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Cell Phone Signal Booster Sale

Posted by on Aug 04, 2015

Following two signal booster products are on sale at very deep discount prices:

• Car signal booster for cell phones: Wilson 460106 Sleek Dual-Band SmarTech III Booster Kit for cars.
This model is specifically developed to amplify cellular voice, 2G, 3G data signals in a vehicle like truck, car, RV, Van or boat to about 26 dB gain for a single user. For it to function properly, your cell phone will have to be placed directly in the cradle. It can be used hands free with a Bluetooth or headset device. Sale Price: $74.99

• Home signal booster for cell phones: Wilson 463105 dual band booster kit for small room in a house.
This model is designed to increase mobile voice, 2G, 3G data reception in a small area such as a desktop or modest workspace at home, small office, dorm, etc. providing up to 60 dB gain. It allows for multiple users with no physical connection to your cell phone or data card. Sale Price: $199.99 

There is nothing more painful than a cell phone having poor reception when you really need to make that important call. There are basically two major causative factors with regards to bad cell phone reception. These include: obstructions causing interference, and distance from the nearest cell tower. While each of these factors is enough to cause poor reception and dropped calls, the composition of the two brings about very big challenges. However and whatever the cause, a phone signal booster will assist you in maximizing that network and secure the optimum number of bars for you at home, and even in your vehicles. Cell phone signal boosters were designed to deal with the issue of poor cell phone reception. Basically, we have cell phone signal booster for car, cell phone signal booster for RV/ truckers, cell phone signal booster for home/ office.

Phone signal boosters are specifically made to enhance a weak external signal, and avoid any blockages to give a strong internal signal to a location that lacks it. The phone booster comprises of an amplifier, and two antennae - one for outside the vehicle or structure, and one for inside. An external antenna draws signal from nearby cellular tower and relays the signal to an amplifier lying inside through a cable. That amplifier multiplies the signal many fold and relays it to an inside structure/ vehicle antenna which distributes signal inside.

Vehicle phone signal booster could either be wireless or cradle. A wireless cell phone signal booster amplifies the signal into a wireless coverage area that can support multiple callers and data downloads simultaneously. The wireless coverage area allows you to use your phone as you normally do, however they cost a bit more. Conversely, a cradle cell phone signal booster requires you to place your phone in a holder and can only support one mobile device at a time. You need to make use of the earphone, phone's speaker phone, or a Bluetooth connection for calls. On the positive side, they are considerably more affordable.

Cell phone signal booster for car, or cell phone signal booster for home, do not usually require professional installation if one can follow simple step by step instructions. However, there are some important installation features to consider. Should you opt for a wireless phone booster, then you will need to consider the length of the external antenna's cable and the inside antenna's cable. The length of these wires determines where you can fix the amplifier and both antennas. Should you opt for a cradle phone booster, the cradle is both the amplifier and inside antenna built into one. This means that you only need to concern yourself with the length of the outside antenna's coax cable.

The cell phone signal booster for home operates by fitting an exterior antenna in an area that currently has signal which is usually on the roof top. The signal is transferred from exterior antenna by a signal cable to an amplifier in the building. As soon as the signal is boosted by amplifier, it is sent to an inside antenna where it is transmitted to the area which really needs better coverage. To purchase an appropriate cell phone signal booster for home, you have to understand the carriers & networks you have to support.

Our signal boosters work will all USA and Canadian carriers. To determine the most appropriate signal booster for your needs you must first assess the present external signal level strength. Then the dimensions of the place that must be covered in amplified reception must also be determined. Next, the structure of the place to be covered will define the type of internal antenna you will need. Should the total coverage area be situated on a floor, a ground antenna will be the perfect choice for allocating the boosted signal. However, should the coverage area be on many floors, then you will need to buy a panel antenna which is a lot more directional and can serve to make sure signal is spread across the vital areas.

Just like we have cell phone signal boosters for home, we also have cell phone signal boosters for cars. While both operate on the same principle, the exterior signal strength and coverage area within vehicle are less of a priority because reception constantly changes as the car moves. An outside antenna, which is attached to the roof of the car with a magnet, receives the signal that amplifier boosts within the vehicle. Inside antenna then emits the boosted signal to multiple mobile phones inside the vehicle. However, the choice of appropriate phone signal booster for car really depends on whether your phone supports the 4G network because all signal boosters for car work with all service providers in Canada and USA.

Please note that we stock reliable weBoost signal boosters (formerly Wilson signal boosters) that will not only provide you with a better call quality, but also give your cell phone a longer battery life (as there would be no need for incessant signal search). Our cell phone signal boosters are ideal for rural areas where you are generally far from cell towers.

Questions? Call us for a FREE product recommendation or try our automated Cell Phone Signal Booster Selector Tool. Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. Submit location details for cell phone signal booster system design & installation quote to have your amplifier kit installed by professionals.

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