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Cell Phone Signal Enhancer: The Key to Fixing Dropped Calls.

Posted by on Aug 22, 2014

Fix Dropped Calls

The Key to Fixing Dropped Calls

Picture this – you are in the middle of an important conversation with your boss. Just as he is about to speak, you hear a beep preceded by a consistent beeping sound. Your signal just failed and the call dropped – again. What do you do? Poor cell reception and dropped calls are a nightmare to deal with – especially when you pay hundreds of dollars each month just to fund your cell phone and its reception. A cell phone signal enhancer is a simple solution to this dilemma and can be a valuable asset to those who are sick of being caught in the middle of a dropped call. Before you go out and purchase one, however, it is important to understand why calls fail and how this system can help turn all of that around.

Why Do Calls Fail?

Most often, calls fail for two reasons: either you are too far away from the appropriate cell tower, or there is some sort of obstruction that is blocking the tower’s ability to deliver a quality signal. Cellular providers strategically place their cell towers in the greatest proximity of service – which is great for those living, working and traveling within this given network. Some of us, however, must travel out of bounds – venturing well beyond the proximity of the towers. When this happens, our cell signal gradually weakens until it is no longer picked up by our cell phone. This is when we start to experience missed or dropped calls. Another reason calls tend to drop is because of the environment. Sometimes, there are obstructions that prevent the signal from properly transmitting. Mountains, newly constructed homes and other objects that are put in the line of the cell tower, all have the potential to cause major complications with reception.

How a Booster Can Help

Now that you understand why calls tend to fail, it is important to discuss how a booster can help prevent these things from happening. A cell phone signal enhancer is a device that works to amplify weak outside signals. With the help of a rather simple antenna system, the enhancer helps to overcome some of the most common obstacles to deliver a much stronger signal – ultimately, providing you with newfound coverage and connectivity. It is a simple tool, that when purchased correctly, can help prevent missed calls or dropped connections – eliminating the hassle of re-dialling your caller numerous times on any one occasion. Before buying a cell phone signal enhancer, however, you must consider your service provider and the magnitude of the signal area you wish to strengthen. Once you determine these factors, you will be able to purchase an enhancer that will help you stay connected for years to come.

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