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Cell Phone Service Carrier Agnostic Signal Booster

Posted by on Mar 21, 2016

Cell phone service carrier agnostic signal booster

Happy Equinox! Today is March 21st - Theoretically, the duration of day and the night is relatively equal. ‏The American mobile network industry has never been more competitive as it is right now. Every company is constantly investing millions of dollars in an attempt to get one over their rivals and to gain a group of new customers. New technologies are also making the market fiercely competitive as brand new options are being made available. For example, the new trend seems to be virtual reality (VR). Samsung, spotting this, has added a VR device with some of their pre-orders.

‏However, despite all the positives, there are also some downfalls to having such a wide variety of options available. One of the biggest is the disappointment you receive after starting a new job only to find that your particular network doesn't really work in that particular building. There are a number of "black holes" you find when it comes to your network coverage. If you have to spend the majority of time in that place, i.e., your place of work, it can lead to having to buy a new phone or changing over contracts which can become expensive. The added cost can be frustrating but it is the lesser of two evils as looking for a new job that suits but your cellular network would just be a pain.

‏However, could the answer now be clear to see in the shape of a cellular signal booster? How great would it be if every single person inside a single building could gain a clear connection regardless of what carrier they have their mobile phone with? In years gone by, connectivity in the workplace could be seen as a bit of a pain as new devices were widely seen as a distraction. However, with the recent advancements with smartphones, this really could increase productivity in the long run as emails can be sent, calls can be made, and documents can be sent over quickly.

A signal booster stands completely separate from everything else and is designed to remove any "black holes" that may occur in a building. Whatever the problem with connectivity may be, a signal booster will work to remove the issue and provide every device with a strong signal once again. A signal booster is becoming a must-have for all places of work and even large office blocks are installing them as it doesn't matter how many employees are in a set location. The device effectively "redistributes" the signal in your area and provides a strong connection meaning that the difficult days of finding the sweet spot are over as you can connect wherever and whenever.

‏This device was already a great addition to the technology industry but recent developments have now left them more important than ever. Many of the top brands have invested heavily to make the devices work with absolutely any carrier and to great effect. Now, you could be with the countries largest network or a small local company and you will receive the full benefit from a signal booster. As long as there is an active tower for your carrier somewhere nearby, you are set to go. This product really has changed the market and provided a much simpler and cheaper solution to the problem as opposed to the carrier-specific boosters that can be found on the market. All of ours work with all carriers in United States and Canada!

In addition to all the benefits listed already, carrier-agnostic signal boosters also work both ways. Yes, it will be easier to download emails and load web pages but it will also be easier to upload documents meaning you can complete work tasks from your mobile. Furthermore, the quality of video calls should increase and the full 4G experience should be maximized. The office can now become more efficient than ever as all employees will benefit from a strong signal putting an end to frustrating practices than involve borrowing others phones or having to be in a certain room or even outside to send an email!

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