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Cell Phone Signal Booster Black Friday Sale!

Posted by on Nov 23, 2017

Black Friday sale: $10 OFF everything + FREE shipping + deep DISCOUNTED price on TWO popular cell phone signal booster kits (one for HOME, one for CAR - Get them BOTH!).

Cell Phone Signal Booster Black Friday Sale Clearance

Perhaps you have been searching online for a cell phone signal booster to boost the signal strength of your cell phone either at home, or in your car. In the process, you would have, without a doubt, stumbled upon several cell phone signal booster sites. A few websites refer to signal boosters as "repeaters" or "amplifiers". Nonetheless, they all perform the same task - maximize your cell phone reception.

weBoost Signal Boosters.

One of the best things about cell phone signal boosters, is that there are both kinds available - Ones that can be installed in your home, and ones that can be installed in your car. They give you comfort in knowing that you will get the best reception available through your service provider whether at home, or when in your car (if you have purchased both kinds).

Therefore, if you're having challenges with receiving or dropping calls on your cell phone, why not take advantage of our cell phone signal booster black Friday sale to buy at a discounted price? They enhance the effectiveness of your cell phone many fold!

Why are signal boosters on sale - and what is the deal?

Every year on November 27th, you get to take part in the greatest shopping experience - It is branded as, "Black Friday". Black Friday is a major shopping holiday during which hundreds of retailers and manufacturers selling their wares either in retail stores or online on e-commerce websites and marketplaces, choose to appreciate their customers with incredible discounts on their products.

As a way to join the bandwagon, and also to sincerely appreciate our prospective customers, we're offering $10 discount automatically off everything in store with coupon code as shown at the top. Discount is automatically applied at checkout for everyone ordering on this special one weekend event. Furthermore, we will continue to offer our Industry leading free shipping policy for all orders shipped anywhere within United States (Free Shipping to anywhere within Canada for orders over $200).

To further increase the benefit of this promotion, we have couple of popular signal booster kits on sale - A discounted signal booster for home, and a discounted signal booster for car:

Refurbished Wilson Drive 4G-S All-Band Cradle Booster Kit for cell device and Wilson Drive 4G-M for multiple cellular devices are car signal boosters on sale for only $129.99 & $299.99 respectively. Wilson eqo and Home 4G all band booster kits are home signal boosters available at a deep discounted price of only $299.99 each.

Details of the signal boosters for car and home that are on sale

Wilson 470107 & 470108 Vehicle Signal Amplifier Kits are specifically designed to maximize cellular data (voice, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE) in a vehicle such as a truck, car, RV, Van, and boat boosting from 26 dB to 50 dB gain for a single user (470107) or multiple users (470108) simultaneously. For Wilson 470107 to function properly, your cell phone or mobile data device such as a MiFi or turbo hotspot will have to sit directly in the cradle. It can be used hands free with a Bluetooth or headset device.

Wilson 474120 & 470101 wide band booster kits on other hand are designed to increase cellular data (voice, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE) in a small area like a desktop or modest workspace at office, home, dorm, etc. boosting up to 60 dB gain. They boost cell phone signal for multiple users, with no physical connection to your cell phone or data card. They can also be used hands free with a Bluetooth or headset device, along with this deep discount purchase!

Enjoy these savings, along with additional $10 off everything sale! Have a safe, fun, and happy weekend.

Questions? Call us for a FREE product recommendation or try our automated Cell Phone Signal Booster Selector Tool. Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. Submit location details for cell phone signal booster system design & installation quote to have your amplifier kit installed by professionals.

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