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Cell Phone Signal Booster For Car

Posted by on Apr 25, 2015

Cell phone signal booster for car

Cell Phone Signal Booster For Car

Let us go over how to install a wireless signal amplifier for multiple users in your car or truck as well as a cradle booster for single user.

Proper operation of a signal booster in a vehicle requires three main components. First, an outside antenna that detects the incoming signal and re-transmits it back to the cell tower. Second, a signal booster which is needed to amplify the signal to, and from, the tower. Finally, an inside antenna near your phone which communicates with your phone. It is important to note that inside antenna can be a low profile type bar antenna, a stand alone phone cradle with a built in antenna or a self contained booster and inside antenna such as the  weBoost Drive 4G-S or weBoost Drive 3G Flex where the antenna and signal booster are built into the same device. These three components combined together form a signal booster system.

Before installing your signal booster, please read through the instruction manual and familiarize yourself with the installation process. Before starting, select the location where you will be installing each component. You will also want to test out the location, making sure each component will fit and have adequate space to work properly. Once you know where you will be installing the components, you're ready to begin. The first step in installing a signal booster system is to install the outside antenna. In our example, will explore installation of a 12 inches magnetic mount antenna. You may have a different outside antenna depending on the configuration of your system, but these steps will work with all magnet mount antennas. If you do not have a magnet mount antenna, please consult the instruction manual that came with your antenna.

Place the outside antenna on the roof of your vehicle, about 12 inches away from any other antennas or windows. Mount the antenna vertically for best performance. Your signal quality will be degraded if antenna is not vertical. If your vehicle has a sunroof, you will need about 3 to 5 feet of separation between the antenna or cradle inside the vehicle near the windshield and the outside antenna on the roof, otherwise your signal booster may not function properly and may even shut down due to the cell tower safe guards, which are built in.

Once the outside antenna is placed on the roof of your vehicle, run the antenna cable inside, tucking it under the door seal. Carefully pull back the door seal and run the cable under it and into the vehicle and then push the seal back into place. This prevents constant wear and tear on the cable as the door opens and closes. Continue running the cable under the door seal on the inside of your vehicle and route it to the location where you will be installing the signal booster unit. The best place is usually under a seat, in the trunk or under the dash. Connect outside antenna cable to the outside antenna connection on the signal booster unit.

Next, install the inside bar style antenna if this is what you have. For a more professional look, you can slip inside antenna under the seat cover or upholstery and then route the cable booster unit. Otherwise, select a location near where you need the most improved cellular signal, usually high on the driver's seat. Remove the backing from the velcro strip included with your inside antenna and place it, adhesive side down, on the seat at the same angle that you would hold a cell phone while in use. Attach inside antenna to the velcro strip and route the cable to the location where you will be installing the signal booster unit. Attach the inside antenna cable to the inside antenna connection on the signal booster.

If you have a one piece cradle with a built in booster such as the weBoost Drive 3G-S or weBoost Drive 4G-S with a built in antenna, the installation of this component will be slightly different. Select the best location to mount your cradle, usually on the vehicle's dash. Make sure that the location that you choose does not inhibit you from accessing any of your vehicle's controls. Once you have selected the best location, attach the supplied mounting bracket. Clean the mounting surface using the supplied alcohol prep pad, peel the backing from the back side of the bracket and pressing it firmly to the mounting surface. Then attach the cradle to the bracket. Alternatively, you can purchase a cup holder bracket for the cradle. If you are using the cradle holder (called  Cradle Plus), run the cable from the cradle antenna to the signal booster and attach it to the inside antenna connection. If you are using a cradle booster combination, such as the Drive 4G, the signal booster is already inside the cradle unit. All you need to do is simply attach the outside antenna cable to the cradle booster.

Next, plug the large end of the power supply into your vehicle's cigarette lighter or power port. Run the power cord to the signal booster unit and plug it into the power port. Some units have a power supply with a female USB receptacle and a separate USB power cord. The power supply plugs into the vehicle power jack or cigarette lighter socket. After doing so, plug the large end of the supplied USB cord into the power supply. Run the cord to the signal booster unit, and then plug the mini USB plug into the booster.

If your power supply comes with an on/off switch, turn the power supply to the "on" position and your signal booster will power up. A green light will light up on the signal booster indicating that everything is working properly. If you see a red light, inside and outside antennas are too close together. If you do not see a light, the unit is not getting power. The vehicle's power jack may have blown a fuse or in extremely rare cases, the booster power supply or cable may be defective. If any of the conditions occur, call Technical Support. Once the signal booster is working properly, you should secure it in place to keep it from sliding around while the vehicle is in motion.

With that, you're done. Now you're ready to enjoy stronger signal and stay connected in places you never could before. We hope this blog post has been helpful in getting you set up with your new weBoost cell phone signal booster for car.

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