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Booster for boaters on inland waterways & sailors offshore.

Posted by on Apr 29, 2017

Cell phone signal boosters can improve service for boaters on inland waterways and for sailors offshore. The Drive 4G-X + Marine Kit has been designed specifically for the marine market. It is the same cell signal booster kit used for vehicles but with a powerful omni-directional weather-proof antenna that improves cellular coverage for boaters on inland waterways and for near-shore mariners.

Offshore Mobile Signal Booster Kit.

Above shown Marine Signal Booster Kit also includes all cable and components needed to install the system. Many boaters who try to use a cellular device while on the water experience dropped connections and no-service zones just as cellular customers occasionally do on dry land. Installing this mobile signal booster provides boaters the same signal boosting benefits that drivers of cars, trucks and RVs have enjoyed for years. These offshore cell phone boosters have proven their value for sporting craft, houseboats and even ocean-going vessels.

When Hurricane Irene battered the Caribbean and U.S. East Coast in 2011, one vessel equipped with an offshore cellular signal booster sought refuge off Compass Cay in the Bahamas. The crew aboard that ship were the only mariners in the area able to maintain cell phone contact as the eye of the hurricane passed just 12 miles east of their position.

The cell signal they picked up originated from another island, and was too weak to allow voice calls. But using the off-shore signal booster, the crew was able to send and receive text messages even as the hurricane raged. Crew members were able to get weather updates from Florida by text, which they then relayed to other ships in the area via two-way radio.

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