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Can You Hold a Yagi Antenna While Attempting to Tune It to a Tower?

Posted by on Dec 24, 2015

No, when you hold or touch any antenna with exposed metal surfaces, your body alters and distorts the signal and changes the antenna’s performance. With a Yagi antenna, we recommend that you temporarily mount the antenna while tuning it. It is important that you let go of the antenna when you are taking a signal strength reading to avoid an inaccurate reading.

How Your Body Affects the Antenna

To put it simply, when you touch or hold the antenna, your body affects it because it acts as an obstacle to the antenna. You get an inaccurate signal strength reading because it reads the signal as if the antenna is being blocked by an obstacle.

What to Do

When you're tuning your antenna, temporarily mount it by using the mounting bracket that comes with your antenna. Make sure that the antenna can be kept in position without you needing to hold it, but that it isn't tightened too much that you cannot turn it. Then turn the Yagi antenna in 10 degree increments (very small, slow turns). Each time you turn the antenna, let go of it. When you're not touching the antenna, take a signal strength reading.

Remember, you may need to wait a few seconds for your cell phone to update for an accurate reading. Also remember that signal strength readings will be negative numbers and the closer the number is to zero, the stronger the signal. For example, -75 has a stronger signal than -85. You can see the best and worst signal strengths in the image below.

Scale showing the range of cellular signal strength

(For more specific information about the tuning process see https://cellphonesignalbooster.us/blog/weboost-yagi-antenna-installation/)

Other Factors to Consider When Installing Your Yagi Antenna

Everything you need to know when installing your Yagi antenna will be included in your manual, but here are the basics:

Choose a Good Location

You want to attach your outside antenna in a location that will guarantee the very best performance from your signal booster. Your manual will provide you with mounting instructions. For example, the image below provides mounting suggestions from the Wilson Multi-Band Yagi Antenna instruction manual.

Where to place the Yagi antenna?

As you can see, the best location (highest performance area) is on the roof. Mounting the antenna on the roof minimizes obstacles between your home/office and your tower. If you're unable to access the roof, we recommend placing your outside antenna on an external wall. If you're unable to access the external wall, you can place the outside antenna on a window.

Point the Antenna in the Direction of Your Cell Phone Tower

No matter where you decide to mount it (roof, wall, or window), the antenna needs to be pointed in the direction of your cell phone tower. Otherwise, it will not work properly.

Check That the Antenna Has a Clear Line of Sight

The antenna will also not work properly without a clear line of sight. Position it where it has the most unobstructed line of sight to the cell phone tower. Also, do not point the antenna across your roof. The antenna should point away from the roof to prevent oscillation.

Mount the Antenna Properly

Check the instructions to find out if the antenna should be mounted vertically or horizontally. In most cases, the instructions will say to mount the antenna horizontally with the elements vertical. The image below shows the different parts of the Yagi antenna to make these instructions more clear.

Construction of a Yagi antenna showing its elements.

The antenna is the whole thing and the elements are the little lines that go through it. Therefore, you want the antenna to be horizontal and the elements to be vertical (so that it looks like a fence). From there, use your mounting hardware to mount it. For example, when mounted to a pole on your roof, it should look like the image below.

Proper set-up of Yagi antenna facing or pointing towards the respective cell phone tower.

If you do not have a pole to mount your antenna to, you can purchase a pole or use a different type of mounting hardware. Most of our Yagi antennas come with pole-mounting hardware only, so you will have to purchase any additional mounting hardware like the pole itself. You can view our mounts at https://cellphonesignalbooster.us/mounts/

Tighten the Mounting Hardware

Once you have obtained the strongest signal, fully tighten the mounting hardware. The Yagi Antenna is extremely durable and will last for a long time. The antenna is also weatherproof, which makes the antenna stable against high wind and rain.

If you have any questions during this process, please call us!

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