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Cell Phone Signal Mapping for Signal Booster Installation.

Posted by on Mar 06, 2017

It is very helpful to create a cell phone signal map for inside and outside your building to prepare for proper cell phone signal booster installation. Make your installations much more simple by creating a signal map to detect your cell phone signal both indoors and outdoors. Find out how to detect cell phone signal within interior and exterior of your home or building with the help of your smartphone or a cell phone signal meter. Watch the following video or read instructions below the video to learn more.

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The first step in any home installation is gaining a good understanding of the signal levels inside and outside of your house. We call this a signal map. With a signal map, your cell phone signal booster installation will go much more smoothly.

How to create a signal map.

To create a signal map, all you will need is your cellphone, a notepad and a pen. Put your smart phone into test mode. With your phone in test mode, walk around outside of your house and write down the signal levels at each location. If you can, we highly recommend doing the same thing on the roof. The higher you get, the better signal you will receive. Walk around to each side of the roof and write down the signal level at each location. Once you have found an area with the best signal, this is where you want to install your outside antenna. Next walk from room to room and note the signal level in each room. If your rooms are very large, you may want to check the signal level in a couple of different spots. Now that you know which areas of your house have the weakest signal, you will know where to install the inside antenna.

Updating the signal on your phone.

Your phone may take a little while to update the signal. iPhones are especially notorious for this, sometimes taking up to a minute so make sure you're patient at each location and spend some time there. This will ensure the signal has had time to update. A little trick to make this happen faster is to turn Airplane mode on for a few seconds then turn it back off. This will get the phone to search for signal from the new location.

Use a signal meter.

You can pick up a signal meter which updates instantaneously so you will never have to wait around for the signal to update. Not only that, but it also covers all the different bands for all the various carriers whereas your phone will only work for the carrier that you're on. Therefore, if you're going to do this a fair amount or you're just kind of a gadget geek, this is a great tool to have. That is it with this simple process. You will alleviate a lot of headaches and make your cell phone booster installations much more easy and simple.

Watch the video provided above for more details and illustration on how to detect your cell phone signal indoors and outdoors. If you need to install over a very large space and need help with installation, please submit details for a professional installation quote by certified cell phone booster installers. Thank you!

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