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Cell Phone Signal Booster Automatic Gain Control AGC.

Posted by on Mar 26, 2017

All of our cell phone signal boosters have AGC. Learn how automatic gain control or AGC can regulate or adjust the signal output of a cellular amplifier.

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Today, we're going to talk about automatic gain control or AGC. What it does, is regulate or adjust the signal output of amplifier based on the strength of incoming signal.

What exactly is A.G.C.?

Let us put it in another perspective. Let us say for example that you and I were talking. However, you're far away so you may need to talk a little louder so I can hear you. As you get closer, you may not need to talk as loud as you were speaking before. You can simply regulate your volume or your loudness based on your hearing and your brain that determines how loud would be sufficient. AGC is basically similar to this conceptual understanding. We can have the cell phone that uses boosted signal through the connected amplifier. A signal amplifier acts as a megaphone, theoretically as an analogy. If your home with your phone and amplifier is far away from the cell tower, it will try harder to give out strongest signals so your phone has strong connection so it can communicate. In essence, the megaphone or amplifier helps you to be heard by the cell tower. That would be a good link connection and acceptable to all parties. If we're close to a cell tower, the booster does adjust the loudness of the power going through to the cell tower. It works less hard because incoming signals may be already quite strong (but not strong enough inside your home). This is also acceptable to all parties and does not hurt the wireless network.

What would happen if signal amplifier does not have the AGC feature?

If the cell tower is too far, the amplifier may not work as hard as it needs to work to provide a strong signal indoors. If the cell tower is too close, it may cause damage to the network by sending too strong a signal back and forth.

Due to this excessively loud or strong incoming signal, will other services or cell phone users be able to be heard by the cell tower or communicate with the cell tower? Probably not. This can get very serious.

Here's another example: For example, you're talking on your cell phone during a conference call where quite a few people are talking to you. If one of them is very loud, will you be able to listen to the rest of the people? This is a simple example of how AGC or automatic gain control works. It adjusts the signal of loudness output to prevent excessive signals or loudness.

Cell towers serve many customers and if a signal booster system without AGC comes along that is very loud or sending too strong of a signal, it can cause many problems and damage to the wireless network. If that amplifier is certified by FCC, it will simply power down to prevent damage, and not provide any signal boost indoors.

If it is not certified it will probably continue to work while giving out excessively strong signals, and it will raise red flags to the cellular service carrier that will come hunting to shut down the cell phone signal amplifier. They will then possibly sue the owner for damages done to service provider's network and interruption caused for other subscribers of that carrier using the same cellular tower.

Which of our signal boosters have AGC feature?

All of our signal boosters are certified by FCC and they have AGC feature so that they adjust the Gain and provide optimal signal indoors as needed for strong reception indoors without having to power down and provide no signal at all if the signal outside is too strong. Therefore, if you need one and if you don't purchase one from us, we suggest that you purchase an AGC cell phone signal booster at all costs. Please contact us if you have any questions. We will be glad to answer all your questions.

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