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Can cell phone boosters be used with a wireless aircard?

Posted by on Jun 28, 2015

Amplify all data signals, including ones from wireless aircards

weBoost cell phone signal boosters and antennas can amplify all data signals, including ones from wireless aircards . They create an "enhanced" mobile hotspot with strong mobile signal using your smartphone which you can then access directly through your laptop or tablet. This way, you get enhanced voice and data signal for your cell phone as well as data devices like laptops and tablets. Other options include the most powerful multi-user signal booster kit allowed by FCC that enhances signal inside vehicles for all data devices that operate on their own using their own SIM card and data service.

However, you may be wondering (if you don’t have one) what a wireless aircard is, and why you would need one in the first place?

Wireless Aircard


The name may sound technical and like something you might not be interested in. However, this is a very handy device and not complicated at all! A wireless aircard is a device that you connect to your laptop or desktop computer to get Internet access through your cell phone data service.

Connecting the Aircard to Your Laptop or Desktop Computer

To think of how it connects, imagine a USB card that you would connect into a USB port. Pretty simple, right? Well, a wireless aircard can come in three forms: a USB card, a PCMCIA card, or an Express Card. Like the USB card version, the other two versions connect to the laptop or desktop in their own way. The PCMCIA card connects into the Type 2 PC card slot and the Express Card connects into the Express Card slot. Also when choosing your wireless aircard, you can choose the version you want. So if the other two versions sound confusing to you, you can choose a USB card version. There are many other synonyms and types of other USB wireless Internet devices such as turbo sticks, Internet sticks, wireless modems, data stick. These are all very similar in appearance to a USB memory stick - Except that they have a SIM card and a capability to connect to Internet using mobile data service. We will provide more details about these products other than aircards in our next post. 

Why Use a Wireless Aircard?

So now you’re probably wondering, “Why would I use my cellphone service to connect to the Internet when I can just use my Wi-Fi?” Well, a wireless aircard is special because it allows you to have Internet access wherever you are. This statement means that you don’t need to be near your “home” Internet or a “hot spot,” or “have your cable or DSL modem connect to a wireless router” to get Internet access (Payne, “About the Verizon Wireless Aircard”). Once your Aircard is connected to your laptop or desktop, all you have to do is log in to your cell phone service’s broadband account and you will be connected. This ability makes it possible to have Internet service at home, on the go, or wherever and whenever you’re traveling.

How To Get An Aircard

Most aircard purchases are done through your cellphone carrier. Depending on the carrier you have, the purchasing process differs.

Purchasing the Aircard

Depending on your cellphone carrier, you may either a) be able to get an aircard for free with a data plan or b) have to purchase it. There are high-priced aircards and low-priced aircards. The high-priced aircards provide better global access to the Internet (access to the Internet within the user’s country and access to the Internet for international travel). The lower-priced aircards are more targeted towards domestic users only (users just inside a particular country, like the United States or Canada). You may also be able to get a reduction on the price of the aircard by choosing an Internet plan and/or sign a long term agreement with the wireless service provider or carrier.

Purchasing the Internet Plan

You cannot connect to the Internet just by purchasing the aircard. You also need to sign up for an Internet plan. In most cases, the Internet plan is a separate cost from your regular cell phone plan. Therefore, it is an additional cost to what you would be paying for the cell phone services you already have. The cost can be anywhere between $40–$60 extra dollars a month. Or, if you already have a cell phone service plan with data, you may be able to share that data on your air card for a flat monthly cost ranging from $5 to $20. However, you can also choose to just use an aircard once in a while instead of all the time. In that case, you would just pay the daily cost (a full day of using the aircard). For example, Verizon offers a daily cost of using your Aircard for $15 (Payne, “About the Verizon Wireless Aircard).

Pros and Cons of Using an Aircard

Compared to using regular Internet access methods like Wi-Fi, wireless aircards have their pros and cons.


You don’t have to constantly worry about your modem and router . Anyone who has had Internet through Wi-Fi using a modem and router has probably experienced the loss of their Internet connection. During this time, they probably unplugged and replugged their router and/or modem to get the connection working again. This process can feel very tedious and even becoming frustrating when it doesn’t work. Tack on other Internet problems like having a bad Internet connection or being too far away from your modem and router to get a good connection, and dealing with your Internet provider is even more frustrating. With an aircard, all you have to worry about is your cell phone connection.

You don’t have to struggle to find a Wi-Fi hotspot or somewhere with an Internet connection. While Wi-Fi is available at a lot of places, you may end up going somewhere where Wi-Fi is not available. You may also go somewhere where there is Wi-Fi, but the network isn’t very good.   Having an aircard gives you automatic connection despite whether or not Wi-Fi is available. It also connects you to high-speed Internet.

You don’t have to worry about whether or not you will have Internet when you travel . Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you probably really want Internet access if you’re bringing your laptop. Having an aircard keeps you from having to worry about how you will get Internet when you reach your destination.


Aircards “suffer from the same limitations as other cell devices - poor coverage in enclosed, underground, or remote locations ” (“What Are Aircards for Laptops?”). This statement means that an aircard is only as good as your cell phone service in the given area. If you’re in an area with a low cellphone signal, then you’re going to have a low signal Internet Connection with your aircard.

Aircards with data plans do not automatically come with unlimited Internet access. While there are some unlimited data plans you can get for a higher cost, most plans have a data cap. This data cap controls how much data you can use for your Internet. And what’s worse is that websites with downloads and uploads (like websites with videos and animation) use a lot of data.

The carrier’s service may not be available in your area or the area you’re traveling to. While this case isn’t as likely, it can happen. And if the service isn’t available, then you won’t be able to connect to the Internet at all with your aircard. For this reason, you should contact your carrier to make sure their service is available in these two areas before purchasing an aircard.

How a WeBoost Signal Booster and WeBoost Antennas Improve the Aircard Experience

So now that you know what an aircard is, why you would need one, how to purchase one, and what are the pros and cons of having one. Now we’re back to the main question of this article, “Can weBoost cellphone signal boosters and antennas be used with a wireless aircard?” At the very beginning of this article, we said that the answer was “Yes, weBoost cellphone signal booster and antennas can amplify all data signals.” Now we will tell you what that answer means.

This answer means that the weBoost cellphone signal booster and antennas help with one of the cons an aircard has: Limitations of poor or obstructed signal. Since weBoost signal boosters and antennas amplify all data signals, they also improve the data signal of your aircard. This amplification then gives you better and faster data and better Internet with your aircard.

However, it is important to note that this amplification can only happen where a weBoost signal booster and it’s inside and outside antennas are present and set up in the area.


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