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Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home: weBoost eqo.

Posted by on Mar 05, 2017

See how easy it is to install the new weBoost eqo, a cell phone signal booster for home. With capability to install an exterior antenna too, this is a great cellular amplifier for your house.

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Get coverage no matter what carrier you’re on with eqo cell phone signal booster for home. You may be wondering if the new eqo cell phone booster is the right signal amplifier for you, so we would like to answer some questions you may have.

EQO is an easy to install booster.

You can install it in less than a minute. It just has two pieces: Your outside antenna unit, and inside antenna + booster built into one piece. All you would need to do is simply connect the two pieces together by a length of coaxial cable provided, and then plug it into the wall power supply. That is it! It will cover about 1,200 square feet so this is great for a small home, office, apartment, maybe a studio or even a couple rooms in a larger home. You can put the booster + interior antenna unit in any area where you need the signal most. Like all of our signal boosters, this is going to cover you no matter which carrier you're on (Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T) or which cell phone brand and model you use (iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC, etc.).

Why was eqo in-home signal booster created?

Sometimes you just don't have the option to get outside of your building like in a high-rise apartment for example, which would make it impossible to install an outside antenna on exterior of the building. Or, if you're renting, you may not have those options available to you either. That is why we wanted to create EQO. We wanted to build something that would be easy to install and accessible to any sort of situation. However, if you do have the accessibility to mount an antenna on the roof of your building, we have made the EQO expandable so you can attach an external antenna.

Who can use the EQO cellular amplifier?

EQO can be used in any building. Just keep in mind that it covers about 1,200 square feet. It is especially ideal for apartment dwellers or high-rise offices or anybody looking for a quick and super easy installation process.

View the video for more information on the weBoost EQO cell phone signal booster for home or browse other cell phone signal boosters for home that we carry to boost mobile reception over larger indoor spaces.

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