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Cell Phone Signal Booster without External Antenna.

Posted by on Jun 10, 2016

Introducing PC Mag. Editors Choice cell phone signal booster without external antenna requirement:

Cell Phone Signal Booster without External Antenna

How a EQO Signal Booster kit may be the best solution to boost your signal?

Boosting signals for multiple devices can be a bit of a frustration for a business. Depending upon the size of a business, a company may be required to have multiple antennas in order to keep their signal strength functional. And though there may be a signal present, the more devices which access the external antennas, the weaker the signal strength will be. This would then result in dropped calls, communication interference, longer upload and download times, and an increase in data usage. Apart from these frustrations, if workers of a small business must go outside to use their phones effectively, time is lost. And as most employees will not clock out every time they need to use the phone, this results in substantial finances lost from the business. To fix the problem, the cell phone signal within the building needs to be maximized cheaply and efficiently. It needs to be done in such a way that it allows for multiple users to access and utilize the strongest signal available. One method to relieve the frustrations of installing an external antenna is to take them out of the equation altogether by using the weBoost eqo signal booster kit, a cell phone signal booster without external antenna.

Why do you need a signal booster kit?

Businesses which have a semi to strong signal strength may wonder if purchasing a weBoost eqo Signal Booster Kit would be superfluous. The answer is that it would benefit the business greatly. Even though the signal may be strong, the booster optimizes and gives the signal its full potential. Typically, the device can add a 70 dB gain to your present signal. Additionally, a 1200 square foot coverage area can be obtained. This means that the business, though not a large commercial space, can obtain the same results of a commercial property without the need of external antennas and specialty equipment.

Weak signals benefit the most from the booster as the signal booster is designed to amplify the existing signals in any area. This is accomplished with the booster seeking out the signals which are present. In many cases the signals are weaker than that which the typical cell phone can detect. By combining the signals with a core strong signal, the antenna (which in this case is internal to the software and booster) then relates the information/ stronger signal back to the cell phone.

Easy to use and install without the need of a Licensed technician!

When installing a device that requires over 7,500 to 50,000 square feet of coverage, a technician may be needed to install a cell phone signal booster. The reason for this is that long wire runs may be needed and they may need to be passed through walls and the roof, etc. However, most small businesses and home offices do not come close to that amount of area coverage needed. At the same time, the personal cell phone signal booster may be a bit too weak for a multi-room complex or office. As such, it is ideal that the weBoost eqo signal booster be used in these situations. It is also easy to install because it is a cell phone signal booster without exterior antenna. Because the kit is designed as a stronger solution to the typical home cell phone signal kit, the EQO Signal Booster Kit allows for coverage in spaces such as:

  • Home Offices.
  • Apartments.
  • Small Commercial Spaces.
  • Wi-Fi and Mobile Cafes.
  • Small Businesses.
  • Rental Properties such as timeshares and Condos.

As long as the space does not exceed 1200 square feet, the booster kit should be able to boost the interior space. Keep in mind that there are factors which need to be considered in regards to the coverage area, primarily the existing outside signal strength. If the signal is strong outside, the coverage area will be at 1200. If it is medium, it could drop to 750. Weak outside signal may result only a 100 square feet of boosted coverage indoors.

Determining your outside signal strength.

Our signal meter is a great tool that would quickly tell you where the best reception of your cell phone carrier exists. Another technique that works great is by putting your phone in a field test mode and walking over to each window of the house to see which would be most ideal for placing your weBoost eqo antenna booster. Opening the window where eqo antenna booster is placed would improve reception indoors even more because window glass does block out cellular signals to quite an extent if those windows are weatherproof windows. Check your internal space for the strongest signal – If you find that you have a strong signal in your living room, reception area, or even the bathroom, take a mental note. The outside signal will be strong against this wall. Locate the position where the signal is the strongest in accordance to the interior space.

Higher is typically better – If you are in an urban area, the structures around your building may be causing your weak signal. By going up and over these structures, the frequencies in the air have less to block them. Granted, you will not want to mount your personal device on the roof of your building, but you can locate the corner or relative interior space of the building in which to mount the booster kit. In most cases, you will know where you get the best and the worst reception on the phone. You will want to note the bars that you have on your phone before using the weBoost eqo booster kit. Anything between full bars and 2 bars is medium strength, 2 bars and under is weak.

How does a non-antenna signal booster benefit me?

Primarily, the non-antenna signal booster (the one that does not require an external antenna) allows for the user to not have the frustration of calculating the distance between the booster and the antenna. Additionally, the amount of cables and wires is reduced as the device encompasses everything but the coax cable and the power source. And while these components are present on the "traditional" signal booster kit, the amount of coax cable and the number of additional cords and fittings is reduced to only a single coax and power cord. Secondly, there is no hassle of using a long ladder outside the home to install the external antenna with a drill machine and screws to screw it on.

Signal boosters which have an external antenna can work effectively in a home or office setting, and you should weight the pros and cons of the device that you choose. However, there are a few issues which a home office and a small business may face if purchasing a device which comes with an external antenna. These are:

  • Maximum Distance between the booster and the antenna cannot go beyond 7 feet in most cases.
  • Obstructions between the booster and antenna can cause weakened efficiency.
  • The more coax cable used the more prone the device is to lower efficiency due to the coax cable.
  • The more power devices plugged in the more electricity is used resulting in higher utility bills.

weBoost EQO signal booster kit works in the same basic methodology as the external antenna just without the extra need for the external antenna and the cables. This maximizes the efficiency by allowing the booster and the antenna to be within the same proximity, thus eliminating the possibility of obstructions causing problems with the function of the device. Additionally, as the device does not require the 7-feet rule to get the most functionality, the device can easily be placed in a convenient location such as a bookshelf, beside a laptop or desktop, mounted to a ceiling (which may require special equipment), or mounted to a stud on the wall.

