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Cellular Band 5 Channel A/B Filters Prevent Signal Overload.

Posted by on May 15, 2017

Find out how our cellular 800 MHz band 5 channel A and B uplink and downlink filters prevent signal overload in cell phone signal booster systems. Watch the video below for detailed demonstration and explanation of this wireless concept by learning the basics of band channel filters and how they can be used to prevent mobile signal overload.

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Clarification of the problem.

Here's the problem: You have got the signal booster all set up, and everything is working. However, you're experiencing overload on a particular band. Therefore, you are not able to place a call on the carrier's network using that particular band.

What is overload?

Overload means your cell booster is receiving a strong signal from a nearby cell tower. This is good if it is a signal coming from one carrier. It just means that the booster has had to reduce its amplification a bit because the signal is too strong. What if you need to boost a signal of another carrier that is weaker on the same frequency? What do you do?

How to resolve it.

The best course of action is to de-tune the outside antenna. Move the antenna away from the offending cell tower until the lights or the display on the booster changes. You can also move the antenna to a different location that is shielded from the cell tower. But what if de-tuning the antenna isn't an option?

What if you're in this tricky situation?

Let us say for example your customer is using AT&T Wireless network. To insyall the booster system, you aim exterior antenna towards the nearest AT&T tower. But between the AT&T tower and the building, there's a Verizon tower blasting you with signal. You can't de-tune the antenna because you will lose connection with the AT&T tower. But because the Verizon tower is so close, it is overloading the booster and shutting it down. You don't need the Verizon signal, or as much of it. But you can't make a call on AT&T either, because the overload is causing the booster to shut down. This is when a channel filter can help.

What is a filter?

Filters are easy to install and there are multiple options available. They filter out the undesired signal on Band 5. That band 5 is sometimes referred to, as 800 mGHZ band or cellular band. This is great because Band 5 is the most used cell band in USA and Canada.

Installing a filter.

All you need to do is connect it between outside antenna and the booster. Connect one side the cable coming in from the outside antenna. Then connect a short two-feet jumper cable to the other side of the filter. Attach that to the outside antenna connection on the booster. Install the filter on the inside of a building because these are not designed to be weatherproof. You don't need to worry about which side goes to which direction. You can do it either way. You can't put it in backwards. Then the filter takes care of the rest. The filter will filter out or attenuate the undesired signal coming in on either channel A or channel B on Band 5 only. This leaves your other signal intact. There are options for F or N connectors. No matter what kind of cable you're running, you will have no problem installing the filter.

Which filter do you need?

This requires a few key pieces of information. You will need to know which carrier or carriers are used within the building. You will also need to know which channels those carriers are using. And mainly which channel is causing the overload. The signal meter is the perfect tool for the job.

For more information about filters, please contact us. Thank you.

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