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​Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Luxury Home Builders

Posted by on Dec 16, 2015

Luxury Home Signal Boosters

Luxury home builders install signal boosters for convenience of their valued clients and to raise its sale or resale value. The housing market went into a deep depression in 2008 and 2009, but in recent years, the economy is growing again, and, as a result, the market for real estate is growing rapidly. Homebuyers are, again, in the market for homes, and home builders are again supplying the market demand for new construction. However, as always, the housing market remains competitive, and home builders must keep in mind that there is a constant demand for keeping up with the competitive housing market. In our mobile-connected world, a cell phone signal booster inside the home would add an asset to the home, and would definitely increase its value many fold!

For smaller houses up to 5,000 square feet, we recommend our weBoost signal boosters. For luxury homes that are much larger, we recommend our Wilson Pro 70 signal boosters. It is essential for home builders to consider the needs of future residents when building homes and developing areas. Building a home is a huge investment, and for home builders to be successful - and not "in the hole", as they say - they must not only be able to build a quality home, but also make it appealing to potential buyers to be able to sell it. Home builders have to wear many hats when it comes to building homes and developing properties and subdivisions, ranging from not only building and contracting the work, but also to plan the layout and interior design of the home so that it is appealing to future buyers, and to keep up with modern trends in design and home technology so that homes are not dated from the start. Home builders also must keep up with what people desire in homes, and the amenities that make homes not just adequate, but also desirable.

One such trend that home builders need to keep in mind is how modern families and homeowners choose to access their amenities and utilities – and one rapidly changing trend is how the average American gets access to telecommunications utilities. In 2005, 90 % of households had an operational land line telephone, and less than 10% of households had a cellphone only. In 2014, the divide was closer to 50/50, with about half of U.S. households having only a cell phone, and half of U.S. households still maintaining a functional landline phone. Those trends have been fairly consistent over the last decade, with number of households keeping a landline phone on the steady decline, as households utilizing cellular phones only rising at an equal rate. In fact, it is anticipated that within a few years, landline phones will be virtually extinct save for office and professional settings, no longer used in residential homes.

So what does that mean for home builders when considering how to accommodate the modern family in a new home? Believe it or not, there are still areas in the U.S. that fall outside of cell phone coverage entirely, or, due to terrain and landscape, such as mountainous terrain and densely wooded surrounding areas, do not have strong signals. While many millennials are gravitating towards cities, middle-aged and older Americans – with more economic sense and stable income, this is the demographic that homebuilders should primarily be catering to. However, even this demographic is moving away from using landlines.

Based on this, one feature that many home builders should consider including in the design of a home are cell phone signal boosters. Many potential home buyers seeking country living may balk at the idea of feeling disconnected from telecommunications. Whereas the peace and tranquility of living out of town is highly appealing, there are safety concerns and general discomfort from feeling cut off from outside communications. Although homeowners seek peace, no one wants to be unable to use their phones, and that could have a significantly negative affect home sales in more remote or newly developing areas.

Cell phone signal boosters, however, are an easy feature for home builders to install that can appeal to homeowners seeking quiet living without losing anything in the quality of their cell phone connectivity. This is why home builders should anticipate the connectivity of the area when building, and install a cell phone signal booster in more remote homes, to allow adequate telecommunications while still enjoying quiet, peaceful living.

A cell phone signal booster takes an existing cell signal from outside your home and amplifies the signal, then broadcasting it in an area with weak or no signal. In terms of components, they consist of an external antenna, an amplifier to boost the signal, and an internal antenna, creating a stable signal in areas that would otherwise struggle with connectivity.

Home builders can install a cell phone booster kit in the home to amplify existing cellphone signals and create connectivity as though the home itself were well within range of the cell tower, even if the home is built in a newly developed or remote area.

Home builders benefit from installing cell phone signal booster kits and advertising that homes have these kits for several reasons:

First, particularly for older home buyers, it is not only inconvenient but can actually be dangerous not to be able to easily and consistently use the telephone. Installing a cell phone signal booster ensures that the cell phone signal within the home is consistently strong and reliable, so even in a newly developing area, home buyers can have peace of mind that they will have consistent communication and reliable cell service.

Second, installing a cell phone signal booster kit in new construction can be appealing to potential home buyers, because it makes utilities and telecommunications more affordable. Instead of being forced to install and use a landline phone, even homes in new developments can keep up with the trend to move away from landlines and become cell phone only households, thanks to the foresight of home builders that install cell phone signal booster kits.

Thirdly, home builders can appeal to home owners by having a pre-installed cell phone signal booster kit, because of how versatile the cellular phone is, not just for telecommunications but also for things like mobile Wi-Fi and internet. Particularly in newly developed or more isolated areas, internet service may be inaccessible, and if it is available, it is typically very expensive. However, most smart mobile devices can be turned into Wi-Fi hot spots (or Mi-Fi hotspots - "M" for mobile). 

In summary: By pre-installing a cell phone booster kit, a home builder makes the home even more appealing by making phone and internet usage more easy, convenient, and affordable. 

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