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Casino Cell Phone Signal Booster by Wilson Electronics/ weBoost

Posted by on Mar 02, 2016

No matter where you are, you expect a strong signal that is going to be there for you. This means on the subway, at school, at work, and at home. This also extends to the idea that a signal needs to be strong when visiting a Casino. It is a spot that often has a lot of people in it, and all need to be able to access their online lives from any spot in the busy place. Thus, a Wilson cell phone signal booster kit may be the only way to tackle this problem. There're all sorts of benefits to it, as well. So, what have the owners got to lose? Nothing. And, they have got all sorts of great things to gain with a weBoost cell phone booster by Wilson Electronics.

Casino Cell Phone Signal Booster by Wilson Electronics/ weBoost

Attract new customers and keep old ones

Since business is based on keeping customers happy, it makes sense that getting a signal booster enabling a great signal is going to make a lot of customers happy. Just like it makes a lot of customers go into panic mode when they realize there is no service on their phone - They fear being disconnected from the world. Therefore, good cellular signal is great for business and that means a better reputation for you in the eyes of those valuable customers that keep your business going. This also extends to how they pass you off to the outside world. If they see you as a good casino who values their customers, they are going to recommend you to those who are looking for a fun time in a place that is all about customer satisfaction.

Better EMT services

No matter where you are, accidents happen. By having a signal booster kit in place, you can make sure that EMT services get through and get help to those who are looking for it. This means accurate communications between employees, a GPS location, and even a database so that the details of the person who needs help can be communicated to the rescue workers or Emergency Medical Teams. This is all a big deal and very important in terms of customer and employee safety on site.

Better communications

Touched on earlier, better communications mean that you can ensure all sorts of things in regards to safety and security. If there is a problem with one of the machines, it can be communicated clearly and cleanly, so there's limited time where the customer has to wait or waste time waiting for a simple problem to be fixed. This can be seen as a huge plus. If things are fixed quickly (as a cellular amplifier kit would ensure), the customer has a better experience. Each Wilson commercial grade cell phone booster kit can boost coverage from 25,000 square feet to up to 50,000 square feet!

Easily adapt to a large clientele

While there are certainly some times when the casino is busy, and some when it isn't, a cell phone booster would enable it to be ready for those times when the crowds flood in and the money starts rolling. Remember that sometimes the influxes can't be predicted. Thus, you have to be prepared for them when they come by simply making sure you're always prepared with a strong signal that is ready for the worst. This is professional and courteous.


Gotta love the new world, right? Everything is connected to the rest of the world by using wires, which is great and all, but can be very messy if something gets out of whack. A signal booster is great! In that, it will give you all of the convenience you need, but won't add any kind of wires to your already existing system. This ensures a safer and greener way to do business. It may even cut down on some of the wires that you do have, which is all the better, right?

Affordable and professionally installed

The world revolves around money and quality of product. So, a Wilson cellular signal booster is a good option for those who're looking to improve their business in an easy way on a budget. This is clear in the fact that the kit is often cheap, and it will really change the way (for the better) that customers look at you and your casino. It is a way to boost sales, bring in new ones, and all on a reasonable business.

Moreover, the Wilson Electronics signal boosters can be professionally installed and will allow each casino to choose exactly how it is used and created. It is meant to create a custom fit, whatever building you have, or whatever needs you find yourself having. We offer a free Wilson Pro system design assistance. Professional certified installers of Wilson Pro 70 are also on hand if professional installation is required (Installation appointment card also included with booster kits). Please contact us if you need us to connect you with a local certified installer in your area, wherever you are, in USA and Canada.

The world of modern technology is frighteningly fast moving. As more demand comes for it, there is more that has to be done to ensure that everyone gets what they need. Casinos and other places in hospitality are no exception to that.

Questions? Call us for a FREE product recommendation or try our automated Cell Phone Signal Booster Selector Tool. Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. Submit location details for cell phone signal booster system design & installation quote to have your amplifier kit installed by professionals.

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