and you need help. If you are doing business from your vehicle or making any critical calls you definitely do not want interruption. All the personnels especially the realtors, doctors, fire, police, and emergency services cannot afford call drops and losing connectivity. This is because after all, it is a matter of life and death and these people will surely appreciate stronger calls and faster data. Imagine you get a call of distress and you are trying to talk or save a person’s life and the call drops, better than cursing the service provider shift to the booster and make it easy to receive uninterrupted calls. Don’t get caught with poor cell signal when it really does count. It is always better to be safe than sorry (I hate using cliche's but this is one of those moments when I have not been able to resist due to importance of this matter).

In a normal circumstance too, it is beneficial to have better cellular range, fewer dropped calls, excellent signal, faster 4G and 3G downloads. It provides clearer voice calls due to less static, which is extremely important in a medical field. It also provides longer battery life. This particular unit is designed to operate inside vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans like minivans or police vans, and ambulances. It includes a complete DIY kit so installation is much easier and it amplifies signals both to, and from the cell tower. There is an automatic oscillation and overload protection included and it extends the battery life of your cell phone. It is affordable and powerful 4G signal booster for multiple users inside vehicles. It is tested for safety and we offer it at the best price available in the market. There is also a 60 day refund policy if you face any issue but we can confidently say that this is for people on the go and they can safely opt for this device to be in constant touch with their business associates and/or loved ones. They need not wait for you and your new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to get in mobile coverage range to have a conversation with you! You can send pictures and talk to them throughout the journey:)

Questions? Call us for a FREE product recommendation or try our automated Cell Phone Signal Booster Selector Tool. Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. Submit location details for cell phone signal booster system design & installation quote to have your amplifier kit installed by professionals.

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