Why purchasing a booster from your cell provider may not be the best solution.

The main issue that a business or a home will face when purchasing from the service provider is that the device will be specifically catered to that network. And while this may address your personal need, it usually falls short in addressing your clientele or even other people within your household. In order to provide a signal boost for a diversified range of phones, it is recommended that you purchase a cell phone signal booster that caters to multiple service providers. The weBoost EQO signal booster without external antenna is compatible with all American and Canadian cellular service providers including:

  • AT&T Wireless.
  • Boost Mobile.
  • Metro PCS.
  • NET10.
  • Straight Talk.
  • T-Mobile.
  • Verizon Wireless.
  • Sprint.
  • Virgin Mobile.
  • Bell Mobility.
  • Fido.
  • Koodo Mobile.
  • MTS.
  • Northern Tel.
  • Public Mobile.
  • Telus Mobility.
  • Wind Mobile.

Why use an EQO Cell Phone Signal Booster without External Antenna?

There are a number of benefits to using the EQO signal booster. It is the absolute best way to improve a cell phone signal at home or at a small business as it:

  • Provides amplification of a signal up to 32 times its current strength.
  • Takes under a minute to set up.
  • Work with all major carriers in the US and Canada.
  • Supports multiple users on multiple service networks.
  • Requires no ongoing fees or subscriptions to operate.
  • Provides a huge square footage coverage area.
  • Does not require an internet connection to work.
  • Has been tested and proven to be effective by third part analysis testing.
  • Is sold with everything you need to get a great signal.

Additionally, every EQO Signal Booster purchased through cellphonesignalbooster.us will receive FREE bonus Bluetooth headset! That is a nice little accessory that quickly helps answer phone calls even when your phone is elsewhere in the house. With the discreet looking Bluetooth headphone on, you won't have to walk around the house with your cell phone in your pocket or in your hand if expecting a call.

Realistically, how simple/ complex is the weBoost EQO to install?

Setting up the signal booster can be done in only three steps. It takes less than a minute to do that. If you can operate the phone that you are trying to get a boosted signal on, you can install the booster. To do so:

  • Place the booster where you have the strongest cell phone signal.
  • Connect the power supply and coax cable.
  • Plug the power into a surge protector.

As the booster does not have an external antenna to be installed outside the home, you do not need to worry about placing the antenna on top of the house or building and connecting a coax cable to that antenna (it is part of the system that has a coax cable which connects both units). Please only use the contents of the kit and do not use existing coax cables or generic power supply cords with the weBoost EQO phone signal booster kit. It is specifically designed with quality materials which have been tested with the device for functionality, durability, compatibility, and efficiency. Using external parts may weaken or damage the system, specifically if using a coax cable which is not intended for a cell phone signal booster (such as a coax cable for digital television). Additionally, you are strongly advised to dedicate an outlet solely to your signal booster kit to avoid tripping your breakers or overloading that outlet. Surge protectors should be tested and reset prior to use.

Why you should choose weBoost over a generic brand or refurbished booster?

The FCC regulates which boosters are appropriate and accepted as legal boosters. Typically, generic models do not hold up to these standards. As the booster must be reported by the end user to the network service provider, most generic models are rejected due to not meeting the standards set forth by the FCC. In other words, you may find a deal on a generic booster, but you may not be able to use it legally. weBoost meets, and in some areas, exceeds the specifications set by the FCC. Its boosters have been approved by the FCC and all major networks to access and use their towers.

Refurbished signal boosters should be avoided at all costs. Refurbished signal boosters are boosters which at one point or another were damaged or did not work effectively. Granted the booster may work well now, but do you really want to be the person that risks their data and their phone to test out if the problem has been solved? Additionally, when you purchase a refurbished cell phone signal booster, there is no guarantee that the parts which were used to fix the signal booster are that of the brand which is being advertised. Ensure that you have the best quality in your signal booster by choosing a new model from a brand which has been tested and proven to be of a high standard. The weBoost brand (not just the weBoost EQO) and its parent company, Wilson Electronics, has a long history of providing quality signal boosters.


While the cell phone signal booster can help to get the full bars out of your phone and out of your clientele's phone, there are some restrictions to what the booster can do. A cellphone signal booster cannot add minutes to a plan. It cannot create a signal where no signal is present (though this is a rarity). It cannot hack into a network or a service tower (you will still need to have access to the network. This is usually accomplished through a monthly contract with the cell phone company. It cannot change your phone from a 3G to a 4G though it can optimize the speeds of the 3G or 4G phone.

Do you have questions about the booster kit that requires no external antenna?

Please let us know if you do! Unless you are familiar with technical jargon and the specifics of electronics, the data sheets and the specifics of the device may be a bit confusing. We would like to help address any questions which you may have about the non-external antenna booster kit, or any of the devices that you will find at our site. Should you wish to discuss extending your coverage area to a commercial coverage area (upto 50,00 sq. ft.), we can help you as well. Our company focuses only on increasing the signal strength of cellphones so we're very knowledgeable in which cell phone signal boosters are appropriate for your specific needs.

Questions? Call us for a FREE product recommendation or try our automated Cell Phone Signal Booster Selector Tool. Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. Submit location details for cell phone signal booster system design & installation quote to have your amplifier kit installed by professionals.

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