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Can a Mobile Wireless Signal Booster Work With a Glass-Mount Antenna?

Posted by on Jul 27, 2015

If you have this question, then you have probably come across our glass-mount antenna products that include in their description, "are not recommended to be used with wireless amplifiers". This statement may leave you asking the following additional questions:

How important is this statement? (Do I really need to pay attention to it?)

Why aren’t they recommended to be used together?

Aren’t all the signal boosters wireless? (So then what do I use with the antenna?)

This article will answer all these questions.

Wireless Signal Boosters and Glass-Mount Antennas

Wireless amplifiers (otherwise known as signal boosters) are recommended not be used with glass-mount antennas because it can mess up the signal. “A cellphone signal booster consists of an external antenna, an amplifier, an internal antenna, and cabling to connect that all together” (“How to Prevent Oscillation or Feedback in a Cell Phone Signal Booster System”). For a signal booster system to work, the signal has to be collected by the outside antenna, transmitted through the cables to the signal booster, and then transmitted through the next cables to the inside antenna to broadcast the signal inside the vehicle. This process gets disrupted when you have a glass-mount antenna and a wireless signal booster by a process known as feedback oscillation.

“[Feedback] oscillation occurs when the broadcasted signal from the internal antenna gets picked back up by the external antenna. The result is a background ‘noise’ . . . [and interference that] results in poor reception on the phone or device being used” (“How to Prevent Oscillation or Feedback in a Cell Phone Signal Booster System”). One way to think of this is to think of the outside antenna like a vacuum.

Vacuum example

Like a vacuum sucking up dirt, the glass-mount outside antenna sucks up a signal. However, the vacuum will suck up whatever you put in its path. In that same sense, outside antenna will suck up any signal in its path. Usually, outside antenna will not suck up inside antenna signal because the signal doesn’t reach it. But with a glass surface, the signal easily passes through. Then once the inside signal is sucked in by the outside antenna, it’s the same as your vacuum sucking up something you don’t want it to (like part of a rug). It starts making a bad noise, not working properly, and you know that something is wrong. Our weBoost signal booster’s protective circuitry will prevent the noise and interference from occurring, but the feedback oscillation will cause the signal booster to shut down and the indicator light to glow red. To prevent this problem from occurring, there are a few things you can do.

Preventing Feedback Oscillation

Preventing feedback oscillation is actually pretty simple. When you want to keep your vacuum from sucking up something, you simply pick up the object and move it away or out of reach. Therefore, you can choose to separate the vacuum (outside antenna) and object (inside antenna’s signal) or you can add something that blocks the two from interacting.

Separating the Glass-Mount Outside Antenna and Inside Antenna

To keep the glass-mount outside antenna from sucking in the inside antenna’s signal, you should move it away from the inside antenna. The glass-mount antenna should be mounted on the rear window and as far as possible from the inside antenna. While this separation works on cars, it works best on RVs and vans because the distance between the two is better. (For more specific information about attaching your glass-mount antenna, see https://cellphonesignalbooster.us/blog/.)

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