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California Clothing Company Uses Wilson Pro Cell Booster.

Posted by on May 25, 2017

Wilson Pro cell booster adopted by Stance in San Clemente, California with a blend of dome antennas and donor antenna to achieve cellular connectivity and accomplish highest web service redundancy.

Wilson Pro Cell Booster Working In California Clothing Company.

Location Details.

Stance had loved their new San Clemente headquarters and used energy efficient and a unique industrial design fit for a startup to create it. However, considering the building materials couldn’t allow cellular signal to seep through, the result was poor exchange of data and lots of dropped calls. A strong and very consistent cellular signal was required.

Major Problem.

Find a cellular coverage amplifier for a commercial headquarter that had the structural materials used in the buildings construction chiefly to blame for the poor signal coverage.

Strong Wireless Connectivity Solution.

WilsonPro's passive distributed antenna system was proposed and incorporated a cellular coverage capturing donor antenna placed on the building's roof, cellular device signal booster and dome repeating antennas across the entire Stance premises. The two different Stance buildings had the carrier-agnostic cell system enhanced. A triple-tiered network was also incorporated, made of a major connection, router configured failover web device and internet connection.

About Stance.

Stance is a clothing company specializing in well designed, colorful high-end socks. Its new San Clemente commercial headquarters remains an important hub for the start-up. The new space is a perfect industrial surrounding, a unique design great for a start-up with big dreams and ready to cut on its carbon footprint with energy efficient structural solutions.

About WilsonPro.

WilsonPro is an American leader in commercial cellular signal booster technology. The company offers signal boosters that are powerful and advanced, made to ensure the most powerful signal is achieved. WilsonPro amplifier systems are extensively used in commercial setups, fleet solutions and security areas.

Post Installation Results.

  • Cellular connective highly improved in the two Stance buildings.
  • Building design un-compromised.
  • Improved internet redundancy.
  • Better connectivity and on budget.


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SOURCE: Originally posted at WILSONPRO.COM. Modified to highlight WilsonPro signal boosting amplifier system was used for installation. Cell Phone Signal Booster was not the installer of cell phone booster system in this case study.

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