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​Cell Phone Signal Booster Discount!

Posted by on Dec 15, 2015

Have you struggled with weak cell phone service in your car or home? If so then we have the perfect solution for you! What you need is a cell phone signal booster that will strengthen your cell signal while in your car or even in your home. And the best part? You will now be able to get your cell phone signal booster and many other great products on sale! So now you are able to get the product you need and at a great price, but order soon because who knows, how long will these great deals last?

There are two types of cell phone signal boosters available on sale at discount prices. There is one model for your car and another which is perfect for your home. With both of these options you have the comfort of knowing that you have the best cell reception available whether you are at your own home or out and about in your car. If you struggle with poor cell reception now is the perfect to try a discounted cell phone signal boost to see if it improves your cell service. There really is no need for you to struggle any longer.

While I'm quite sure that you may see this would be an amazing product, but if you still need some convincing - here are the top ten benefits of this device. First is that cell phone signal boosters eliminate dropped calls. Second, you will get crystal clear voice quality when using this device. Third, you will be able to quickly deliver text messages. Fourth, this device will cause faster uploads and downloads while streaming. Fifth, cell phone signal boosters offer reliable connection. Sixth, you will see an improved reception. Seventh, your cell phone’s coverage will be expanded. Eighth, the amount of dead zones you will have to experience will be decreased. Ninth, your cell phone will have more bars. And finally tenth, the battery life on your cell phone will last longer.

Discounted cell phone signal boosters - One for home, and one for car or truck!

There are two different models that are on sale. The 3G Wilson 460106 Sleek Dual Band SmarTech III Booster Kit (on sale for $75 instead of $99) is specifically designed for cars, boats, RVs, trucks, vans, and other similar types of vehicles. It works great for boosting voice, text and 3G data signals. The other model is the 3G Wilson 463105 DT Dual Band Booster Kit (on sale for $135 instead of $300) is designed for small areas in homes, dorms, and similar areas. This one also works great for boosting voice, text and 3G data signals. Both of these two models are on sale while supplies last, so hurry soon and pick up your model today to start enjoying improved cell signal right away! These make a great gift for yourself or anyone else in your family or any of your friends who struggle with poor cell service.

Wilson 460106 Sleek Dual Band SmarTech III Booster Kit (the most affordable and popular 3G signal amplifier for a single user in a vehicle) is made in United States and comes with the sleek booster 460006, 5V/1A DC/DC Vehicle Power Supply 859963, Mini Magnet Antenna 301126 with Extra Sleek Arms and Large T-Slot Mount. This model is designed to increase cellular reception for voice, 2G, and 3G in any vehicle such as a car, truck, van, RV, or boat with up to 26 dB gain for a single user. In order for this device to be used properly the cell phone must be sitting directly in the cradle, but your cell phone can still be used hands free through a headset or with a Bluetooth device. You are able to bring this device into your home when you purchase the Wilson 859970 accessory kit. This model is compatible with all current cellular carriers in Canada and USA.

Wilson 460106 comes with many different product features. This model boosts voice, 2G, and 3G for all United States cellular carriers, except for iDen and WiMax for a wide variety of vehicles (just about any vehicle you would need cell coverage boosted in). When using this product you will also have reduced dropped calls, increased date speeds, extending signal range, and faster streaming. The kit is a complete do it yourself, so everything is included in order to make installation easy. Wilson 460106 allows for a signal user and one cellular device at a time, as long as the cell phone is sitting in the cradle, which has adjustable arms so that just about any cell phone will fit. When using this product you will see a gain of up to 26 dB. This device amplifies the signal going to, and from, the nearest wireless tower. This product will also extend the battery life of your cell phone.

Wilson 463105 Desktop Dual Band Booster Kit (Wilson’s most affordable and popular 3G signal amplifier) is also made in U.S.A. and includes desk top booster 463005, Gray Panel Antenna 311141, Desk Top Antenna 311211, 20’ RG6 White Cable 950620, 30’ White RG6 Cable 950630, 6V/2.5A AC/DC Power Supply 859912 with Hardware. This model is made to increase cellular voice, 2G, and 3G in a small area, such as a desktop or a modest workspace at home or small office or dorm, with a gain of 60 dB. This model supports once again, many of the main wireless networks, but once again excludes only Clearwire and Nextel).

This product offers many great features. Wilson 463105 boosts voice, 2G, and 3G for many United States of America cellular carriers (except iDen and WiMax) for small ranges for desktops and workspaces. This will reduce the number of dropped calls, increase date speeds, extends signal range, and faster streaming within those areas. The kit is also a complete do it yourself kit with everything included so you will enjoy an easy installation. This model allows for "multiple users and cellular devices" (such as smartphones and tablets). There is also no physical connection to your cell phone or data card. The gain can be adjusted up to 60 dB gain.

With all of these great features in these two models of cell phone signal boosters, there is no need for you to wait any longer. This discount will not last forever so buy yours today!

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