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Cell phone signal booster for home, work, vehicles, and M2M installations

Posted by on Apr 02, 2015

Candid talk about cell phone signal booster for home, work, vehicles, and especially M2M installations!

Cell phone signal boosters are available for a wide variety of scenarios - For home, work, vehicles, and machine to machine applications.

Isn’t it bothersome when you’re talking and your cellphone decides to forcefully drop the call at some point? Imagine you’re at work, connected to an important call and the next thing you notice is that you’re out of signal. What could you possibly do when your phone loses signal just at that point you’re about to land a huge deal? Help it! Find a weboost signal booster and you won’t have to join the frequent ‘Can you hear me now?’ set of people again. 

What is a cellphone signal booster anyway?

A cellphone signal booster is a powerful network reception enhancer in short. Also known as cell repeaters, these handy electronic devices receive signals from various receptors and retransmit them to dead network coverage zones. Dead zones are virtually everywhere! It can be so frustrating that you’d want to smash your cell phone when this happens. 

Signal boosters help to improve call quality in areas where network reception can embarrass you. They are effective for internal areas, remote locations and in instances where there are fluctuations in signal. Once you have a working cell booster, you are free to roam about the house without the fear of having dropped calls. Therefore, a booster does more than just serve you with a clear sounding call – it gives you freedom of movement!

Hello? Can you Hear Me?

That is the common language right? No matter the worth of the phone you’re wielding. The day it embarrasses you due to poor network reception, you will have a bitter feeling towards it. In this regard, no one cares about how many hundreds or thousands of dollars you spewed in purchasing that iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. Many people have complained about having poor reception when traveling to different areas, especially in a moving vehicle but with a weboost device, you will never run out of juice. And there’s no need to scream “Hello, can you hear me?” when no one around is interested in your call.

weBoost signal booster to the rescue - Prevent panic attacks!

As an average being who has a life to live, making and receiving calls is as important as eating pancakes with cranberry juice for a step-down. Imagine not receiving a single phone call in a week, doesn’t that smell D-O-O-O-O-O-M? Okay, it’s just doom! Let’s get a little serious. Now you make and receive calls as frequently as possible but for two good occasions, you had a serious network issue when your boss was passing an important piece of information or say, you were shortlisted for an interview and you got called by the firm. Maybe it’s a company looking to partner with you on a business deal? Just anything as nice but when you go by the language, ‘can you hear me?’ it all becomes an ugly story. Again, get yourself one of the ever responsive weboost booster; it will save you a fortune.

weBoost boosters by Wilson Electronics (new name, weBoost), designed to make every second count for businessmen and every other breathing soul that makes use of a cell. It usually features a dual band amplifier which works well with an integrated CDMA modem. The weBoost signal booster 470109 gives you strong signal for performing reliable machine-to-machine operations which includes but not limited to Monitoring machines, ATM Machines, Lotto Machines and many more. Aside providing super-powerful signal, device lets you minimize data resends and boosts the rate at which data flows between your cell phone and other machines.

In the quest to break the signal-loss barrier for as many companies as possible, Weboost 470109 works with every mobile carrier in the U.S and Canada except for Nextel due different bandwith it uses. The way it works is that, all you have to do is connect the device to the data card via a cable. What’s more? The device is readily packed with a D.I.Y installation guide thus making everything a breeze. 

The joy of uninterruptible connection in you, with you and for you is enough to flaunt across the city, telling your competitors there’s no problem landing their lost deals when they screw up. After all, lost connection is lost time and yes, lost money. It’s simple! When your competitors go offline, take the advantage and steal their customer(s). Land as many deals as you want! No, you didn’t steal; it is an availability advantage.

While you may not find many similar reception amplifiers offering such, note that most weboost models are capable of working with any dual band mobile phone or device. Therefore in every way, it’s a steal!

weBoost signal booster for M2M.

Waaay up, it was said that "The weboost signal booster gives you strong signal for performing reliable machine-to-machine operations which includes but not limited to Monitoring machines, ATM Machines..." for successful data transmissions. This is where the 470109 comes in strong – pardon the numbers please.

The era where everything is taken online is where we are, and for that to work there has to be available data transmission from and off the Internet. As a business owner, you wouldn’t want just any form of data connection but a strong and reliable one. Are we right on this? Strike us hard if we’re wrong there.

While you or your staff are making crystal clear uninterruptible calls, you might want to send an important mail with several documents as attachment or have a need to connect to a live event, conference, meeting or what have you? The only way to get this done quickly and efficiently is having your very own signal booster installed to enhance amplification at every nook and cranny of your office.

When your connection breaks (which will like occur once, twice or more in a week), you have to begin the process all over again. What if you are making an upload as large as 5GB or more? Don’t even think about it! It can ruin your day – eyesore!

Weboost signal booster performs well at making wireless inbound and outbound data processing/transmission a success across various platforms available. Consequently, one gets to stream live events without worries and frustrations that will tempt you to smash a screen or hit your leg, *ouch* that would hurt! If it’s happened to you before, here’s our sincere ‘Sorry’ – wish we had told you about network reception amplification earlier. Yes, we are indeed very sorry. We plead your forgiveness too! 

weBoost for the cloud.

