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Cell Phone Signal Booster System Design using Wilson Pro 70

Posted by on Apr 03, 2016

There're no end to the benefits from this fantastic option (Wilson Pro 70) and it is definitely a great idea for anyone who needs their business network to step it up a few paces. It is understandable if you have some questions on the process of a Wilson Pro 70 signal booster system design. That is why we're here, to explain it all to you in order to help you decide whether this is something that you're interested in or not. We offer a free system design assistance. Below you can review the whole process from start to finish for cell phone signal booster system design using WilsonPro 70 cellular amplifiers by Wilson Electronics.

Cell Phone Signal Booster System Design using WilsonPro 70 by Wilson Electronics

Investigation of project

In this step, trained professionals will work with the company individuals to go over the project that you are looking to accomplish. This means that you can come prepared with a general idea of how a signal booster could help you. To do this, bring a list of some of your biggest problems that you face as a company, the investigation will determine as to whether signal booster can benefit you or not. We want to make sure that you are getting information because it is relevant to you, and not "just because".

Budget information

It is nitty gritty, but essential to the project. We will take the information that you have on your budget and tell you what your options are, in terms of money and systems that consist of WilsonPro 70 commercial grade signal amplifiers. This may seem like an unnecessary step, but it is important to understanding what you're looking to invest (in terms of money and time). If you're not ready to make the jump at this time, your budget will tell us that, and we will give you our recommendations. This is not to say that a small budget can't work, but it does help determine more what you're looking for.

Details on system

The next step to making a signal booster kit work for your company is to take a walk through the different models and features that each one has. This means that you will need to be patient and have provided us with the information requested before we start to work on a solution for your signal booster-related problem. This may take up to a week to do, though we will do out best to do the homework related to the right system beforehand and respond as quickly as possible. This is great, though, as you will be able to choose the right signal booster for you and your business needs.

Proposal finalizations

This is where we iron out all the details for good. This means that you will get to make sure that everything is as you want it, from price to signal booster features that are critical to help you and your business know that you are getting what you need and wanted. There's nothing more frustrating than getting to the installation step, only to find that everyone is not okay with what needs to be done. This is the stage where the contract is signed after the final proposal has been approved by all of those who need to approve it on both sides. This will make the final stage (see below) painless, and you will know exactly what you are getting in on installation day. Easy peasy.


This is the last and final step in the process of getting a signal booster for your company. Remember that this is the step in which the installation professional may come to your location and do the work for you so that you can enjoy the benefits from it before too long. As soon as installation day hits, the hard work is done and the professional signal booster kit is going to break into the system. It may seem like a lot of work to get from step to step, but as soon as it is installed and ready to go, you are going to love the results that you get. It will all be worth it!

There you have it: The whole process from start to finish for cell phone signal booster system design using Wilson Pro 70 cellular amplifiers by Wilson Electronics. There are several steps, but they are in place to make sure that each person gets the results they are looking for, in a professional setting. After all, we want to make sure that you have the best experience with this product, too.

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