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Cell Phone Wi-Fi Signal Booster - What, How, Why?

Posted by on Sep 21, 2016

Reception of a Wi-Fi signal in cell phones takes place in two ways. In the first method, it is done through the connection to a router combined with a landline internet service provided by an ISP (internet service provider) like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Comcast and Time Warner Cable. Wi-Fi is defined as an abbreviation for wireless fidelity, meaning you can access or connect to a network using radio waves, without needing to use wires.

WiFi Cell Phone Signal Booster

Another method of connecting a cell phone to Wi-Fi (or more accurately known as "Mi-Fi" where, "M" is for mobile, instead of "W" for wireless) involves using 4G and 3G services a cellular carriers provides, such as T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T or Verizon. This has now become all to common with arrival of 4G LTE and 5G speeds which are extremely fast mobile data transfer technologies.

Lots of customers understand the first method well with the second method requiring movement from the first and embracing mobile internet; this has grown very common and popular in recent time. Faster cell phone internet and unlimited 4G and 3G plans have helped lots of users to move to the newer better method, including embracing Smartphones more than other cellular phones of yester years. Smartphones have become the central core of web related activities for people across the globe.

In contrast with landline internet, cellular services ensure internet access happen anywhere. As such, the digital lives we subsist today have become an integral part of how we live.

Nonetheless, all really depends on the strength and quality of the signal your phone is receiving. This is because text massaging, uploading and downloading pictures and video, streaming video and movies among other tasks really require faster web access. Single or fluctuating 3G and 4G bars won’t help.

This is the reason a single booster for cellular Wi-Fi internet is one of the best investments today. The signal booster takes the signal arriving in your cellular gadget, amplifies it a number of times, mostly by 32 times, before rebroadcasting it within the place where it is required, such as a vehicle or home. As the bars increase you will remain connected.

Paying additional dollars for something that should be provided free?

If you really want to remain connected and online without disruptions and having to go through the headache of slow internet connection, then you understand a Wi-Fi cellular booster has everything to do with convenience. When there’s zero signal or the signal is very slow you know how it makes you feel. On the other hand, a rapidly working connection that loads scenes fast without fluctuations and disappointing speeds is always a joy and everyone’s hope and desire. That is the difference a Wi-Fi cell phone booster makes.

The price you will pay with time as frustrations with slow internet manifest, as you lose business to well prepared rivals, testing your patience and emergencies that are not handled properly and fast as they should can be really costly and painful. On the other hand, Wi-Fi cellular boosters are equipments FCC has certified and boosts your connection adding more bars, allowing you to enjoy enhanced reception and coverage.

By leaving cable behind and embracing Wi-Fi internet you will be saving a lot of funds on monthly fees. You will also be accessing the fastest possible internet while ensuring the cellular signal entering your phone is always better and constant.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Cellular Phone Signal as the Major Internet Access Source.

Signals entering cell phones are generally radio waves such as the FM/AM covering the largest possible distance to deliver rapid data access. However, they are also the most disrupted by a lot of things around us today.

Essentially, the cellular signal leaves a cell tower very strong and has to battle diverse obstructions outside from tall man-made structures such as tall urban edifices and buildings, mountains, hills to trees. The signal then presses its way through building materials that are very thick, such as radiant barriers, glass, metal, bricks and concrete as well as additional magnetic and electrical conducive materials.

When the signal finally enters a Tablet or a Smartphone, it has considerably weakened and irregular; the device will either receive zero connection or a limited coverage. It is the reason lots of people raise their phones over their heads or climb to the roof hoping their phone antenna will enjoy better connection or simply ensure the single 4G or 3G bar remains.

Once you have bought a Wi-Fi booster for a cell phone everything changes.

The Wi-Fi cell phone signal booster easily takes the weak signal you’re receiving and amplifies it a number of times, usually 32 times maximum, before rebroadcasting the signal, now stronger, into your phone in the house or your vehicle. As the signal gets stronger, you enjoy more bars and a consistent cellular reception.

The critical area in all this is ensuring you have a constant, uninterrupted and fast connection.

Note that Wi-Fi cellular boosters hardly need you to be connected to landline internet or incur monthly internet fees on your landline. All the major carriers across North America have approved the signal boosters for use with their connection from T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon to AT&T among a host of others.

Lots of popular brands today make and design Wi-Fi signal boosters certified by FCC. But, there has only been one consistent leader in the cellular signal boosting world. weBoost and WilsonPro has remained on top of competitors in all areas related to cellular device signal boosters. They have been trusted in the industry as a gold standard for more than a decade.

Receiving a weBoost signal booster today provides a single solution that ensures you have enjoyed a reliable cellular connection, constant with more bars.