Gone again are those days when important information of and about your organization is left on a hard drive that could crash at any time. Businesses are now advised to look into the skies for a comfy and more secured environment. Hence the existence of Microsoft’s OneDrive, Google’s G Drive, Dropbox, Odrive and several others. 

New to this? Let us tell you a little bit more.

Cloud computing is the use of conventional software, business applications, functional add-ins from a remotely resided server and can be accessed through a ‘stable’ Internet connection. Here, the internet is what we refer to as cloud. Traditionally, a business entity will make provision for housing one or more server computers in order to give access to employees to access the company’s licensed programs. On the cloud computing side of things, there’s no need to burn useful space in your business property; everything goes off-site and can be accessed from the cloud easily. 

3 great benefits of cloud computing to any business are:

  • Eliminates bulky, heating, electricity consuming computer servers from the office.
  • Available anytime, anywhere.
  • Fast and highly scalable.

With cloud computing, employers and employees simply have to login to desired computer applications such as web services, office automation programs, sales force and even access important files with the business owner’s authorization of course. Through cloud computing, businesses have high chances of preventing financial waste, track the activities of employees easily and obviate technological headaches such as system crashes, computer viruses and loss of data.

We see your interest in cloud computing already! Hold on... Cloud computing will frustrate you if you rely solely on the basic data connection device in your office. Why? Cloud computing requires stable internet connection to work effectively for anyone. As a new business that wishes to adopt cloud computing, you won’t leave your existing offline and start a new world over there right? An up-to-date server on what your business has been up to for a while will help you and your employees in the long run. In short form, you need to move your existing files to the cloud and continue to work on them through your office aircrafts. Alright, there’s enough preaching about cloud computing.

Weboost 470109 comes in grand style yet again! Or you didn’t think you’d need an active, uninterruptible data transmission to get started? Let us remind you that if your connection breaks at any point, you have to face the music of resending data even if it’s as large as 5GB. Can you dance? Are you ready to begin paying extra for data subscriptions? You have no choice but to ensure that there is constant and reliable network signal projected into your office. Weboost signal booster is capable of collecting stubborn, hiding 3G signal waves around you to get you stable calls and data transmission without having to run around searching for signal.

Best practices with signal boosters.

• When traveling, one of the best practices to ensure that you don't miss out on any call at home or outside in your car is to use a weBoost 3G flex system. The antenna is quite portable so it can be used anywhere, anytime - Home or car.

• Another good option for mobile boosters in vehicles is to get a power booster attached to the cell phone and the antenna (see our cradle booster). This helps to further amplify signal strength in places where there is constant one bar coverage.

• For building signal boosters, a very good way to get the best out of your boosting device is to mount antenna on outside the building. Because there could be interference by the building materials used to construct the structure, placing the booster’s antenna on the roof with a wire running into the building is a great way to get great results in many cases. The connection in the building is not a difficult one – connect the incoming wire to your amplifier and you’re done!

weboost m2m booster, signal 3G - What exactly do you get?

  • Bi-directional signal booster amplifies signal to and from cell site.
  • FCC and IC certified.
  • Configurable to fit virtually any M2M installation.

3 Benefits:

  • Strong, reliable signal even in remote locations or other weak signal areas.
  • Less resending of data due to poor connection means faster, more reliable data transfers.
  • Compatible with all North American cellular provider networks.
  • weBoost 470109 Pack.

  • Signal 3G booster.
  • 3' RG174 cable w/ SMA Male connectors.
  • AC power supply.
  • 12" magnetic mount antenna w/ SMA Male connector.
  • Specifications:

    • Frequency: Band 5 at 850 MHz and Band 25 at 1900MHz.
    • Max Gain: 15dB.
    • Required Power: 5V DC, 1A.
    • Dimensions: 3.3 x 1.9 x 0.8 inch / 8.4 x 4.8 x 2.0 cm.
    • Weight: 0.18 lbs / 0.08 kg.
    • Connectors: SMA Female.


    The need to find yourself a working signal booster cannot be overemphasized; irrespective of who you are.

    • Teenagers love to use cell phones: This could be a perfect gift for teenagers. Young people have a custom of tapping their phones almost every twenty minutes. A weboost cell phone booster will enable them talk and text for longer periods.

    • Businessmen need perfect connections: Like we have noted many times in this post, nothing is more embarrassing than frequently missing calls or having them dropped forcefully. A signal booster will give you faster speeds and fewer lost connections.

    • Travelers/Tourists have to be in touch: You wouldn’t want to get your loved ones bothered about where you have reached on your trip, would you? Since you will be on the move, network reception will fluctuate hence the need for a booster for you.

    • Parents love to talk on phone: Almost any mother, father or grandparents enjoy sitting and talking for long hours with family members. They find pleasure in placing a call and talking to you about the new pet’s behavior or how their next visit will be. Give them better experience by gifting them a cell phone reception enhancer. They’d be forever thankful!

    • Extra battery for everyone: Having extra signal means that your device does not have to spend much effort making good connections. This will increase battery life on the long run.

    Weboost boosters are perfect for all your network connection needs and most support amplification for multiple devices at the same time. What are you waiting for? Get your own signal booster, today!

Questions? Call us for a FREE product recommendation or try our automated Cell Phone Signal Booster Selector Tool. Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. Submit location details for cell phone signal booster system design & installation quote to have your amplifier kit installed by professionals.

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