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Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation Case Study.

Posted by on Mar 31, 2017

The president and CEO of Utah Manufacturers Association discusses how a cell phone signal booster installation helped boost cellular coverage in the Capital building of Salt Lake City, USA.

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The 45-day legislative session at the Capitol.

It starts the 4th Monday in January and goes through mid-march of every year. As an organization, Utah Manufacturers Association (acronym, "UMA") tracks about a hundred bills that relate to business and industry. They may be either good for manufacturing or harmful to manufacturers. During that 45 day session, he spends all day, every day, up at the capital.

Anybody that knows the state capital knows it resembles the US Capitol, both in look and in structure. It is made out of solid granite. Often inside of that building, there's just horrible cell coverage.

In fact, there's an area that many in the lobbying profession spend their time in. We have access to TV monitors and computers and printers that we need for our lobbying activities. But that room is actually under the Capitol. You could compare it to almost a bunker because the cell coverage in there is just not good at all.

That was a challenge because in that area they are often trying to communicate with UMA member companies and legislators and other businesses. They need to determine what direction they woud go on a piece of legislation. Therefore, cell coverage is very critical. You never want to drop a call at a legislator because they think that you hung up on them.

Cell coverage in the Capitol.

At any given time, there're probably 25 to 30 individuals and they are all with different phone coverages. Therefore, they run the gambit from T-mobile to Sprint to AT&T to Verizon Wireless. Some people would have one bar, two bars, enough to maybe receive a call but not to answer it.

The room itself kind of has double doors on it. You go into one room and it has couches and TVs. It is an area they use to conduct their business. But just outside of that is the door that leaves the basement of the Capitol and goes out to a big stairway. Often, when you would come down to that area you would see two or three people standing at the base of the stairs. It was almost like they were in the smoking area trying to make a phone call or receive enough coverage.

Secondly, just inside the doors, they had placed two chairs and a table. Kind of a coffee table scenario. That was because you got just slightly better coverage at those two chairs than you did inside the room. Therefore, people were slowly working their way out of the room to go make phone calls, get access to data and deal with emails etc.

In essence, they had a room designed to do business, but they had to step out of that room to actually use the phone. That was very frustrating. Interestingly enough, in the world that they live in, they lobby for clients. There're lobbyists who are part of that room who participate with them who lobby for AT&T. One lobbies for Verizon. One lobbies for T-mobile. One lobbies for Sprint.

Once they were all in there and the lobbyists for AT&T said, "don't mess up our phone coverage because we have spent a lot of money trying to boost the AT&T signal". AT&T was the only coverage that worked inside of that room. Therefore, he said to them, "look, we're not going to impact anybody's coverage except for the better. Every carrier will see an increase in their coverage".

Solving the problem.

The technicians came in to install the Wilson Electronics signal boosters. In a matter of less than a day, they were able to put in a new booster kit with some amplifiers. Then the entire 2,000 square feet now has coverage and immediately it went to 4G four bars on his Verizon phone. He was able to actually jump on, get data as well as get dial-out coverage. Everybody had great coverage.

As an organization, we began to pull all of our colleagues who had different coverages and asked them what their coverage was like. Immediately, people began to thank us. They said, "For years, we have not been able to make a phone call and in one day you guys solved the problem."

Therefore, Wilson cell phone signal boosters are an absolutely wonderful solution to a myriad of problems that people have, regarding their cell phone coverage. Oftentimes, they think of it as just remote access problems that they are trying to boost a weaker signal because of distance. This scenario was right in the heart of Salt Lake City. Right in the middle of the valley. Yet they had coverage problems mainly due to materials and the depth of where they were located. By simply adding a booster with an antenna on the outside, they remedied that problem very quickly.

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