A signal booster doesn’t stop at ensuring data connection is faster, constant and consistent. Since it boosts 2G voice, 3G and 4G LTE voice and data, you can forget about dropped calls, text messages not going through and interrupted slow web access. Voice quality will also improve considerably and you will not have to shout or repeat to be understood. The booster in actual fact saves time, allow you to rapidly handle emergencies, enjoy better business, and have peace of mind wherever you are, including benefiting from the definitive convenience.

Each of the cellular weBoost phone booster works with all types of cellular phones on the 4G LTE, 3G and 2G technologies. It also does not matter whether you’re in the heart of the city or the remotest areas in America; the recommended weBoost cell phone boosters will always ensure you enjoy faster internet and better calls. The network signal will be extended, where the low cost signal boosters cover one or two rooms to a maximum of 10,000 square feet. Of course, this is related to the booster model and external signal coming in.

From a farm, cabin or home surrounded by mountains or in the heart of a valley, the tallest building in the city or just a recreational vehicle at the park, the cellular weBoost signal boosters will get you the signal strength you need to remain connected at all times.

With a two-year warranty and technical support when you need it, weBoost signal boosters have a unique customer support based in the US that ensure your queries never go unanswered. WilsonPro commercial signal boosters top that with a 3 years manufacturers warranty.

There’s no single size that fits all the needs. But, after years of working in the signal booster industry, the most realistic and best outcomes are offered below with thousands of customers already served and enjoying better signals at home and on the move in their vehicles.

The following are top seven wireless signal boosters popular now for their performance, ranging from a good signal booster to the best in the category, which are either home cell phone boosters or car cellular signal boosters. They will ensure the cellular tower so far feels like it is just a few metres away.

Home Wi-Fi Cellular Signals.


weBoost Home 4G.

This cellular booster enhances 3G, 4G LTE, text messages and voices in the best way possible and great for only one room. It comes with a 60 dB gain and one of the most affordable home signal boosters around. Depending on the signal on the outside, you might spread the coverage up to two rooms within the best possible conditions. It is superb for small apartments, cabins, home office or a single office.


weBoost Connect 4G.

A weBoost cellular signal booster for homes, it boosts text messages, voice, 4G LTE and 3G data while offering coverage for a whole home with a 65 dB gain. As a popular repeater, in the best most ideal conditions it covers 5,000 square feet, of course depending on the outer signal. Most customers surveyed indicated an average coverage of between 2,500 and 3,000 square feet. The better signal booster is great for buildings, farmhouses, small offices and most homes below 5,000 square feet wide.


weBoost Connect 4G-X.

This best consumer weBoost signal booster for the homes category boosts 4G LTE and 3G data, text messages and voice. It covers large buildings offering a 70 dB gain signal. This is arguably the most powerful 4G and 3G network signal booster extending service and coverage range to a whooping 10,000 square feet. In areas where the outer signal is mediocre or seriously poor users can at least enjoy a minimum of 5,500 square feet coverage. Those living on the fringes of signal dead zone will however see a lesser coverage. Users living in the remotest regions where the signal is the poorest or require a vast coverage, for instance multi-story constructions, will find the Connect 4G-X weBoost signal the best to go for.

What is better than the best? WilsonPro Commercial Signal Boosters.

Car Wi-Fi Cell Phone Signal Boosters.


weBoost Drive 4G-S.

A good signal booster for a car that boosts 4G LTE and 23G data, text messages and voice for a single phone with a 23 dB gain. The versatile cellular signal car booster is cheaply priced and can be put on a vehicle’s dashboard. If Bluetooth headsets are paired with it the result will be dramatic. Even so, it is important for the Smartphone being boosted to be inside the cradle for the maximum signal possible to be boosted.


weBoost Drive 4G-M.

This value priced car signal booster is a better booster for 4G LTE and 3G data, text messages and voice for multiple cellular devices with a 50 dB gain. It is one of the most popular Wi-Fi car signal boosters with a magnetic outer antenna to help capture signals better while a discreet internal antenna easily rebroadcasts the signal.


weBoost Drive 4G-X.

This cellular signal Wi-Fi coverage booster is the best for use in cars. It covers multiple cellular devices out there, boosting 4G LTE and 3G data, text message and voice. It has a 50 dB gain with the pro model offering a 60 percent better reach from the cell tower to where it is needed. While the Drive 4G-M and Drive 4G-X might be the same, except for the letter X and M, the 4G-X is different due to its maximum output power. It falls on the edge of what FCC allows, which essentially results in better reach to the cell tower from outer antenna. This makes it the best signal booster for those always travelling in the most extreme remote and rural areas. 

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